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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry for the late review and sorry it's not long as usual, but better than nothing!

SmackDown Review:

Opening promo- Nice having SmackDown open with the challenger to the WHC, and Christian was really in character. The main event match should be good and I'm glad both Christian and Edge are getting these great pushes in your thread. Oooh, spear from Edge before Christian can leave. This feud is going along well. Nicely done here.

Lashley vs Burchill- Two great midcarders kicking things off. Good choice of winner and seems like a decent match. Lashley shows his powers and picks up the victory while fighting off the Ukliq. My only problem is that since you created a new stable of Ukliq, shouldn't they be receiving a push? Stables are created to push some wrestlers, or cause controversy. I've seen neither yet.

London+Kendrick/MNM segment- I can't believe the 2/3 falls match was cancelled! Oh well, MNM keeps on making excuses like the heels they are and aren't ready to defend their belts. Hope to see London and Kendrick wear gold soon, and this was a pretty good promo but nothing special.

London/Kendrick vs. Gymini- Pretty much a squash match, but made London and Kendrick look strong by taking down the two giants. When they finally face MNM, the match should be awesome.

Orton promo- Well done and acted like the cocky heel that he is. Trashing legends like The Rock and Mick Foley. Nice to see a hardcore match against Foley at SNME and should be good and I see The Rock helping out his old friend.

Batista segment- Meh, as Wolfy said, I'm not really buying him as a heel, not getting over with me. Cool idea with the funeral, but Batista should remain a face unless you had him do something crazy to become a monster heel. Gotta get him over as a heel with the readers.

Hardy vs Kennedy- I would have liked to see this match, and I like how the midcard is really getting some nice airtime on SD! this week. I loved the ending and the MITB match gets more heated, good job.

WM22 Video- Already reviewed this, and I still love it. great job

Mysterio/Benoit vs. Booker/Orlando- Decent match and nice having Jordan not be a real match factor. As Wolfy said, this kind of hints at a triple threat for the US title at WM. Good job having Booker win by holding the tights. SNME just got even better with Booker vs Benoit

Noble segment- HMMMM, I WONDER WHO WILL WIN NEXT WEEK?! Haha, I hope you throw us a swerve, because you shouldn't hint at Kid Kash winning so much even if he has already interfered in Noble's match last week. I'd like to see the match happen though, and the 6 man elimination match will be great next week

Main event- MOTN of course and seemed awesome. Perfect way to end the night, with Edge on commentary and his challenger Christian taking control of the match. I like how Christian lets go of the chair and it whacks Edge in the face, and he then rolls up JBL for the pin. Edge gets one-upped by the challenger and this feud just kicked up a notch.

Overall- 8/10. The matches were all great but the promos were a bit 'meh'. They served their purpose in setting up matches and continuing feuds, but they weren't done in a great way. I will say this however, WrestleMania looks awesome, as does SNME

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