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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday February 27, 2006
Fresno, California

Across the Nation hits and the Raw video superstars package plays along and then we fade out to the arena to the commentator’s team of Jerry Lawler, Jonathan Coachman, and Joey Styles

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of Raw and a huge night lays ahead of us here with some big matches

Jonathan Coachman: To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated any night of Raw more than tonight’s show

Jerry Lawler: Well a good main event awaits us as the number one contender to the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam will take on the champion’s manager Daivari

Joey Styles: That should be a intresting match to say the least and what part the champion Kurt Angle will play in it will be intresting

Jonathan Coachman: Don’t worry because the champion would never cheat and I can personally guarantee that

Jerry Lawler: Sure Coach plus what will Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold have to say about their matches at Saturday Night’s Main Event and WrestleMania?

Match #1
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Chris Masters vs Chavo Guerrero

Match Finish: An exciting opening match to say the least with the Intercontinental Champion, Masters, dominating the whole way through. Towards the end Masters starts to get worn down from Guerrero who starts focusing on the back for the Gory Bomb. Guerrero then gets Masters and finally goes for the Gory Bomb but he gets pushed off by the Masterpiece and Masters catches Guerrero as he turns around and locks in the Masterlock! Masters is tossing and turning Guerrero everywhere and eventually Guerrero passes out giving Masters the win

Winner: Chris Masters


Joey Styles: And welcome back from the break and if you missed the beginning of the show, the first Raw superstar for Money in the Bank was determined

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right! My main man “The Masterpiece” and the current Intercontinental Champion has qualified

Jerry Lawler: But how will Masters blend in this environment with the ladders and the thing is can he win the briefcase?

Joey Styles: Well he’s going to find out his other competition later tonight because we’ve still got 2 Money in the Bank qualifying matches left

Jonathan Coachman: And also the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam takes on the champion’s manager Daivari!

Jerry Lawler: That should certainly be intresting to see if the champion decides to try to even get involved in this matchup

We then cut backstage to see Chris Jericho standing by with Maria

Maria: Right now I’m standing by with the man known as Walls of Jericho and Walls of Jericho you have anything to say?

Chris Jericho: Wrong name Maria because that’s my finisher but yeah I have something to say and it’s involving John Ce…

Maria: John Cena? Yeah I love John Cena to death because he’s do…

Chris Jericho: Save it assclown! Cena you think your cool now because you attacked me last week and laid me out with the F-U while I was trying to prove a point in the ring. Well your wrong and I’ll prove that to you very soon because I’ve had enough of being screwed and that is all about to end next week because you see I talked to the CEO, Vince McMahon and he told me next week you are going to have to overcome something, something that you most likely won’t even survive and that is going to be a Hardcore Match

Maria: A hardcore match on Raw? I like hardcore action!

Chris Jericho: Save it Maria. You heard me right John Cena’s going to be in a Hardcore Match next week and he’s going to have to take on five men, five men he certainly doesn’t even stand a chance against beating and five men he WILL NOT beat next week, those five men are the team of the Spirit Squad!

The Spirit Squad come jumping up and down and Jericho smiles while they are jumping up and down slapping hands with each other

Chris Jericho: Ok boys you know what to do next week and hey why don’t you give us a little cheer for next week as a preview for the match between all five of you and John Cena?

Kenny: Ready…OK!

Spirit Squad: Two Bits! Four Bits! Six Bits! A Dollar! All for the Spirit Squad in the Hardcore Match next week against John Cena, stand up and holler!

Crowd Boos


Match #2
The Big Show vs Rosey

Match Finish: Not a very good match as two big men try their best to put on a good match but it just isn’t that great. Towards the end Jamal tries to get involved and he tosses Rosey one of the tag team belts to hit Big Show with. However the referee takes the belt from Rosey knowing what was about to happen and this pisses 3 Minute Warning off! Rosey gets back to his feet and then he turns right around into the hands of Kane and The Big Show as Kane comes in illegally and both Kane and Big Show nail a double chokeslam and Kane rolls out, One…Two…Three

Winner: The Big Show

Joey Styles: Big Show pinned Rosey tonight and that should definently boost Kane and Big Show back into the tag titles hunt

Jonathan Coachman: Why did the referee think 3 Minute Warning was cheating? They would never even think about cheating!

Jerry Lawler: Sure Coach but what about that huge Handicap Hardcore Match next week between John Cena and the Spirit Squad

Joey Styles: That certainly is not right and Jericho had planned the whole time and it won’t be a even match between those men

Jonathan Coachman: What are you talking about? I guarantee you Cena has a even shot just like the Spirit Squad will next week

Jerry Lawler: I’m not thinking that Coach and as far as I see it, it is definently going to be a 5on 1 situation the whole match

We cut backstage to see Carlito and Chris Masters talking

Chris Masters: You see that Carlito? You should have seen the athleticism I put on in my match against Chavo Guerrero!

Carlito: Athleticism? Dat’s Not Cool!

Chris Masters: Oh it’s not is it? Well you see I’m in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and I’m the Intercontinental Champion so is that cool enough for you Carlito?

Carlito: No Masterpiece it’s not because Carlito says you stole my title and Carlito wants the title back from you Masterpiece

Chris Masters: No Carlito you’ve got it all wrong because this Intercontinental title (Masters holds it in front of Carlito’s face and taunts) is certainly never going to be going back to the waist of you because as you say it, that’s not cool!

Carlito: You know what cool is Masterpiece?

Chris Masters: No I don’t!

Carlito: THIS!

Carlito lowblows Masterpiece and then pulls out his apple and then bites off of it before he chews it up real well in his mouth. Carlito then bends down and spits the apple all over the face of the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters.

Carlito: Now Dat, Dat’s Cool!


*We see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen and then we hear a voice speak*

Narrator: The following paid advertisement is to promote the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view, WrestleMania 22. It will be live from Phoenix, Arizona in the US Airways Center on Sunday April 2, 2006

*We then cut out to a bar, we hear loud rock music playing before it dies down and then we cut backstage behind the curtains to see who was performing*

Chris Jericho: Great show guys!

*Jericho keeps on walking with his guitar and then walks around the backstage before he looks around and sees some of his co-workers in the back. Jericho then goes up to them and he says hi to them all before he continues on out the door and then a beer bottle comes flying at him*

Chris Jericho: Which one of you assclowns threw this at me?

*People look around and start to worry and then all of an sudden somebody points and he then points at an little geeky man. The man starts to panic not knowing what to do and then he starts to back up but Jericho stops him from doing so*

Chris Jericho: You throw this at me?

Man: No, I would never do that to you sir. I was just try...

Chris Jericho: Save it assclown!

*The man panics and Jericho then grabs the beer bottle and smashes it over the head of the man before he then jumps into his car and drives off. Jericho's driving down the road before he sees an huge sign saying "Welcome to Arizona" Jericho then turns out and heads over to the welcome center for some details*

Chris Jericho: Mam, can you tell me exact directions to the American West Arena? I need to know how to get there for WrestleMania

Desk Attendant: I'm sorry but I just moved here and I don't know too much about Phoenix but if you need anyth....

Chris Jericho: Well then what the hell are you doing behind that booth? If you don't know your way around, then get out!

Desk Attendant: I'm sorry sir but wo....

Chris Jericho: Would you please shut the hell up?

*Jericho then gets pissed and then decides to leave and then we cut out to see him getting closer and closer to Phoenix before he gets ready to take the exit. Jericho then looks and he can see the American West Arena from the bridge. He then takes the exit and then turns and starts heading down the road but then all of an sudden, an Hummer rams into him! Jericho's car is destroyed and the Hummer is fine and stops at the redlight. Jericho jumps out of the car and kicks it*

Chris Jericho: Damn it!

*A man then sticks his head out the window and it's revealed to be...John Cena!!!

John Cena: Sorry Jericho!

Chris Jericho: You son of a.....

*We then hear the narrator cutting Jericho out on purpose and he then starts to talk*

Narrator: WrestleMania Goes Big Time! Don't miss it Sunday April 2, 2006 from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona!
We cut back to the commentator’s at ringside

Joey Styles: What a great segment and I’m getting pumped for WrestleMania 22 because we’ve got only five more weeks left!

Jonathan Coachman: It’s going to be a huge show and I can personally guarantee you that it will be the best WrestleMania ever!

Jerry Lawler: Five huge matches already announced and Smackdown gives us Batista taking on the Undertaker in what is a true dream match!

Joey Styles: Plus the World-Heavyweight Championship will be defended as Edge takes on his own brother, Christian!

Jonathan Coachman: And an huge Inter-Promotional match as Money in the Bank returns with three Smackdown stars and two more Raw stars along with the Masterpiece

Jerry Lawler: And Raw brings to you Shawn Michaels vs Triple H but the main event, Kurt Angle defends the WWE Championship against Rob Van Dam!

Match #3
Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and Ashley Massaro vs Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and Candice

Match Finish: Decent Women’s match and used for buildup for the feud that Trish, Mickie, and Ashley have had for the past few months. Towards the end Victoria attacks Ashley and goes for the Widow’s Peak but Trish comes in and so does Torrie and Candice. Trish does the Matrix then nails the Spinning Headscissors before Mickie drops down and nails Candice with the Mick Kick and Victoria gets rolled up by Ashley. Both Trish and Mickie make sure that Torrie and Candice can’t come back in and the cover, One…Two….Three

Winners: Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro, and Mickie James

Right after the match all three ladies celebrate and out of nowhere, Mickie James gets into an argument with Ashley Massaro. Ashley says why did you not cost the match tonight and this pisses Mickie off! Mickie snaps and then does a Mick Kick onto the Women’s Champion friend and Mickie stares at Ashley on the mat. Trish then asks Mickie to look and she what she has done to their friend but Mickie then grabs Trish and run’s off the ropes and nails the Running Bulldog and Mickie then drops down to the mat and grabs the Women’s Championship

Mickie James: Who’s the bitch now Trish?

Mickie James then jumps out quickly of the ring and then makes her way up the ramp cocky and all the fans are booing the hell out of her. She has a cocky smile on her face and we cut back into the ring to check on Ashley and Trish who are both layed out in the ring and we then head straight to another commercial


Sexy Boy hits and “The HeartBreak Kid” Shawn Michaels comes out dancing to the music and he continues on down the ramp and slides into the ring before he does a pose. Michaels then asks for a mic and he receives one before the music dies down and we are hearing loud “H…B…K” chants all across the arena

Shawn Michaels: Hello Fresno!

Cheap Pop
Shawn Michaels: Now last week here on Raw it was announced that at WrestleMania 22 I would be taking on “The Game” Triple H! And at Saturday Night’s Main Event, my friend Stone Cold Steve Austin would be taking on Triple H and if Austin wins, he will become the Special Enforcer for the match at WrestleMania

Crowd Pops

Shawn Michaels: And this whole plan was all Triple H’s idea. So Hunter when you get beaten at Saturday Night’s Main Event by Stone Cold you will know that we told you in advance to be prepared because we told you you were going to lose!

Crowd Pops

Shawn Michaels: But everybody has been asking the whole week how do you feel about your match that you have against Triple H at WrestleMania? Well it’s simple and I can describe it with one word to sum it all up, Confident! I’m confident because I tell you I will indeed beat Triple H at WrestleMania and that right there, that is not a promise but a guarantee

Crowd Pops

Shawn Michaels: And there’s certainly a reason why they all call me not only “The Showstopper” not only “The Heart Break Kid” not only “Boy Toy” and there’s certainly a reason why they not only call me “Mr. WrestleMania” and that’s because at WrestleMania I steal the show and that’s been proven in the past such as last year against Kurt Angle. Maybe I didn’t win but I put on one hell of a match

H…B…K Chants Break Out

Shawn Michaels: So what I’m getting at is at WrestleMania, I don’t need luck to win, I don’t need to have St…

Triple H interrupts Michaels and we cut up to the titantron to see Triple H

Triple H: Whoa hold it there Michaels because I thought you were about to say you didn’t need Stone Cold Steve Austin to help you win the match at WrestleMania! Because if that’s what you are trying to say then you are lying because it doesn’t matter if Austin is at ringside, I will still beat your ass at the grandest stage of them all

Crowd Boos

Shawn Michaels: Oh is that so Hunter? Well you keep on thinking that because I don’t need Stone Cold Steve Austin to win. Hell he’s not even here tonight because he’s been partying all week and couldn’t even stand coming to work and I could still beat you in a match right here and right now in this very ring!

Crowd Pops Wanting this Match

Triple H: First off these people are not even worthy of seeing me wrestle here and second I’m not going to risk injury before WrestleMania. We’ve got five weeks left, five weeks for you to think about how you are going to cope with your loss to me, the Game at WrestleMania, five weeks to think about how your going to wrestle without Stone Cold Steve Austin not even being there and five weeks to think about me ending your career

Crowd Boos

Triple H: I’ll see you here next week Boy Toy!
We then cut back to ringside to the commentator’s table

Joey Styles: Well a long night it has been so far and I’m ready to see what else lies ahead for the Road to Phoenix for WrestleMania 22!

Jonathan Coachman: So many bumps in the road and so many things that have to be settled before we head to WrestleMania

Jerry Lawler: Well still to come tonight, we’ve got two Money in the Bank Qualifying matches where the winner moves onto WrestleMania!

Joey Styles: I can guarantee you whoever makes it into Money in the Bank sure is going to have to work hard to get past the other five men

Jonathan Coachman: I’m interested to see what Masters can do in the ladder environment and I’m sure he can do something huge

Jerry Lawler: Plus our main event as Rob Van Dam takes on Kurt Angle’s manager Daivari as a tune up for RVD


We cut backstage to see John Cena standing in front of where interviews are normally conducted and we hear loud pops from the crowd before Cena starts talking

John Cena: Chris Jericho thinks he is going to toss obstacles in my way such as this Handicap Hardcore Match next week against the Spirit Squad? Well let me tell you all something and that is I don’t back down from any challenge nor any fight. And I sure as hell won’t back down from Chris Jericho whenever the time comes for the two of us to get it on inside of that ring whether it be next week or sometimes down the road

Crowd Pops

John Cena: So let Jericho run his mouth, let him put me in matches he doesn’t think I even stand a chance in and the outcome will be the same with the Chain Gang Soldiers all supporting me and giving me the push to the top, the push that will eventually lead me back to becoming the next WWE Champion whenever that time comes

Crowd Pops

John Cena: And let me address something to the Spirit Squad because all five of you little gay ass cheerleaders think your going to beat me, well let me drop a freestyle right here for all five of you and Jericho

Crowd Pops

John Cena: Next Week I’ve got a Hardcore Match against the Spirit Squad
Hell I’m facing those gay cheerleaders who play with each other’s rod
You’ve got Kenny who thinks he’s the best there is
The only thing he can do is lick Jericho’s piss
Then you’ve got that other one, his name is Nicky
Damn Jericho what have you been doing, you gave him a hickey
Come on guys you need to leave Johnny alone
All of you are getting too close to his private zone
And where in the hell did you find Mikey, on the streets?
Oh my God! What in the hell is that on those bed sheets?
Wait, there’s one more left and his name is Mitch
Next week I’ll make all five of you my own personal bitch!
Match #4
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Shelton Benjamin vs Gregory Helms

Match Finish: Very competitive match and the fans are into the match the whole time through as it is very fast paced throughout. Towards the end things start to get intresting and the fans are interested to see who wins and goes onto WrestleMania. Helms goes for a Shining Wizard but Benjamin ducks and then Benjamin charges at Helms in the corner and nails a Stinger Splash before he comes back and grabs Helms going for the T-Bone Suplex! However Helms rolls out of it and then goes to kick Benjamin but Benjamin catches the foot of Helms and then gets a cradle, One…Two…Three

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

We then cut back to the commentators at ringside

Joey Styles: Shelton Benjamin has qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22 and one spot remains for Raw

Jonathan Coachman: Benjamin and Chris Masters are the two Raw participants in the match so far but who will join them?

Jerry Lawler: Well Masters and Benjamin have had their differences and it dates back to last week’s Intercontinental title match

Joey Styles: During the match Benjamin almost had the title won but Masters dropped out of the ring and headed up the ramp

Joey Styles: Masters was afraid he was going to lose the title to Benjamin and he almost did if he wouldn’t have left

Jonathan Coachman: He’s just protecting the title as he didn’t want the fans to be forced to see Shelton Benjamin as champion

Jerry Lawler: Shelton Benjamin as champion would be a whole lot better than seeing Chris Masters as the champion and leaving matches


We come back from the break and we open to a blank screen before the 2006 Hall of Fame logo comes across the screen and it stays there for a moment. We then head out as we hear a voice start to talk to announce the next inductee

Narrator: “The Macho Man….”

Images of Randy Savage winning the Intercontinental title from Tito Santana in 1986

Narrator: A Intercontinental Champion and WWF Champion….

Images of Savage retaining his title plus images of his match against Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat from WrestleMania 3 are shown

Narrator: A true wrestling legend along with his girlfriend Miss Elizabeth

Images of Savage holding Elizabeth up in the air in their reunion at WrestleMania VII are shown

Narrator: And on April 1, 2006 we enter him into the WWE Hall of Fame
Images of Savage winning the WWF Championship at WrestleMania V against Ted DiBiase in the finals are shown

Narrator: Please welcome the next inductee into the 2006 Hall of Fame….

We see the 2006 Hall of Fame logo come across the screen followed by in letters Randy Savage and we then listen to the narrator one more time

Narrator: “The Macho Man” Randy Savage!!!

We then cut back to ringside to the commentator’s

Joey Styles: Randy “Macho Man” Savage entering the Hall of Fame and the man inducting him is his brother, “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Jonathan Coachman: Can’t wait to see Savage being inducted plus Bret “The Hitman” Hart enters this year being inducted by Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Bret’s brother in law

Jerry Lawler: Plus Bret’s brother, Owen Hart will enter the same year and that definently will be emotional as inducting him will be his widow, Martha Hart

Joey Styles: Both Bret and Owen being inducted in the same year should mean a lot to whole Hart family and I can guarantee that

Jonathan Coachman: Plus the late great Eddie Guerrero will be getting inducted this year into the Hall of Fame

Jerry Lawler: And inducting Eddie will be none other than his two friends Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit plus his nephew, Chavo Guerrero


Match #5
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Carlito vs Ric Flair

Match Finish: Despite the promo between Masters and Carlito earlier in the night, Carlito is still a heel and he just wants the Intercontinental title from Masters. A good match between these two former rivals with the winner earning the final spot for Money in the Bank. Carlito trips up Flair and then taunts Flair attempting to lock in Flair’s finisher, the Figure Four Leg Lock but Flair gets up before Carlito can do it. Flair then tumbles right into the arms of Carlito who catches him and nails the Inverted Neckbreaker, One…Two…Three!

Winner: Carlito

We then cut over to the commentator’s at ringside

Joey Styles: So now Raw has it’s three Money in the Bank participants and they all have bad blood with each other

Jonathan Coachman: Despite being former friends, Carlito and Chris Masters have had their differences in the past month

Jerry Lawler: And the whole purpose was over Masters’s title which Benjamin has been coming after also

Joey Styles: Plus Carlito won his first Intercontinental title back during the summer of last year from Benjamin when he came to Raw

Jonathan Coachman: And Raw certainly has a great chance to win the Money in the Bank with these three young talented athletes

Jerry Lawler: No matter who Smackdown puts in this match, there is no way they will beat anybody that Raw offers in the match

We then cut backstage to see Rob Van Dam standing by with Todd Grisham

Todd Grisham: Rob, in a few moments you will be facing off with the WWE Champion Kurt Angle’s manager Daivari, how are you feeling heading into this match?

Rob Van Dam: Todd I’m feeling very well and I’m ready because this is a new RVD that the fans haven’t been able to see because I’ve been held back to the Intercontinental title and tag titles in the past but now, I’m coming for the WWE Championship!

Todd Grisham: Rob it was about a month that you made your return and then came back and won the Royal Rumble which many people have considered a fluke, what do you think about this?

Rob Van Dam: Anybody can say that I’m a fluke, that I’m a spotty wrestler and that I’m out there just to wrestle. That used to be the old me but Kurt Angle has brought out something inside of me that won’t be hidden and it all starts tonight when I defeat Daivari

Todd Grisham: Rob one more thing before you leave and that is what is your view on being in the main event at WrestleMania for the first time ever

Rob Van Dam: I’ve wrestled at WrestleMania before and it’s never even been a high profile match and with me missing last year’s WrestleMania, that’s even more of a reason for me to come out and win the WWE Championship at this year’s WrestleMania in Phoenix!

Todd Grisham: Thanks RVD and good luck!


Match #6
Rob Van Dam vs Daivari w/ Kurt Angle

Match finish: Decent match but RVD carries Daivari throughout the match most of the time and Angle tries to get involved by distracting the referee. At the end of the match, Angle tries to get into the ring but the referee stops him and then this gives Daivari time to nail a low blow before he climbs up onto the top turnbuckle. Daivari then gains his balance and then comes off the ropes going for a Leg Drop but RVD rolls away and Daivari hits the mat hard. RVD then dropkicks Daivari in the face before running off the ropes and doing the Rolling Thunder and then climbing to the top turnbuckle. RVD then sees Angle coming and punches at him before he jumps off the turnbuckle and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash! One…Two…Three

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Official Card for WWE WrestleMania 22
Live Sunday April 2, 2006
US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle © vs Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge © vs Christian

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

Batista vs The Undertaker

Inter-Promotional Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Masters vs Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006
Bret “The Hitman” Hart inducted by Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
Eddie Guerrero inducted by Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Chavo Guerrero
Owen Hart inducted by Martha Hart
“Macho Man” Randy Savage inducted by “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
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