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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Length: 51 pages is impeccable. Everything was kept in the same range though, and that bothered me. The first three matches were the same length, give or take, and the last five were the same length, give or take. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: My eyes may deceive me, but I did not see a comma the whole time. They are essential for long sentences as it differentiates who is doing what. Okay, the first one I saw was in the seventh match. Just makes everything easier to understand. There were a few negligible spelling mistakes. 8.5/10

Short and sweet opening video, giving everyone a sentence, covering the main feuds.

Match #1
Charlie Haas vs. Matt Striker

I can see the route you are going with in this match with Charlie Haas being a minor league wrestling machine against a well played heel. Haas is doing the usual wrestling moves while Striker is resorting on his brain, Test, and then wrestling. That was the basic pattern for the whole match, and it worked well. Test and the pointing stick almost beat Haas, but another suplex! Haas is like Kurt Angle out there. It is great to see Charlie Haas wrestling in a match against someone other than Shelton Benjamin. The foot on the ropes almost is a tell tale sign that Striker will win somehow. Test helps Striker get the win, and a pretty hot opener is over. I am very surprised by how good the match was. I hope you let both men gain some more exposure as they proved their worth. 7.5/10

Jeff Hardy coming back? Cool.

Did JR just say that Three Minute Warning is one of the most dominant tag teams in WWE history? You went overboard with your overselling there.

Match #2
World Tag Team Championships
3 Minute Warning (c’s) vs. Eugene and Goldust w/Snitsky

The best part of this match is definitely Eugene, and you utilize him well with his emulating antics. What I am noticing so far is that you are changing your sentence structure so that every sentence is different instead of just Eugene does this, Jamal does that, so Snitsky did those. Well done. Hulk Hogan works as well. The mass confusion at the end leads to a 3 Minute Warning win. I hope you can understand that this match was not too appealing, but you do have yourself a solid face team and a heel team. 5/10

I remember during the build up to Backlash 2006 when it was Vince and Shane vs. HBK and God, there was speculation that God would be Stone Cold.

Match #3
Women’s Championship
Handicap Match
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro

Very interesting set up here as it could lead to some problems between Trish and Ashley. Oh my God, you know what I just realized as I read this match up? Mickie James has been in the WWE over a year because she debuted at last year’s homecoming when Trish and Ashley were being beaten. Unbelievable how fast time flies. Definitely like Trish in this match as she as being written as the best in this match. Mickie is holding her own against Trish though. After all the near falls that Mickie had on Trish, I thought that Ashley and Trish would come back to win, but it is not to be as three heels have won the first three matches, more than the amount of heels who win matches in a month worth’s of booking for me. I will say I am impressed by the quality of this women’s match. 6/10

Carlito delivers the usual Carlito banter there. This should be as good as the actual match at Backlash 2006.

Match #4
Carlito vs. Chris Masters

I hope that you use the new and improved version of Carlito in this match because I think this is around the point where I finally gained some respect for Carlito because he expanded his moveset beyond a DDT, roll up pin, and neckbreaker. Yup, definitely the new and improved Carlito in this match. Moonsaults and axe handles! Just like your first match, you are setting the blueprint for this match early. Masters will be the semi big man with power while Carlito will be the aerial playing wrestler. Masters had the ball in his corner for a good short time, but the crazy flying acrobats of Carlito give him the advantage again. Nevermind! I do not exactly understand the Polish Hammer, it seems to be one of Master’s moves, but I have never seen it, nor do I know what it is. I know he broke Stevie Richard’s nose with it, but what is it exactly? Yes, this is the Carlito that I have come to love, not the bland one from last year. I will complain about the finish though, this is almost a carbon copy from the actual Backlash match except Carlito got the pin from the backcracker. Despite this, I am very impressed by this match. Carlito was captivated as the high flying guy that he has transcended into, and Masters was actually made out to be better than he is with powerful moves. Definitely a push in the books for Carlito, but leave Masters in the low card for a while. Finally, a face wins a match. This match is better than any match from Great American Bash, it is ridiculous how much better it is. 8.5/10

The Voice! Judgment Day? Hope it is as good as this is so far.

Match #5
Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin vs Gregory Helms

Congratulations to my fellow Shelton Benjamin proper user. I know you have an inordinate amount of love for Gregory Helms, so this can go either way. This will definitely be an amazing match. Great quick action to start the match, counters and all. Helms with a powerslam? Did not think that he could do that. I have actually seen Shelton Benjamin use the powerbomb before, and if you check his moveset in Smackdown vs. Raw, it is there. I bet you did not know he could do the 450 Splash. I hope you can incorporate that into future matches. Gotta love Benjamin, thought it seems kind of redundant is this match is adjacent to the Carlito vs. Chris Masters where Carlito went insane with his aerial attack. The best part of Benjamin is that he can do anything, suplex, fly, wrestle on the mat, and Helms can do all those too, and this is one hell of a match. Wait, did Helms give up the spinning DDT from the top because he did not want to hurt himself? If so, good move to gain some heat. More from Benjamin, but I did not see that vertebreaker coming from Helms because I am sure it is a banned move. I cannot believe Benjamin survived. On top of that, he survives the shining wizard! Awesome, but I do not understand what is so special about the shining wizard. Benjamin wins with the T – Bone suplex, which is not that equitable towards Helms because Benjamin survived two of his finishers, and Helms fell prey to Benjamin’s, but it is all good. Amazing match, nothing but laudation from me. I am being munificent here, but perfect grade. 10/10

Cena is in his hometown against Jericho in a steel cage. Should be awesome as I enjoyed their Summerslam 2005 match. Cena is 6 – 0 against Jericho, but he still wants more. Kind of surprising that Jericho would tolerate that many consecutive losses.

Match #6
Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Superplex this early means bigger things are on their way. C’mon baby! Love that pin! Cena seems to be having the best of Jericho, but Jericho is finding places to get a fight in. Yup, bigger things equal a missed moonsault off the cage! Someone has to hit one of those. I really like what you have done as the missed moonsault will screw Jericho for the remainder of the match as Cena is just hitting him for free. Dang, you are good as Jericho turns the tide in a sly way. I have not seen the double tigerbombs since 2001. No such thing as a Cena match without him powering out of a submission. Big twist to the match as Cena is in control until the Spirit Squad come to interfere. Cena completely owned the Squad, but the ladder busts him open. Kind of sad that it is a six on one assault, and I am guessing it has been in all previous six matches, but Jericho has not won. Leg drop off the top of the cage! He must have flown! He probably pulled his hamstring though! Ouch. Okay, Cena recuperated way too fast. He just stood up, and that was that. Jericho is dead, and he should probably go someplace else because he is now 0 – 7 against Cena. Cena is en route to the title. Please do not continue this feud, and if you do, Jericho has to win. He is becoming the Jericho of the WWE, winless at PPVs. 8.5/10

Jericho may turn face on the Spirit Squad.

Match #7
Triple H and Kane vs. Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Special Referee: Mr. McMahon
Special Enforcer: Shane McMahon

Oh hell yeah! The attitude era has been resurrected for one match. Classic heel stuff and classic face stuff to start the match. It is clear that HBK and Stone Cold will have their hands full the entire match with every disadvantage. HBK can try as hard as he wants, something big will have to happen for his team to win. Just great job having the McMahons do everything possible to help Triple H and Kane win. Shane drives an elbow through HBK and a table! Stone Cold is on his own for a good while now, 3 on 1. Might as well make this a no disqualification towards the heel team. Austin seems to have something, but that is all negated. Good news though as the hot tag is made, and HBK is back! Great stuff from HBK, taking care of all four people at one time, HBK style. With an unbias referee, it looked like the faces would win, but the match will continue, good twist, I thought it was over until Shane O Mac pulled the referee. Definitely too much done against Stone Cold, and the Rattlesnake is pinned. Stone Cold and HBK will be back with vengeance, and they may bring more people to even it. A solid match with the job of it showing the cheating tactics of heels against the good guy tactics of the faces. The wrestling quality was abated because of this, but you got the job done. 8/10

Kurt Angle, one of the most intense wrestlers ever. Captured in character perfectly, listing accomplishments and telling RVD that it was a fluke.

Match #8
WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle

The usual festivities from RVD to start it off like the corkscrew leg drop. Angle takes control with suplexes. Pretty good clash of styles here as both men are evenly matched I think. The action is really quick too, a good change of pace after the slow previous match. I think the referee would take the chair away from Angle before he could set it up or at least try to bar him from using it. RVD landing on his feet after the belly – to – belly suplex is improbable, though I could see it happening if it happened very slowly, but it would hurt as I do not think RVD would land right on the apron, but rather land on one foot, and then pull himself to standing. Hooray, the human suplex machine is suplexing RVD like there is no tomorrow. RVD is showing his true colors by staying in this match after the Angle Slam, but he now has the Angle Lock! RVD recovers way too quickly after the time he spent in the Angle Lock, but then again, he is RVD, and he cannot sell a move for his life. So, I guess you captured realism by having RVD just magically recover as if the Angle Lock never happened. Pretty good finish for RVD’s retaining as Angle is pinned again. RVD looked too strong in this match in comparison to Angle. Angle really did not kick out of anything major while RVD escaped multiple Angle Locks and kicked out of the Angle Slam. You just need to even it better. Still, it was a great match, meritorious of a main event. 8.5/10

Entertainment: Many, many, many great matches here that were well written with great action. My match of the night is Shelton Benjamin vs. Gergory Helms. 9/10

The Bottomline: You have ameliorated about tenfold since I last read a PPV of yours’, that being the Great American Bash. It is unbelievable the strides you have taken since that PPV. You are a completely different writer now, not overusing moves, making match lengths believable, and really knowing the WWE well. Great to see such progression! Excellent PPV, top notch!
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