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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOPV.1 Monday Night Raw Review.

Austin,Vince Segmant: a very good segmant to kick start the show, Austin And Vince were both in charachter but i don't think Vince would have said Shuddup that quick into the segmant, the flow was real nice here and i hope your show continues to go like this.

Rating ***

Triple Threat Womans Match: ok a good match, some good flow again and all 3 women went well with each other, the moves you selected were good and so was the ending, Styles telling us about the handicap match shouldn't have happened as a few weeks of build up could have made this womens fued great.

Ashley and Trish Segmant: what do they mean we....both of them cannot be womens champions but if they mean a double pin then i see a Ashley and Trish match at the next PPV, a good segmant here with some nice flow, the ok's at the end shouldn't have happened and we should have just moved away from the segmant, maybe im harsh but im just saying what i feel.

Jamal Vs Eugene: haha it wasn't ment to be funny but made me laugh, Eugene beating Jamal makes Jamal look weak now though, a bad decision imo now i see a fued between 3MW and eugene,goldust,snitsky.

Striker Segmant: good flow and Striker was in character, a very good segmant and this fued should be progressing and i hope Val wins and gets a revival + i think Striker should get a new gimmick as the current one is getting stale.

Matt Striker and Test Vs Val And Viscera: meh, good match but i didn't want M&A to win, a good match with some average flow, a bit of a sloppy ending but didn't spoil the match to much.

Masters Segmant: i didn't like this, the promo seemed slow with no meaning and very bland maybe its because im not a fan of Masters at all but the promo to me wasn't very good and the use of the word "Segmant" on TV seems very unrealistic.

Chris Jericho and The Squad Segmant: a good segmant with good flow, i enjoyed this immensily for some reason and the return of the steel cage can only meen 2 things, a good match (cena please don't fuck up) and ratings, good segmant.

Conway Vs Benjamin: nothing much, Benjamin was beating the hell out of Conway, helms makes his run in, nothing special and a good way to develop this fued.

McMahon,HHH Segmant: a good segmant, all 3 men were well in character but i hope Austin and Michaels stick it in there face, a good segmant, good flow and good character recognisation.

HHH Vs Michaels: Average match...expected more, Kane coming to help HHH was good and i see a big alliance here, average match some bits were sloppy and the others were ok.

Mr.McMahon segmant: a good segmant and the match at Backlash is only going to advance the fued because that i hope will only be the beggining, a good segmant and McMahon was well in character.

Angle Segmant: nothing much, character: check, flow: check, it was a good segmant and Angle was spot on and this fued is getting the correct build up.

V&C Vs C&K: a good match, good back and fourth action, some nice flow and the fued is developing well, some good action here and a nice ending to the show with a good choise of Jericho and Angle Winning.

Overall: the show was a solid show 8/10, some good promo's and matches and i enjoyed the show, expect more reviews from me.


Smackdown Review:

U.S Opener: a good opener with Booker finally claiming the title, Batista/Ray fued in the works and a good way to develop it, a nice start to the show here.

Batista Promo: good segmant, batista was well in charachter and this fued is getting the correct amount of build up and this show is getting off to a good start.

Lashley wins despite kennedy being there, some nice action here and Finlay and Kennedy are getting somewhat of a push and this is also getting a correct amount of build up.

Christian Segmant: Christian was a bit off here, all the way i couldn't get into the segmant but the attack was pure genious, the start was off but the end of the segmant was excellent.

Sylvan winning is obvious, i hate both these guys so i pay no interest but i think you will be giving him a push sadly.

C.M.Punk to smackdown can only be great things, no complains here.

a good 6 man tag here, no complaints again, good length, good flow, good back and fourth action and all 6 men came off strong, some good stuff here.

JBL Segmant: good segmant with Hardy coming out, these 2 at the next PPV me thinks and this is the best way to build it up.

JBL picks up the win, a bit of a sloppy match but i see this fued going on a bit longer.

Edge Vs Benoit: MOTN...good flow and a good way to end the match with a DQ from edge because of the fear of loosing the title, good match and i see a rematch at the next PPV.
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