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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I keep hearing you're one of the best bookers, and after reading your tournament matches I decided to read through the thread...and I'm impressed! Now that I'm all caught up with whats going on, here's a RAW review! Sorry that it's not a long review like I usually do, but I don't have much time.

RAW Review:

Opening Promo- Great stuff here and this already hooked me for RAW. Angle comes out to RVD's music and does the tumb taunt, haha, nice and classic Angle. RVD didn't seem very in character, but Angle was spot-on. RVD is also hard to write promos for because it really varies what he says. Still, match announcement for later sounds good and I'm glad RVD is in the main event spot

Master Lock challenge- Nice idea to have this 'match' first, hyping the the MITB match in a way. Master locks on the Master Lock, Carlito runs down to the ring and takes out Masters, etc etc. I hope we see a new champion crowned at SNME, would be a cool surprise and for the better

Womens Tag Match- As you said, nothing special, but it's interesting to see Mickie get the pin on Trish, and possibly a championship match is in order?

Jericho/Spirit Squad segment- Jericho was in character for parts of it, but there were a few typos and overuse of the word 'assclown' to keep me focused. Nice cheer by the Spirit Squad and hopefully Cena will get his ass kicked later.

Masters/Carlito/Benjamin segment- Ugh, Masters didn't come off good at all. His dialogue was really bland, and even know he does suck on the mic, you could make him better. All three men are claiming the belt until Vince comes out and makes the triple threat announcement for SNME. Hopefully a new champ is crowned before WM22. Should be a good match.

Kane vs Jamal- Meh, decent match, used to just get Kane over. Can you counter a Samoan Drop into a kick to the gut? I don't really think so. To be honest, I'm not impressed so far

Cool video package stating the induction of Ted DiBiase at the HOF ceremony, he really deserves it.

Cena interview- He was in character, and while the rap wasn't that great, it's hard to think of a rhyming, clever paragraph so applause for even trying.

5v1 Hardcore Match- Damn Cena and his superman comebacks. Seemed like a decent match, and I love the move where SS tosses one guy high into the air. Cena nails a semi-powerful move on each guy, kicks away Jericho, hits the F-U and wins the match. Hopefully Cena loses at WM...can't stand the guy. Nice aftermath though, having everyone beat down Cena and get him in the Walls of Jericho.

Striker promo- This really impressed me, because I could picture the entire promo happen and it sounds exactly how Striker would talk and what he would say. Great promo and it'll be interesting to see who Striker brings it...I doubt it's any of his friends from ROH . Hopefully Striker and his friend get a push to the tag belts or something

HBK/Austin vs HHH/Shane- Great match and would have been a treat to watch. HBK and Austin pick up the deserved win, adding fuel to the growing fire, pissing off HHH and the McMahons.

GREAT WM22 video with MNM. This was very entertaining and funny, and I could picture the entire thing. The beginning of RAW wasn't that great, but it's getting better and better. Really loved this video, very funny

RVD vs Daivairi/Angle- Good job having Angle not really get involved in the match, saving himself for WM and letting his valet do all the dirty work. Cool ending with Angle running in and trying to snap RVD's ankle, resulting in the DQ victory for Van Damn. The tension grows between the two and their WM match should be really cool.

Overall- 8/10. To be honest, I almost stopped reading after the beginning. It was decent but I expected high things from you. Masters dialogue sucked, Samoan Drop was reversed to a kick in the gut, and some major typos took me out of it. But then you redeemed yourself greatly with the 5v1 Hardcore match followed by the awesome promo with Strikers classroom. Things continue to go up with HBK/Austin vs HHH/Shane, a hilarious and well written WM22 hype video with MNM, and it ends with the RVD vs Angle feud getting more intense. I'd work on your promos for certain wrestlers because they don't seem to be saying anything and some of what they say doesn't make sense. Also, watch your typos more carefully because that's a huge turnoff. Finally, if you want someone to reverse a move, have the reversal make sense! I understand you probably meant Kane slipped out of the Samoan Drop and THEN kicked Jamal in the gut...but type that part out then! Other than that, this was a pretty good RAW and the middle-end was awesome. Well done.

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