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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Christian promo was a little wishy washy imo. Weak at some points, but strong at others, especially when he was talking seriously about Wrestle Mania. Edge attacking after sets up more heat for Christians redemption, which I expect to be later on in this show.

Good win for Lashley, overcoming the odds. Dont see him winning MITB, but I do expect to look strong coming out of it. Doubt we'll be seeing a spot for the UKkliq at the big PPV, which is a shame, because Finlay > Roster. Saying that though, the card is unlikely to be weakened by that loss.

Bit confused how MNM were allowed to change their tag title match without permission from Theodore Long, but at least it draws out the tag title feud for another few weeks, up until WM.

As expected, London & Kendrick overcome the Gymini, and now MNM should not be able to duck a title defence against them.

Orton promo was interesting to say the least. Hardcore Match vs Foley at SNME?? Awesome. For some reason, I expect Foley to get the win, thanks to an assist from The Rock. Also have a feeling that with 'This Is Your Life' next week, that The Rock and Foley will mess around with The Legend Killer, and get the best of him. Should make for an entertainment week of build up for Rock and Orton, thats for sure.

Not sure what to think of Batista right now. Just dont buy into him as a crazed lunatic, or a cocky heelish character, which are the two roles he appears to be playing right now. I do though, like the idea of a Funeral for The Deadman at SNME. Hopefully you can begin to turn the build up for this around at the event.

Good win for Kennedy, continuing the build up for MITB at WM. Definately a potential winner, but right now I'm hedging my bets on JBL.

Excellent finish in the tag match, further building towards the inevitable three way at WM for the United States Title. I expect some sort of double 3 count at SNME, as I cant imagine Mysterio attacking both men for a no contest.

From Nobles promo, it would appear that Kid Kash will be the one to step up and challenge for the belt at WM, but then again, we might get Noble screw Kash next week. 6 Way Elimination should be a fun match though.

Main Event helped the build up for Edge vs Christian tremendously, with Captain Charisma finally getting one over his former partner, which sets the feud in the balance now.

Excellent show, despite a few shaky promos from Christian and Batista. Hopefully you can turn the Batista - Taker feud around in the next few weeks, as it's the only one in danger of becoming a major let down. Everything else though - especially Rock and Orton is picking up perfectly.
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