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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday April 17, 2006
Bismarck, North Dakota

Across the Nation hits and the Raw video package plays, we end out by heading to the stage hearing the pyro blast off and the night is under way!

Jim Ross: Welcome to Raw once again tonight and such a major night is set for us, many questions are to be answered on Raw!

Jerry Lawler: What about Mr. McMahon’s major announcement? It certainly seems like he wants everyone to know what it is.

Joey Styles: Plus the Highlight Reel returns for the first time in a month as Chris Jericho’s guest will be John Cena!!!

Jim Ross: Cena and Jericho meet at Backlash in two weeks, there’s certainly going to be something going down on the Highlight Reel tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Of course there’s going to be J.R, and still tonight Kurt Angle has requested an open mic to tell us something.

Joey Styles: No clue what Angle wants but he certainly isn’t in the best mood since he hasn’t had that WWE Championship for a little while.

Break the Walls Down hits across the arena and out steps Chris Jericho. Jericho comes down to the ring looking around taunting the fans. He then looks around and taunts the fans as they continue to boo Jericho. Jericho doesn’t take too well to the replies from the fans and then heads into the ring with the Highlight Reel setup.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!!

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: In two weeks, just two weeks that assclown John Cena is going to pay. He’s going to end up paying for all of these times he’s embarrassed me by not only beating me but also, running his mouth about me. Damnit, I’m Chris Jericho, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla and I surely in hell don’t deserve to be disrespected like that!

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: And as far as tonight goes, yeah John Cena is going to be my guest on the Highlight Reel but let me say this to you Cena. I’ve been defeated in singles matches four times by you plus tag matches. I’ve beaten you in tag matches but never pinned you so it doesn’t count and come Backlash, inside of that 15-foot high cage, there is going to be hell to pay.

Crowd Boos

Chris Jericho: So go ahead and get your ass out here!

My Time is Now hits and out steps John Cena. Cena comes down to the ring staring down Chris Jericho and he doesn’t take his eye off Jericho. Jericho doesn’t say anything to Cena but Cena snatches a mic out of Jericho’s hand. Jericho doesn’t take too kind to it but then grabs a mic from the other chair.

John Cena: What’s up Bismarck Chain Gang?

Crowd Pops

John Cena: So what you want Jericho? You want me to come out here, run my mouth, and then turn my back so you can beat me down? Chris, I know how you are, after all I’ve beaten you, wait let me count it! Not one…not two…not three but four! That’s right four times in wrestling matches, so what you got to say to that?

Crowd Pops

Chris Jericho: Wh…

John Cena: I’ve listened to you run your mouth about how you’re going to kick my ass and how you’re going to win a match. Well it hasn’t happened yet has it? It seems that you can talk the talk but you can’t walk the walk. So Jericho, if you want some, then bring your cocky little bitchass over here and come get some!

Crowd Pops

Chris Jericho: Hold it right there Cena! I’m not here to play your little mind games; I’m not here to try to hurt myself before Backlash. I’m not going to try to risk this body, the body of a sexy beast baby! And at Backlash, John Cena you stand no chance because you’ll be getting a beating you will never…. ever forget!

Crowd Boos

John Cena: Oh, do….

Chris Jericho: Save it assclown. I’m going to be on top of the world after Backlash, I’m going to have achieved what I said I was going to do! I’m going to have beaten the one and only John Cena and these people whether they like it or not will watch it! They’ll all be watching and remember the night the “Living Legend” Chris Jericho kicked Jo….

Apparently John Cena has had enough after he starts beating down on Cena. Jericho covers himself from being beaten down but Cena continues to do so. Cena then takes down Jericho with some punches to the gut, and sends him into the ropes. Jericho comes running right back into the arms of Cena who delivers the Running Shoulder Block. Cena grabs Jericho off the mat and sends him flying into the Jeri-tron 5000! The Jeri-Tron 5000 comes crashing down and it lands on the mat crushed! Jericho doesn’t see it as he’s being beaten down but Cena continues the beat down. Cena scoops Jericho up and delivers the F-U onto the Jeri-Tron 5000! Jericho is layed out on the mat and rolls over as John Cena leaves before saluting the fans and heading to the back.


Match #1
Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro vs. Mickie James and Victoria

Match Overview: Common women’s match up to begin the night off with and Mickie James takes advantage of Ashley using her to wear her down. Ashley tries to tag in but of course is isolated from Trish preventing any chances of a tag in. Mickie twists the arm of Ashley and beats down on it before tagging in Victoria. Victoria comes in beating down on Ashley, the un experienced diva here in the match up. Trish rallies for Ashley to come back in but it’s not happening as Victoria slams Ashley down onto the mat, and then does a standing Moonsault for a two count. Victoria looks disappointed, then runs and knocks Trish off the apron. Victoria makes the tag into Mickie and Mickie comes in while Trish tries to get in. Mickie has the referee restrain Trish while Mickie kicks Ashley and then looks at Trish. Mickie runs off the ropes and delivers a Mick DDT! Mickie James throws Ashley over and then dropkicks Trish off the apron. Trish falls and lands face first on the mat on the outside while Mickie makes the cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Mickie James and Victoria

We then cut back over to ringside to the commentators.

Jim Ross: And Mickie James sure dominated Trish and Ashley tonight along with her partner Victoria, Trish never got in!

Jerry Lawler: It was smart JR, they made sure Trish couldn’t get in and help her partner and possibly win the match.

Joey Styles: Trish and Ashley though are certainly going to make sure Mickie doesn’t walk out as champion at Backlash.

Jim Ross: But what happens if Trish and Ashley were to win the match, would both women become co-champions?

Jerry Lawler: I guess so JR; nothing has been cleared up other than the fact that it’s going to be a Handicap Match.

Joey Styles: Well, still to come tonight includes Mr. McMahon’s big announcement, I’m certainly ready to hear what it is!

We then cut out to a screen and see a promo start airing for the next WWE PPV, Backlash

Narrator: Coming off the heels of WrestleMania, the superstars of Raw look to engage in a battle like one never seen before.

Images of Kurt Angle delivering multiple German Suplexes, Belly to Belly Suplexes, and locking in the Ankle Lock on numerous opponents

Narrator: These men head into Boston for one reason…. revenge!

Images of Triple H nailing the Running Knee, Spinebuster, and finally the Pedigree to many opponents

Narrator: A Pay Per View that’s been going for eight years, moments have been made but this year, many more will be.

Images of John Cena doing his key moves in the Five Knuckle Shuffle, Pumping It Up, and then finally delivering his finisher, the F-U

Narrator: For these men have waited long enough, now is their chance to prove what they have in front of the world

Images of Shelton Benjamin delivering the Stinger Splash, and his finisher, the T-Bone Suplex plus many more athletic moves

Narrator: For all of these men have declared war on each other, now it’s time to see who will rise and who will fall!

Images of Shawn Michaels doing the Diving Elbow, nipping up, and delivering the Sweet Chin Music to other opponent’s

Narrator: WWE and Raw present Backlash live Sunday April 30, 2006 from the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts!


Jim Ross: Hello everyone and welcome back to Raw, it’s certainly been an interesting start to the night and it’s going to get better.

Jerry Lawler: We’ve still got that announcement by Mr. McMahon but what about our huge main event later tonight?

Joey Styles: Signed last week on Raw by Mr. McMahon, Kane will be taking on Shawn Michaels in one on one action.

Jim Ross: Kane injured the throat of his former tag partner The Big Show two weeks ago so who knows what he’ll do to HBK.

Jerry Lawler: There certainly is no telling what Kane will do and HBK is going to have to try to protect himself for Backlash.

Joey Styles: How is he going to protect himself King? Mr. McMahon forced him into the match and he has no choice!

Match #2
Goldust vs. Rosey

Match Overview: Goldust meets Rosey this week after Eugene defeated Jamal who is one part of the tag champions in 3 Minute Warning. Rosey dominates and Jamal cheats preventing Snitsky and Eugene from getting into the ring to help Goldust. However Jamal does get ejected early on and Snitsky and Eugene are left at ringside. Rosey tries to end it off early with the Samoan Drop onto his opponent in the match up, Goldust. However Goldust slides off the shoulders off Rosey and runs him into the ropes getting a rollup. Goldust then sets the legs of Rosey up in the corner and he gets his freak tag partners, Snitsky and Eugene to distract the referee. Goldust comes charging at Rosey in the corner and delivers the Shattered Dreams! Rosey falls down onto the mat and Goldust doesn’t hesitate but quickly jumps onto of Rosey and makes a cover. One…Two…Three!!! And Goldust has beaten Rosey, two wins over the tag champions in two consecutive weeks.

Winner: Goldust


No Chance hits and out steps the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the WWE, Mr. McMahon. But surely not too far behind him is Shane McMahon, his own son. Both of the McMahon’s come walking down the ramp and Vince gets into the ring via steel steps while Shane simply slides into the ring, Vince receives a mic and begins to speak.

Mr. McMahon: I’ve been waiting all week and now I can finally get this huge announcement of my chest. We’re almost at the beginning of a new month, we’re almost to Backlash and the next day means a new month! Well, the month of May is certainly going to be an interesting one for some certain reasons.

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: First off because at Backlash in less than two weeks the last day before May, Triple H and Kane will sweep the floor with Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin and I’ll be the one in the ring doing the honors. One…Two….Three!!!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: But back to the month of May, we’re going to be doing something new this year. We’re going to be doing something that hasn’t been done before and it’s only going to be a one-time thing here in the WWE. And first off, there will not be a Lottery Draft this year if that’s what you are all thinking.

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon
: No because we’re having an open season for the entire month of May. Anybody, at any time can switch shows. Anybody can be traded from any show-to-show during the entire course of the month. And when it’s all over and said and done, we’re going to have shaken up the rosters of the WWE once again!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: So now that’s covered, let’s get back to Backlash. Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin, both of you are going to feel the wrath of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Both of you are going to wish that during your entire career here in the WWE that you never…ever made that dumb mistake of crossing the boss!

Crowd Boos

Mr. McMahon: And for both of you, there is NO CHANCE IN HELL that both of you survive at Backlash. The beating of your lives is in order for both of you. Shane, do you have anything you want to say right now?

Crowd Boos

Shane McMahon: Thanks dad…

Crowd Boos

Shane McMahon: Yeah, I do have something to say. I might not be perhaps the most liked person here in the WWE but I’ll tell you both this Michaels and Austin. The fans are going to be paying to see you get your asses kicked by not only Triple H and Kane but both of us, the McMahon’s because it’s a beating that nobody has ever seen before.

You Suck Chants Break Out

Shane McMahon: Both of you have never endured anything this painful and you’ll both wish that you’ve never even not only crossed my dad but crossed Shane-O-Mac! I’ve done some crazy stuff while wrestling and nothing is going to compare to what we’re all going to do to both you come Backlash, so be prepared Shawn….Steve!

Crowd Boos

Vince McMahon: And that’s the bottom line….cause I damn said so!!!

No Chance hits and the crowd boos the hell out of McMahon’s right there with Vince going as far as to steal the catchphrase of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The McMahon’s start backing themselves up the ramps as Vince does his power walk back up the ramp. Shane looks around at the crowd as the boos continue and the McMahon’s head to the back before we head to the announcer’s.

Jim Ross: Wow, Mr. McMahon has promised there will be hell to pay whenever it comes time for the match at Backlash.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right JR but what about this Open Season? All I understood was anybody can trade shows at any time

Joey Styles: Plus people can be traded, it’s certainly going to be a wild month of May here comes this time next month.

Jim Ross: I’m looking forward to that because we’re going to gain some superstars but also lose many that could hurt us.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I’m still shocked at what Mr. McMahon said tonight and if I were HBK and Stone Cold, I’d watch my back.

Joey Styles: It’s going to be interesting to see how we get to Backlash, it’s certainly not going to be a very clean match there either.


We cut out to see Matt Striker and Test make their way down to the ring. Striker is dressed up in suit and pants while Test is dressed to wrestle. Test and Striker presume their way down the ring and get into the ring. Striker grabs a mic from ringside as Test bounces around preparing for his match up right now.

Matt Striker: Calm down people, the teacher is here!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: Now I’m aware that in two weeks Raw has a pay per view called Backlash and right now, I don’t have a match at Backlash! Well, students rest assured that tonight Matt Striker will be finding himself an opponent for Backlash. Because everyone needs their daily dose of school, and I’ll be glad to do so at Backlash!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: And now students, hush! I’m your teacher and you will obey the teacher. We’re not having a lesson tonight but rather than a Test. A Test that if anybody can want to challenge but miserably fail. That’s right, no one has passed my Test yet and no one will, so anyone? Anyone want to take my Test?

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: That’s alright, I completely understand. Nobody can comprehend anything I’m saying because we’re in the middle of nowhere, Bismarck! And even worse, in the worse state in the entire United States of America, North Dakota! So everyone listen to what I have to say! I’m out here to help you all become smart!

Crowd Boos

Matt Striker: I’m out here to he…

World’s Greatest hits and out comes Charlie Haas. The fans pop for someone finally ending Striker’s rambles. Out comes Charlie Haas as he heads down into the ring being on Raw for the first time ever and back within the WWE since July of 2005. Haas slides into the ring and Haas goes right after Test showing that he’s challenged Test tonight.

Match #3
Charlie Haas vs. Test

Match Overview: Matt Striker is at ringside during the bout interfering of course and helping his protégé in the match up, Test. Test is able to take down Haas with a swinging neckbreaker but only ends up getting a two count. Haas gets back up and rallies back into the match up swinging lefts and rights and sends Test into the corner. Haas comes charging and leaps but Test quickly moves and Haas collides with the turnbuckle. Test then grabs Haas as he comes out of the corner for a Pump Handle Slam but Haas easily slides off the shoulders of Test. Striker looks ticked now and heads over and looks under the ring. Striker grabs a pointing stick he uses normally whenever he teaches he had under the ring. Haas grabs Test and delivers a T-Bone Suplex but Test kicks out at two. Striker then gets Test to distract the referee as Haas climbs towards the ropes trying to pull himself back up. Haas is up but Striker leaps onto the apron, then beats Haas in the stomach with his pointing stick. Haas holds his stomach and Test sees his chance now. He comes charging with a Big Boot but Haas ducks! Test ends up connecting with the Big Boot but hits his teacher, Matt Striker knocking him down to the mat on the outside. Haas quickly rolls up taking advantage of Test and has the cradle, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Charlie Haas

We then cut over to ringside to the commentator’s table.

Jim Ross: It’s great to see Charlie Haas back in the WWE and even better by being here on Raw gaining his first win.

Jerry Lawler: It sure is JR but the ending was certainly interesting. Striker tried everything he could do to help Test win!

Joey Styles: Cheaters never prosper and that was proven tonight because Test and Striker weren’t able to beat Haas.

Jim Ross: Well it seems Haas has answered Striker’s challenge but we can’t be certain of anything, maybe something will be cleared up.

Jerry Lawler: Hopefully something will come out of it, otherwise Striker and Test would have just been beaten for nothing!

Joey Styles: Striker certainly isn’t going to let this go without being cleared up, we’ll certainly find out something soon.


We cut backstage to see Striker holding his head and Test looking disappointed as they walk around in the back. They both stop and walk and knock on the office of Mr. McMahon. But out comes Shane McMahon as Mr. McMahon must not be there.

Shane McMahon: Striker…Test, how’s it going?

Matt Striker: Did you just see what happened Shane? We were beaten down by that sorry excuse for a student, Charlie Haas!

Shane McMahon: And you want me to do what?

Matt Striker: I want Charlie Haas at Backlash. A lesson has to be taught from this and why not do it whenever everyone’s watching. Everyone needs to pay attention for now on and realize that this is a different Matt Striker. I’m still your teacher though.

Matt Striker gives a big thumbs up and smiles as the crowd boos

Shane McMahon: Look, I’ll have to consider this bu…

Matt Striker: There’s going to be no considering Shane. I need this match up for Backlash, something has to come from this. You never mess around with your teacher like that, have you ever seen anyone do anything like that to me before? I’ve never been beaten down like that tonight and I don’t want to be again.

Shane McMahon: First off, don’t ever talk to me like that again. I realize you’re mad right now at Haas and I’ll let you have the match up.

Matt Striker: Shane, you are not only a good man but a good student. Thanks and hey, Haas if you’re listening right now! Well, let me just say that Backlash is almost here and it will be time for you to pay the price. The price for never paying attention and making the mistake of coming back to WWE interrupting Striker’s Classroom!

Matt Striker: Let’s go Test.

We then cut down to ringside to the commentator’s at ringside.

Jim Ross: And as expected, Matt Striker will be meeting Charlie Haas come Backlash in what could be very personal soon.

Jerry Lawler: Huge match up there JR and I’m going to anticipating that, Haas makes his PPV return and his Raw PPV debut!

Joey Styles: Backlash is shaping up to be huge right now with all of these matches and Striker vs. Haas only adds to it.

Jim Ross: Plus we’ve got added tonight also, 3 Minute Warning defends their World Tag Titles against Eugene and Goldust, the Freaks!

Jerry Lawler: That’s going to be an interesting one right there as the Freaks have won twice over 3MW in two weeks.

Joey Styles: The Freaks have the advantage too by having Snitsky in their corner, let’s see what goes down come Backlash.

Match #4
MasterLock Challenge
Chris Masters vs. Carlito

Match Overview: In the MasterLock challenge from last week, Chris Masters will be facing Carlito to see if he can make Carlito give up. Carlito carefully sits down making sure Masters isn’t going to cheat or anything. Carlito checks himself a few times and Masters comes over to wrap his hands around the head of Carlito. Carlito tries to jump up but Masters knocks Carlito in the head and then applies the Masterlock. Carlito tries head butting Masters to make him break the hold but he can’t do anything. Masters has it locked on as he starts swinging around Carlito trying his best to show the world he can make Carlito give up. Masters sees that Carlito is fading and that he could very well be gone soon. However Carlito gets a sudden burst of energy and breaks the hold via kicking Chris Masters in his nuts. Masters is forced to break the MasterLock and Carlito starts attacking the Masterpiece before grabbing the chair.

Winner: No Contest

Carlito grabs the chair and goes to swing it at Masters but Masters ducks and slides out of the ring preventing any harm. Carlito grabs the mic that Masters called Carlito out with earlier on and then begins to speak.

Carlito: Masterpiece, you couldn’t make me tap out in the MasterLock but at Backlash, it’s going to be you, Masterpiece facing me, Carlito! And Masterpiece, that’s cool!


We then cut backstage to see Carlito walking around before he bumps into Maria.

Maria: Hey Carlito, can I ask you a few questions real quick?

Carlito: Sure anything Maria.

Maria: Ok, we just saw that Chris Masters put you in the Masterlock and he almost made you tap out, why did you kick him in his nuts though? You could have simply just asked him to break the hold on you, he would have done it!

Carlito: Whoa Maria! What have you been on recently? Carlito thinks your on something but Carlito also has something to say to Masterpiece. That Masterlock has nothing on the Back Cracker! The Masterpiece won’t even be able to put the Masterlock on Carlito because Carlito will make sure it doesn’t even get attempted.

Maria: But Carlito, weren’t you and Chris Masters friends once?

Carlito: Carlito says that was a long time ago. He stole Carlito’s Intercontinental Championship so I made sure Masterpiece lost his Intercontinental Championship. Masterpiece can say anything he wants about Carlito but he can’t do anything to Carlito because Carlito is simply better overall than the Masterpiece.

Maria: Carlito, why do you call yourself cool?

Carlito: Look at Carlito, Maria! Am I not cool? I spit in the face of people who aren’t cool and that just happens to be Masterpiece. Masters messed with Carlito and now Masterpiece has to pay for what he did. And whenever Carlito beats Masterpiece, wait that…that’s cool!

We then cut backstage over to see Gregory Helms heading into the arena, however he ends up bumping Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin: Excuse you?

Gregory Helms: Don’t talk to Gregory Helms like that! I’m the future of this company and well, simply better than you.

Shelton Benjamin: Ok then, why aren’t you holding the Intercontinental Championship right now then Helms? And not to mention the fact you’re never on Raw anymore. Maybe you should have stayed the Hurricane!

Gregory Helms: Wassupwitdat?

Shelton Benjamin: See, you should have stayed the Hurricane. Maybe you would be on Raw more than you are now. Because I’ve only seen you what, once or twice this year?

Gregory Helms: Don’t tell me you just said that. Benjamin, you wonder why I came down and watched you last week. I came to scout competition because the greatest wrestler in the WWE, Gregory Helms challenges you, Shelton Benjamin to a match at Backlash for the Intercontinental Championship.

Shelton Benjamin: Ok, I accept your challenge but know this Helms. I’ve been waiting all year to showoff my talent and who not better to beat than you? You certainly seem cocky so can you back it up at Backlash?

Gregory Helms: Don’t worry about me Shelton, you should be worrying about losing that Intercontinental Championship because it’s about to be the property of Gregory Helms, not you Shelton!

Gregory Helms: I’ll see ya at Backlash.


Jim Ross: Hello everyone and we’re back from the break and right now, we’re about to see Gregory Helms in action.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right and Helms will be facing Benjamin at Backlash for the Intercontinental title, maybe a little warm up?

Joey Styles: Certainly will be and with Helms and Benjamin in the ring, I can only wonder what we’ll see in that match.

Jim Ross: So much more still to come tonight including our main event as Shawn Michaels takes on Kane, one on one!

Jerry Lawler: But what about later on too, Kurt Angle has requested an open mic and when he has something to say, he means it!

Joey Styles: Wow, still a lot more to come and I’m interested to see how the rest of the show ends up going down tonight!

Match #5
Gregory Helms vs. Ric Flair

Match Overview: In a battle of mat wrestlers, Helms shows he can hang with the best whenever it comes to mat wrestling. Flair of course is known for his mat wrestling and dominates Helms a little bit but Helms fights back. Helms takes down Flair with a Suplex and then follows up with a choke on the mat onto Flair. Helms then grabs Flair and sends him right into the corner. Helms comes charging at Flair but Flair fights back with knife-edge chops sending the young superstar down onto the mat. Flair grabs Helms and back body drops him onto the mat. Helms quickly rises up off the mat avoiding Flair. Flair comes charging at Helms but smacks face first into the mat as Helms drop toe holds Flair. Helms sees he can take advantage and he runs off the ropes before coming back and nailing Flair right across the face with the Shining Wizard. The fans boo Helms as he leaps on top of Flair and makes a cover, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Gregory Helms

We then cut backstage to see Shawn Michaels standing by with Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, in just a few moments, you’ll be facing Kane in a match you were forced into by Mr. McMahon.

Shawn Michaels: That’s right Todd. Mr. McMahon forced me into the match and well, I’m certainly not happy about it but I’m not complaining. I’m actually glad because I want to beat down Kane, I want Kane to have a preview of what’s in store for Backlash whenever he steps into the ring with the Texas Rattlesnake and the Heartbreak Kid…Shawn Michaels!!!

Todd Grisham: Shawn, for months recently and for years, you’ve been at war with Triple H, anything you want to say about Triple H?

Shawn Michaels: Yeah I actually do Todd. Tr…

We hear a voice as someone walks in.

???: What about Triple H?

Shawn Michaels quickly turns and of course, it’s revealed to be Triple H. Triple H looks angered at Michaels as he holds his sledgehammer by his shoulder. Triple H rubs his hammer and looks at Michaels pissed off.

Shawn Michaels: Hunter, how about you mind your own bui….

Triple H: Mind my own business Shawn? This is my business! It’s been my business from day one whenever we were in D-X. Yeah, I was the true leader of the group and you were the sideshow, the one that people came to see but was a warm up for the Game. And the truth does seem to hurt doesn’t it?

Shawn Michaels: That’s nice Hunter but the fact is, I’m ready for Backlash and so is going to be Steve Austin. We’re ready and the odds might be on your side with your little buddies, the McMahon’s but rest assured that those teeth of yours and your ego are going to be knocked right down your throat courtesy of the Heart Break Kid!

Triple H: We’ll see how it really is Shawn. But don’t worry, we’re not going to take advantage of you and Steve Austin. I didn’t tell the McMahon’s to make themselves Special Referee and Special Enforcer as they took it upon themselves. But I’m not going to argue with them, we’ve got the McMahon’s. Perhaps the single most dangerous monster to ever step foot in the WWE, Kane! And the greatest wrestler alive, the Game, the Cerebral Assassin! Me!

Shawn Michaels: Just be ready Hunter, be ready because we’re not going to back down from all of you here. We’re not going to go down without a fight, and we’re not going to be embarrassed by you all. And by the way Hunter, I’ve got two words for ya’

Michaels holds his hands up, the crowd yells “SUCK IT!” and Triple H looks angered. Michaels then leaves as Triple H is surprised that Michaels has brought back the famous chant from the old days in D-Generation-X.


Match #6
Shawn Michaels vs. Kane

Match Overview: Good main event with the McMahon’s at ringside trying to help Kane though he hasn’t seemed to need too much help. Kane takes down Michaels and wears down Michaels beating him down and throwing him around like he’s nothing. Kane takes down HBK easily with a Big Boot and taunts for a Chokeslam. However HBK is able to duck the attempt from the Chokeslam and take down Kane with a clothesline. Michaels grabs Kane as he comes back and delivers an Atomic Drop sending Kane reeling and struggling around. HBK then delivers some knife-edge chops across the chest of the Big Red Monster sending Kane wheeling. Michaels then grabs Kane for a Suplex but he can’t pick up Kane. Michaels almost gets suplexed by Kane but slides off the shoulders of Kane and rams him to the outside of the ring. Mr. McMahon distracts the ref while Shane gets into the ring, kicks Michaels in the gut hard and delivers a vicious DDT. Out comes Triple H with a Sledgehammer and running down to the ring. Mr. McMahon grabs the referee and throws him to the outside off of the apron and the ref is down. Triple H goes to nail Michaels with the Sledgehammer as Mr. McMahon has cleared everyone out. However Glass Shatters hits and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Triple H waits for Austin as McMahon slides out. Austin gets in as Triple H prepares to swing the hammer at Austin but Michaels grabs the hammer! Michaels then beats Triple H across the chest with it before Triple H turns around into a Stunner. Austin then tosses Triple H to the outside before Michaels sees Kane getting up, Kane walks right into the Sweet Chin Music directly from Shawn Michaels. Austin clears out and distracts Vince as a new referee comes running down and slides in for the count, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

We then cut over to ringside to the commentator’s table.

Jim Ross: A great main event and Shawn Michaels was able to walk away with the win over the Big Red Machine tonight.

Jerry Lawler: If it wouldn’t have been for Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels couldn’t have made it through tonight.

Joey Styles: Austin did a great job saving Michaels and now the war continues onto the major match coming forth at Backlash

Jim Ross: It’s going to explode next week on Raw and with one more week until Backlash, things are going to get intresting

Jerry Lawler: I’m interested to see what goes down, we’re certainly going to be finding something out soon hopefully.

Joey Styles: Well coming up after the break, Kurt Angle has requested an open mic and we’ll hear him next.


Medal hits and out steps Kurt Angle. Angle comes down wearing his Gold Medal from the Olympics as he heads into the ring. We see red, white, and blue balloons fall from the roof as Angle gets into the ring in his wrestling gear. Angle looks happy tonight as he gets in and he already has a mic in his hand to speak.

Kurt Angle: Now you wonder why I’m in a good mood tonight even though I won the tag match last week against Rob Van Dam and John Cena? Well it’s just only two weeks away, count it, two weeks until I become the next WWE Champion!

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: Oh, it’s true. See I’ve waited since WrestleMania to recapture my WWE Championship and at Backlash, Rob Van Dam will hand over what he has kept warm for me. RVD can hand over MY WWE Championship that I’ve been a grand total of 5 times and after Backlash, I will become a 6-time WWE Champion.

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: But tonight we’re out here to talk about Rob Van Dam. The man that started his career out in ECW, the biggest fraud company in wrestling history. ECW was nothing, ECW was were the rejects gathered, the people who couldn’t get a real job with the WWE until they ended up being bought out by WWE.

Crowd starts an ECW Chant

Kurt Angle: And Rob Van Dam. Perhaps one of the biggest names ever to come from that company, he made his name and his mark in ECW. And I made my mark on ECW whenever I beat Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match only two months ago, ECW was crappy and Sabu was a joke, I hate to see what RVD is like in an Extreme Rules Match.

Crowd starts RVD Chant

Kurt Angle: Damn it! Listen to me! Stop these chants and listen to your Olympic Gold Medalist, this medal means more than anything and certainly more than ECW. I’ve been a 5-time WWE Champion while RVD just became the WWE Champion and he claims to be ECW’s greatest, then why did he never gain the ECW World Championship? I ask you all that but when you ask RVD, he’ll tell you he had a 23 month Television Title reign.

Crowd Pops

Kurt Angle: I’m past that stage now, I’m past telling RVD everyone about how hardcore ECW is and how it still lives on today! That’s bullshit! I defeated one of supposedly the best legends in Sabu from ECW and I made his ass tap out! Now tell me that’s what makes someone a great name from ECW, is it really?

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: RVD is just like the company he came from, ECW! He’s old, washed up, and certainly overrated. He’s certainly perhaps the worst wrestler to become WWE Champion as anyone can swing chairs and kick people with chairs, anyone can leap through tables, and bust their asses flying through the air. But no one, I repeat no one can hang on the mat with the greatest technician in this company, in the world! The Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle!!!

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: Oh you know it’s true, it’s damn true!

Crowd Boos

Kurt Angle: And Rob…

One of a Kind hits. Out comes Rob Van Dam carrying the WWE Championship on his shoulder and he has a steel chair in hand. Van Dam sets the chair down and then holds the mic up before beginning to speak cutting off Angle.

Rob Van Dam: You can talk about ECW all you want Kurt but you weren’t there to live it, you weren’t there to be extreme and you are simply jealous because of the bonds that the ECW wrestlers had with their fans. You o….

Kurt Angle: I could give a less shit about these people. I’m Kurt Angle, and I’m the Greatest Mat Wrestler to ever grace this company. People chant my name whenever I come out because I’m just that damn good and well, I guess you could end up calling me the Whole Damn Show because there’s certainly nothing people see in you.

Crowd Boos

Rob Van Dam: You see th….

Kurt Angle: Rob, you don’t interrupt me again. N…

We see RVD heading into the ring. Angle is waiting for RVD to get in as RVD dropkicks the knees of Angle bringing him down onto the mat. RVD throws the chair to Angle but Angle drops the chair before the damage can be done. Angle slides to the outside of the ring and heads up the ramp as RVD grabs his WWE Championship. RVD leans over the ropes and taunts Angle with the WWE Championship telling Angle it’s his. The show fades out with RVD and Angle staring down each other two weeks before Backlash.
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