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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Haas vs Striker
Hopefully this sparks a push for Haas, who I hate to see jobbing to guys like Striker etc. Pretty good match to open the night with, Haas looking good until Striker takes over thanks to help from Test. And Haas loses, don't know why you'd push Striker over Haas, but a nice way to start the show. ***

Jeff Hardy coming back is good, always liked him as a singles competitor

Eugene/Goldust vs 3MW
Not looking forward to this one. 3MW really should win this after beating Kane/Show at WM. Not alot of offense from E&G, who are taking a real beating from these monsters in Jamal & Rosey. Actually now the misfits are giving a good account for themselves. And just as I say that, 3MW win it. Nothing special, but decent tag match. ***

Well the McMahons seem to want this, even Shane could lose his job tonight

I'm sorry, but you know my stance on Womens matches, so I'll just skip through it

Carlito with a typical promo

Carlito vs Masters
Enjoyed this one, didn't think with Masters in a singles match could pay off this well, but Carlito seemed to carry him for the most part. Carlito picks up the win and deserved it in a well fought match. Perhaps Carlito will get back into the IC hunt now. ***1/2

Judgment Day coming up

Shelton vs Helms
If Helms wins this it will be another travesty push for the most obsessed with wrestler in BTB since all the Christian pushes. This match is carrying all the goods and then some, one of those sweet athletic encounters. You had me thinking that Helms may win it, but thank god Shelton prevails in a very good match, definately the best of the night so far. ***3/4

I hope this feud ends here, these two have been going at it for WAY too long IMO, maybe Cena will make it 7-0 or Jericho might finally chalk up a win

Cena vs Jericho
Was always gonna be a highly fueled, brutal cage match and thats exactly what we got. Cena gets the FU to Y2J, but here comes the Spirit Squad. Cena looks like he's gonna fight them off, but Johnny uses the ladder and busts him open, and now the domination begins. Cena fights out like Superman and wins it for 7-0. Ending fuzzed it off, but still a good brawl. ***1/2

I think Jericho might be heading to SmackDown! or taking some leave after this promo

Austin/HBK vs Kane/HHH
This is gonna be huge. Vince already showing favouritism by checking HBK, but ignoring Kane & HHH.
Kane quickly asserts himself over Michaels, alot of power moves early on by the Big Red Machine. In comes HHH, and in comes Austin haha! HHH backs off like a coward. Shane cheats on the outside and assaults HBK with the steps. Shane delivers the elbow to HBK through the announcers table, while Austin is being destroyed in the ring. This doesn't look good for the faces now. HBK gets rid of Vince with SCM! Another ref is in, and things still look bleak for Austin/HBK. And it's all over with the Pedigree to Austin. Nice brawl but felt way too one sided.***1/2

Angle wants it badly tonight, but RVD has gotta retain, he only became champion a month ago, and I can't see him losing it here

RVD vs Angle
Just a top matchup between the two, almost as good as their WM encounter but just fell short with the length, however, still, RVD got his deserved win in a very good main event. It was a drawn out ending, with it seeming forever for RVD to make the 5 Star connect, but he did, and he retains in the MOTN. ****

Very nice work KOP, well done. 88/100


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