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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Liquid® KOPV.1 Raw Review

Jericho/Cena Segmant: This was a very average segmant to open the show to, Cena seemed off and very bland indeed but Jeriho was spot on, a bit short for my liking and Cena attacking Jericho for no reason didn't seem very realistic, Jericho was fine but Cena was off. Nice ending with the FU on the tron.

Tag Match:
A Good match to kick the show off, some nice action with some good flow going on, i see Ashley or Trish backstabbing each other down the line and if thats the case your building it up well, a good way to develop this and all 4 came off strong,

Narrator Segmant:Yes i will grade this, it was a nice way to hype the PPV and just reading it makes me think some guys are getting a good push, the Narrator was spot on but the only complaints i can make here was that it way to short and some pictures didn't go with what you had wrote but a nice way to hype Backlash.

Goldust vs. Rosey: Average match, Rosey seems a bit weak now as he didn't get much offence in and his monster character is a little bit destroyed now but on the bright side of things Goldust seems to get a push and this fued is developing well and should blow off at Backlash, some good action here and a shocking victory.

McMahon's Promo: A very good promo here, Vince and Shane did seem a little off though to be honest but as they are both hard characters to master you did well, the promo developed the fued that has been happening but i am suprised we saw no sign of Michaels or Austin coming out to get avenge on the McMahon's making them look a tiny bit weak.

Striker Segmant: Good segmant here, Striker was in-character here, the promo was the right length and i see a Haas/Striker fued here, both men deserve pushed and it will be interesting to see wich one receaves one, i see a Striker/Haas at Backlash now, good segmant here.

Charlie Haas vs. Test: a very good match here, Test accidently knocking down Striker was a good way to make Haas pick up the win, Haas seems to be getting a nice push after his return and this victory was small but sweet, a good match here with a good ending.

Striker's Second Segmant: A very good segmant from Striker again, very well written with some good words, the length was great and the promo was excellent at its climax and i was also right about Haas/Striker at Backlash which should be a good match, excellent segmant here.

MasterLock Challenge: Challenge was nothing we have seen before really, Carlito breaking was good and this fued seems to be hotting up, a good way to develop it with Carlito actually breaking the master lock, this challenge was nothing special but you can't really do anything to spice up the MasterLock Challenge.

Carlito Segmant: Very well done segmant here, Carlito was well in-Character here, the length was right but some bits Carlito was also a bit off and the promo went a bit bland when Maria asked why Carlito proclaimed himself Cool but it didn't spoil it much and the promo was very well done.

Shelton/Helms Segmant: a good promo here, Shelton was golden on the mic here and you did extremely well considering how hard it is to master Shelton on the mic, Helms was also well done but i think the first sentance he said was a little rushed and the challenge didn't have much of a build up and the segmant didn't reach its climax in the end.

Gregory Helms vs. Ric Flair: good match here, the summary should have been a bit longer like the others but this match was good, Helms seems to be getting a push and i fear he will beat Shelton for the belt, a good match for to extremely talented wrestlers with the younger,fitter superstar Helms picking up the victory with the "Shining Wizard".

Shawn/HHH Segmant: Good segmant here, HHH and Shawn were in-character here and this promo prooved they are gold on the mic against and with each other, good build up here to a very good fued, some nice flow and the length was good, overall: a very good segmant.

Shawn Michaels vs. Kane: MOTN here and i am not just saying it because it containst to big stars and is the main event, i am saying this because the match had everything to be great, the flow was magnificent as was the moves,length,ending and Austin coming down puts the cherry on the cake to this excellent fued but a part inside of me is saying that Austin is gonna backstab Shawn or Shawn will backstabb Austin.

Angle/RVD Segmant: A good way to end the show, Angle boasts about his wrestling skills and is well on-character but RVD was a bit bland and boring to read + was not in-character, the attack at the end was nice and develops the fued that much more for it to blow off at Backlash.

Realism: The realism in this show was well done but Striker was used to much in this show and some people were off-character in there segmant but to be honest there wasn't much of a problem here - 8/10

Length: No problems here, a very good length for a 2 hour RAW filled up with tremendous action and promo's, there wasn't one to many promo's/matches and altogether was done right: 9/10

Quality / Entertainment: hmmm....hard one, there wasn't much to laugh about the FU on the titatron was good, the helms/shelton promo was nicely done and Helms rehashing his old days as the "Hurrican" made me laugh a bit, so you scored well here also: 7/10

Spelling / Grammar: i didn't see any grammar mistakes in the show, 10/10.

Matches / Booking: excellent show really, i would really love the WWE to produce what you have, the matches/promo's were excellent, some people were used a bit to much + some people were of-character but to be honest this show was very well done: 9/10

Overall: 86/100
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