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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Sorry about the delay but I simply didn’t realise that you had a new show posted

Good battle royal to start the show, and a nice surprise with Kash not winning the match, although I am sure he will face Noble for the belt at Mania. UKliq come out and they screw over the Mexicools, leading to one more match between them, and Shannon is the number 1 contender

Kash/Noble surely has been confirmed with that promo, it is just how you get there which is up in the open

Nice JBL promo, but could have been a little bit better. Good to see JBL in the MITB match (I presume he will get in), as he could be an asset in the match, and gets him back near the title

Batista calls out Taker, and we have ourselves a match for Wrestlemania. I guess someone will be turning heel, as I don’t see the match working well as a one on one match, but will be a high profile match anyway on the s/down side

Orton gets a simple win over Holly, and then announces what he is going to do at mania, only it comes next week. Good to see it delayed a week, and I guess a challenge to some legend like Hogan or the Rock could be on the cards

Benoit/Rey promo was a bit weird, but I guess it is building a bit of tension between them before mania, when I am sure they will be in the triple threat for the US title

Good win for Kendrick over Mercury, and does this mean that London/Kendrick get another shot at the belts at mania, as otherwise I doubt this match would have happened

I guess that Christian is going to turn face, but at the moment I don’t see any evidence as to why he would be cheered, as he is still the heel from his feud from Taker. Solid Edge promo, but nothing too special

Interesting to see what the idea for the US title was, and then Henry comes in and says he will make an impact. Don’t know what he will do, but I don’t want him on the mania card

Kennedy gets another win over Hardy, and I guess this feud is over now. Kennedy for the MITB match perhaps, as i don’t know where else he is going

Simon Dean debuts the Gymini, who I am sure will have some kind of impact soon. Not by Mania, but in the weeks afterwards

Booker steals the win over Benoit, and is now the number 1 contender. I would have thought Benoit would get into the match at Mania as well, but there is still a bit of time to build that up

Orton/Batista meet up, hinting at a future feud. This would have been a good mania match, but it will work just as well afterwards, feuding for a couple of months at least

Handicap match didn’t do a lot for me, as it didn’t really do that much to build up the feud. Still no real tension between Edge and Christian, although this will have to change next week, with some long and heated promos and brawls between them
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