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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday March 10, 2006
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

*Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits and we see a video of the Smackdown superstars play before we cut to the arena to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to another huge night for Smackdown and I really can’t wait to see what we have for tonight

Tazz: I’ve been waiting all week to get back in the booth and after last week’s events I can tell we are in for a huge night

Michael Cole: Edge has said JBL will meet Christian one on one later tonight plus a huge 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Tazz: Wow! Just wow! Is all I can say about this night and why don’t we go ahead and get it started off right now?

*Just Close Your Eyes hits and the number one contender, Christian, makes his way down to the stage with his outfit on. Christian tosses his hood up and then does his trademark peep point to the crowd before heading down into the ring. “Captain Charisma” then looks around and receives a mic from the timekeeper at ringside.*

Christian: Last week on Smackdown, I confronted my brother on him giving me a concussion two weeks ago in that Handicap match against JBL and himself. So what does he do now? He decides to put me into a match against JBL! Tonight however after I’m finished with JBL, then I’ll see Edge in this ring, face to face!

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: However tonight I’ve come out here for another reason. Why did I come out here you ask and see all of my peeps here in Toronto? Well that’s right because we’re in Toronto, my hometown and it is also Edge’s. But to be honest, nobody really cares about Edge other than little slut of his he use to have, Lita!

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: Next Saturday, I’ll be teaming up with Rob Van Dam to take on Kurt Angle and my WrestleMania opponent, my brother, Edge. And Van Dam, I’ve been against you before but one thing I’ve never done is team with you. But this Sunday is different, we’re both number one contender’s to our respective titles and this Sunday, we will be teaming together and we will defeat Edge and Angle

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: And Edge as far as you go, well I could really care less about you just like these fans do and we’re in our hometown! Edge, you’ve got only four weeks left with the World-Heavyweight Championship because at WrestleMania, “Captain Charisma” is going to win the championship and all of the peeps will rejoice because they have a champion they can be proud of!

*Christian Chants Break Out*

Christian: Come WrestleMania, everything I have worked for in my career will not matter anymore because I will become the World-Heavyweight Champion. None of those title reigns with you Edge, none of my Intercontinental title reigns, none of my other achievements will matter because I will have gotten the big one, what I have strived for my whole career!

*Crowd Pops*

Christian: So Edge, you just go back home, prepare the title for me, head into WrestleMania, put on the match off your life and still lose to me, your brother, “Captain Charisma” And you know why the match will turn out like that? Well Because That’s How I Roll!!!

*Just Close Your Eyes hits and Christian starts to leave but out of nowhere, the World-Heavyweight champion slides into the ring. Christian hears the fans screaming and he turns around but it’s way too late! Edge charges across the ring and takes down Christian with a Spear before dropping down onto the mat and getting into his brother’s face. Edge then jumps up and grabs his title before he heads to the back and we head to commercial*


Match #1
Bobby Lashley vs Paul Burchill

Match Finish: Good opening match as these two men’s styles gel real well with each other and we get a good match to start off. Despite interference from the Ukliq constantly, Lashley fights off Finlay and Regal. Towards the end, Lashley has his foot grabbed by Regal but Lashley stomps on his hand, Finlay then jumps onto the ropes and tries to distract Lashley but Lashley clotheslines him down onto the mat. Burchill then charges at Lashley but Lashley catches him and plants him down into the mat with a Spinebuster. Lashley is feeling it now and he signals for his finisher, Lashley then lifts up Burchill and slams him down onto the mat with the Dominator, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

*We cut to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley showing his power off to everybody and what a win he just received there over Paul Burchill

Tazz: Two powerful men and they both put on a great match to be honest, I’m looking for more where that came from!

Michael Cole: Well before the commercial break, we saw Edge come down to the ring and spear his brother and WrestleMania opponent, Christian!

Tazz: Edge is just sending a message to all of the peeps out there that he will indeed keep his World-Heavyweight Championship no matter what it takes

*We then cut backstage to see Brian Kendrick and Paul London standing by with Josh Matthews*

Josh Matthews: Later on tonight , you two will be taking on the WWE Tag Team Champions in an 2 out of 3 Falls Match, so how are you both feeling right now?

Paul London: Josh, I’m feeling good right now. It’s time for Kendrick and myself to grab some gold, I’ve been champion with Billy Kidman before but tonight, Brian and myself will win the titles and move onto better things

Brian Kendrick: Sounds good Paul, I’m feeling good too. I’ve never tasted WWE gold since I’ve been here and when I returned but now’s my time, tonight I will become a champion and what not a better partner to have than Paul London!

Josh Matthews: For three months now, you two have defeated MNM in matches but never were able get it done at the Royal Rumble or No Way Out, is tonight really your night?

Paul London: Yes Josh tonight is our night! Tonight is wh….

*Suddenly we cut over to the screen right behind Matthews, London, and Kendrick as we hear a voice*

Johnny Nitro: Tonight is your night huh? You see Mercury, Melina, and myself, we’re not going to be at Smackdown tonight! We’re over here in Los Angeles, our hometown getting down with all of the celebrities because we are real champions unlike you two

Joey Mercury: Teddy Long said we would defend our titles tonight, well he was mistaking because we’re not even in the arena. No, we’re in Los Angeles but…but we’ve got a idea for both of you since you both look ready for action

Johnny Nitro: Tonight, you two will be in action and your opponents you ask, well you’re going to have to go through two men, two new men here in the WWE and I can tell you this, you certainly stand no chance against these two men

Joey Mercury: Your opponents tonight you ask? Well your opponents are going to be led by Simon Dean, Smackdown’s fitness guru, yeah that’s right, your opponents tonight are none other than the Gymini!

Melina: Good luck boys!


Michael Cole: And we’re back from the break but it seems to me that MNM is afraid of losing their titles tonight to London and Kendrick.

Tazz: They probably are. I’d be afraid of those two mad men too because there’s no telling what those idiots would do to them

Michael Cole: No telling at all. But a huge night still lay ahead of us because we’ve got JBL taking on Christian in our main event

Tazz: Plus a huge tag match with huge implications as Booker T and Orlando Jordan team together to face Chris Benoit and the US Champion, Rey Mysterio

Match #2
The Gymini vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Match Finish: Decent match with the Gymini grounding Kendrick and London down on the mat keeping them away from their specialty, highflying. Dean tries to interfere but doesn’t play too much of a huge role. Towards the end, London nails a Dropsault onto Jake Gymini before Jesse Gymini comes charging into the ring and Kendrick takes him down with a dropkick too sending Jesse Gymini flying out of the ring. Kendrick then stomps on Jake Gymini before London climbs onto the top rope and leaps off with the 450 Splash, One…Two…Three

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Paul London


*Burn in my Light hits and the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, walks down into the ring before climbing into the ring. Orton then jumps onto the turnbuckle and does his Destiny Pose before jumping right off and looking around. Orton then receives a mic from the timekeeper and he then starts to talk with tons of boos coming from the crowd*

Randy Orton: Last week you all saw me call out a legend, I went to his house and called him out but he didn’t answer so he decides to show his face here? Well if you weren’t watching last week and you don’t know who this legend is, well his name is The Rock.

*Crowd Pops for The Rock*

Randy Orton: And now at WrestleMania 22, it’s set Randy Orton, the Legend Killer vs The Rock, The People’s Champ. WrestleMania comes my biggest legend killing yet, I’ve killed Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The Undertaker, hell the list can go on and on and on but one name sticks out to me, one name that is very familiar to The Rock throughout his career and that name is…Mick Foley!

*Crowd Pops for Foley*

Randy Orton: Yeah the insane Mick Foley, the Mick Foley that’s been thrown off Hell in a Cell, had part of his ear chopped off, almost blown up to pieces, and yeah he certainly is a madman. But what do Mick Foley and The Rock have in common other than their tag team, The Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection you ask? Well it’s simple, I’ve killed Foley and now, I’m going to kill The Rock!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: It was supposed to be my destiny to win the World-Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania but Christian stole my spotlight, that however will be taken care of at a later time because now, The Rock is my main target. Mr. Hollywood, he thought he was too good for the WWE so he just leaves and expects everybody to welcome him back, lots of people might but myself, the Legend Killer, will not!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: But everyone wants to know why did I mention Mick Foley a few moments ago? Well, the answer is simple, Mick Foley is just like The Rock, they both have failed at life so they leave the WWE and just think they can come back at any time they want stealing the spotlight from future superstars such as me.

*Orton smiles as the crowd boos*

Randy Orton: But concerning Mick Foley, I want to show The Rock what I can do to him before WrestleMania! And with Foley and Rock being best friends, a great idea struck me about how I could show The Rock what I was going to do to him at WrestleMania but in more of a violent way and who better not than Mick Foley?

*Orton Sucks Chants Break Out*

Randy Orton: So next Saturday night on Saturday Night’s Main Event, we will be seeing a match between Mick Foley….and myself! But wait, it will be no ordinary match, no this will be Mick Foley’s environment, I’m going to beat Foley’s ass and he won’t be able to walk again because next Saturday, we’re going to be having a Hardcore Match!

*Crowd Pops*

Randy Orton: But next week here on Smackdown, I’ve got a something extra special prepared and I know you all can’t wait! Next week, we’ll be seeing a return of a popular segment here in the WWE and many of you are familiar with it. So why don’t I go ahead and announce it, next week on Smackdown, we’ll be witnessing the return of…This is Your Life…Randy Orton!

*Crowd Boos for the This is Your Life…The Rock ripoff as Burn in my Light hits, Orton leaves out of the arena and heads to the back. Orton then stops at the ramp and lets out a big smile before doing his Destiny Pose! Orton then heads to the back as we cut over to Michael Cole and Tazz over at ringside before the commercial*

Michael Cole: This is Your Life…Randy Orton? What in the hell, Randy Orton stole a classic show that was made for Mick Foley and The Rock

Tazz: I can’t wait, many top moments next week to be highlighted in the life of Orton and boy; I cannot wait till next week.

Michael Cole: But next Saturday, we will see a Hardcore Match between Randy Orton and Mick Foley, that will be a classic

Tazz: Foley’s known for his hardcore stunts but Orton has a hardcore side to him too and will he unleash it next week at the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event?


*We cut backstage to see Theodore Long in his office before Batista comes barging in and then starts talking to Long*

Batista: Look Teddy, I know I’ve got to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania and I know I got myself into this but I’m asking you, do whatever it takes and take me out of this match because after what I saw last week, I thought I was going to die right there, so please cancel the match or do whatever you need to do

Theodore Long: Sorry playa but I can’t cancel the match. It’s been already announced and there are no changing matches now. But you do seem nervous about this, so I’ll give you a deal for next week on Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Batista: And what’s that?

Theodore Long: Calm down playa! Now I know this match was supposed to be a friendly match between you two and well, it’s going to remain that way because I don’t want one of my biggest WrestleMania matches being ruined. So next week at Saturday Night’s Main Event, we’ll be seeing Batista and The Undertaker face to face in the ring….for a…

Batista: Wait, hold it Teddy. I think I’ve got a better idea and the fans will all like it next week, and since Saturday Night’s Main Event returns, what not a better night! I’m going to be presenting a special show for Undertaker next week, it’s going to be a huge night on Saturday Night’s Main Event because we’re having a funeral for the Undertaker?

Theodore Long: Now what did you say playa?

Batista: A funeral! Why not have a funeral for Undertaker? His record of 13-0 at WrestleMania is going to be ended by me, so why not just go ahead and end him right there next week on Saturday Night’s Main Event, Teddy I’ll see ya later.

Theodore Long: Wai…

*Batista walks out smiling as he receives a mixture of cheers and boos because right now he is a tweener. We then see Batista continue down the hallways before we cut into the arena to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Saturday Night’s Main Event is turning out great! Wow, I can’t wait to witness that show next Saturday night

Tazz: Let’s take a look at that card real quick, first off Raw will be having a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship, Chris Masters, Carlito, and Shelton Benjamin do battle for the title.

Michael Cole: Plus Raw will be having Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H with huge implications because if Austin wins, then he can referee the match at WrestleMania, if not then Mr. McMahon has a surprise waiting for him!

Tazz: Announced a few moments ago, Batista will be presenting a funeral for The Undertaker and that will be intresting! Plus a Hardcore Match between Randy Orton and Mick Foley, will Orton kill another legend on his way to WrestleMania?

Michael Cole: And our main event, a huge tag match as the World Champion, Edge teams with the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle to take on the contenders, Christian and Rob Van Dam in a Champions vs Contenders Match, I can’t wait!

Match #3
Ken Kennedy vs Matt Hardy

Match Finish: Ok match between these two rivals and opponents in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania. Nothing special but more of an advancement for Money in the Bank. Towards the end, Hardy has Kennedy and looks to come off the ropes for a Super Side Effect, however Kennedy catches Hardy, throws him onto his shoulders and listens to the crowd as they know what is coming. Kennedy then smiles and comes off the turnbuckle and nails Hardy with the Green Bay Plunge! It’s over; the referee drops down onto the mat and begins the count as Kennedy counts along, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Ken Kennedy


*We see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen and then we hear a voice speak*

Narrator: The following paid advertisement is to promote the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view, WrestleMania 22. It will be live from Phoenix, Arizona in the US Airways Center on Sunday April 2, 2006

*We then head out to Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks before we then cut to the scoreboard which shows the Diamondbacks losing 10-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning before we cut over and see the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM!*

Melina: So guys what have you thought about the game so far? I think that the Diamondbacks are the worst team ever

Joey Mercury: That’s only because Nitro and myself, we’re the best team ever and us by ourselves could beat a team such as the Diamondbacks

Johnny Nitro: Any time, any day, tell them to bring it!

*We t hen cut over and see a lady stand up and start screaming*

Lady: OH MY GOD! It’s MNM!

*Everybody turns and all of the ladies run at Mercury and Nitro while all of the men in that section run after Melina*

Melina: Run boys! Run!

*We then see all three members of MNM leave from their seats behind the plate and start running up the top and they are continually getting photos taken of them. However Nitro stops for a pose and Melina pulls him making him keep on running. They continue running before Nitro runs into the team shop and looks for a teddy bear for the Diamondbacks. However Melina tugs on him as they continue to get chased out of the ballpark. They make it outside and pause for a moment to look around where to go to*

Joey Mercury: Where are we suppose to go?

Melina: Look! There!

*The camera then turns up and we see the US Airways Center across from Chase Field and we then see all three members of MNM continue running down the road and Nitro almost gets ran over by a car while Melina is getting honked at by men in cars. Melina then opens a door quickly and all three of them jump inside of the arena*

Melina: We should be safe in here

Joey Mercury: I hope so! We didn’t even get to finish the game and we went that long without even being noticed

Johnny Nitro: Yeah but I was having some fun getting pictures taken of me and I wanted a souvenir too!

Melina: We’ll go back later as for now, we’ve got to worry about staying safe in here so we don’t get harassed by those crazy lunatics

Johnny Nitro: Uh guys!

Melina and Joey Mercury: WHAT?

Johnny Nitro: Turn around!

*Melina and Mercury turn around and they see everybody right behind them standing there real quiet and then we hear Melina let out her scream before MNM opens the doors and continues running down the road. We then see a black screen flash across and we then see the WrestleMania 22 logo come back across the screen before*

Narrator: WrestleMania Goes Big Time! Don't miss it Sunday April 2, 2006 from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona!

*We then cut to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: A great promo and I seriously can’t wait until WrestleMania 22, it’s going to be a huge show from Phoenix!

Tazz: I’m pumped because so many huge matches are set, this could very well be one of, if not the best ever WrestleMania’s!

Michael Cole: However still to come tonight, Edge has handpicked JBL to take on Christian one on one, will Christian prevail?

Tazz: Plus in tag team action, Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio team together to take on Booker T and Orlando Jordan, and that match is next!


Match #4
Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit vs Booker T and Orlando Jordan

Match Finish: Well fought out match between these four men but Jordan doesn’t play too much of a factor as it comes down to the three rivals. The ending of this match happens whenever Jordan goes for a DDT but Benoit pushes off Jordan and Jordan flies into the corner into Booker T. Booker T is the legal man and Benoit then sees Booker charge at him. Benoit catches Booker and locks in the Crippler Crossface and Jordan crawls back into the ring. Jordan breaks it up and Mysterio then clotheslines Jordan sending himself over but Booker T gets a cradle on Benoit and has the tights, One…Two…Three

Winners: Booker T and Orlando Jordan

*Booker T and Orlando Jordan start to celebrate but out of nowhere MacMillitant hits and Theodore Long walks out onto the stage. Long then cuts the music and begins to talk*

Theodore Long: Now hold it there playa! I just saw what happened out there Booker T and Chris Benoit was cheated out of that match. So since you can’t beat Chris Benoit in a tag team match fair without cheating, I’ve got a deal for you playa!

*Crowd Pops*

Theodore Long: You see in eight days, Saturday Night’s Main Event returns and we’ve been on a ball announcing matches tonight for Saturday Night’s Main Event. So at the return of the show, we will see Chris Benoit….versus you..Booker T in a Number One Contender’s Match where the winner faces Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 22!

*Crowd Pops Loudly*

Theodore Long: Holla back playa!

*We then cut to ringside toMichael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Saturday Night’s Main Event is shaping up to be great! Wow, Chris Benoit meets Booker T for the number one contendership

Tazz: Booker T, Chris Benoit, and Rey Mysterio have been at each other for months, next week the official number one contender is determined

Michael Cole: I can’t wait, the winner moves onto face Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 22, it’s going to be a great night!

Tazz: One man will face Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, will it be Chris Benoit or Booker T, find out next week!


*We then head out to a black screen and we see the WWE Hall of Fame logo come across before we then fade out once again. We then hear a voice a couple of seconds later and then we fade out to see flashing images come by*

Voice: A former World Tag Team Champion….

*Images of Ted DiBiase capturing the World Tag Team Championships numerous times with Irwin R. Schyster over the Legion of Doom, Natural Disasters, and Steiner Brothers*

Voice: A man that defended his own championship, the Million Dollar Championship

*Images of DiBiase defending his title and losing it to Jake Roberts but eventually regaining the title at WrestleMania VI are shown*

Voice: He managed perhaps one of the greatest factions in the history of the WWF, Million Dollar Corporation

*Images of the Million Dollar Corporation are shown including some of their most notable feuds with other wrestlers is shown*

Voice: And on Saturday April 1, 2006, we honor a true wrestling pioneer in this business as we welcome him back to the WWE

*More Images of Ted DiBiase are shown including his wrestling years and his years as a mananger before we cut back to the announcer*

Voice: Please welcome the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006….”The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase!!!

*We then cut to ringside to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Another legend enters the Hall of Fame at the night before WrestleMania in Ted DiBiase, a true legend!

Tazz: Wow, a huge night it’s going to be because we’ve also got Bret Hart and his brother Owen Hart being inducted the same night!

Michael Cole: I couldn’t be any happier for Bret Hart. Plus the late great, Eddie Guerrero, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame

Tazz: And finally, the Macho Man, Randy Savage, finds his way back into the WWE but this time it’s through the Hall of Fame!

*We cut backstage to see Jamie Noble standing by with Steve Romero*

Steve Romero: Jamie, shortly after your match last week against Shannon Moore, you were attacked by your former friend, Kid Kash, any reasons why Kash attacked you?

Jamie Noble: Kid Kash is jealous, he’s jealous because I’m the Cruiserweight Champion and it’s going to remain that way too! He can attack me wherever, whenever, but it won’t make a difference because he won’t take my Cruiserweight Championship away from me!

Steve Romero: Rumors backstage indicate that next week, we’ll be having a #1 Contender’s Match on Smackdown, is this true?

Jamie Noble: Well Teddy Long told me to tell all of the fans before the show ended that next week, six men will compete in a Six Man Elimination Match to have the rights to face me at WrestleMania for my title

Steve Romero: Any idea on who the six men are?

Jamie Noble: Not a clue Steve but I tell you this, if Kid Kash just happens to be one of those men, then so be it! Kash certainly stands no chance of taking my title as I said before and you know what, I want to face Kid Kash! I want Kid Kash to win that match next week because if he does, then I can kick his ass come WrestleMania!

Steve Romero: Thank you Jamie and good luck whomever you may face come WrestleMania 22!


Match #5
Christian vs JBL

Match Finish: Long fought out match with Edge on commentary at ringside. Towards the end, JBL looks to end it off early for Edge. We hear Edge screaming at JBL to go ahead and finish it and JBL then runs off the ropes for the Clothesline from Hell but Christian ducks! JBL turns right back around into the arms of Christian and Christian nails a DDT before falling down onto the mat in pain from the match so far. Edge then jumps out of the commentary booth and then heads over to the timekeeper and grabs a steel chair. Edge then climbs onto the apron and looks to swing it at Christian but Christian grabs it and plays tug of war with Edge. Suddenly Christian lets go and it smacks Edge in the face sending the World-Heavyweight Champion crashing down onto the mat and we see JBL come at Christian but Christian moves, gets a schoolboy on JBL and then gets the referee to count while Christian puts his feet on the ropes with the fans cheering! One…Two…Three

Winner: Christian

Michael Cole: Christian defeated JBL and Edge’s plan all went backwards tonight for the World-Heavyweight Champion!

Tazz: Christian cheated to win! Christian cheated to beat JBL tonight and JBL deserves a rematch now because of that

Michael Cole: Christian won the match whether he cheated or fair and square, bottom line Christian is your winner

Tazz: Things are picking up between these two men and will they both collide before we even see the match at WrestleMania? Good night everybody!

WWE Presents WrestleMania 22
Live Sunday April 2, 2006
US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle © vs Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge © vs Christian

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

Batista vs The Undertaker

Inter-Promotional Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Masters vs Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito
Vs JBL vs Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

Inter-Promotional Match
The Rock vs Randy Orton

John Cena vs Chris Jericho

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006

Bret “The Hitman” Hart inducted by Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
Eddie Guerrero inducted by Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Chavo Guerrero
Owen Hart inducted by Martha Hart
“The Macho Man” Randy Savage inducted by “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase inducted by Irwin R. Schyster

WWE Presents Saturday Night’s Main Event
Live Saturday March 18, 2006
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan

Champions vs Contenders Match
Edge © and Kurt Angle © vs Christian and Rob Van Dam

Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin-If Stone Cold wins, he will referee the HBK/HHH WrestleMania Match
-If Stone Cold loses, Mr. McMahon has a surprise waiting for him

Inter-Promotional Hardcore Match
Randy Orton vs Mick Foley

Intercontinental Championship
Triple Threat Match

Chris Masters © vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin

#1 Contender’s Match
Chris Benoit vs Booker T
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