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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOPV1 Smackdown; 2/24/06

All right, build up for Wrestlemania!

Spelling and Grammar:
I really do not scrutinize grammar on shows. Spelling was almost flawless, I saw an inadvertent mistake and a few minor ones. 9/10

Fourteen pages are great and your match summaries have become a lot larger since I last read your shows. 10/10

#1 Contender’s Cruiserweight Battle Royal
Juventud vs Psicosis vs Super Crazy vs Kid Kash
Vs Shannon Moore vs Funaki vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Great way to start the show. Eliminations are sort of weird to me; you made it seem like Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty are a team. Who is in the UK Kilq? Is Shannon Moore English with Regal and Burchill? I see Noble keeping the title next week though.

Kash and Noble will be soon I think from this promo. Noble beats Moore, but not Kash.

Always great to hear JBL. I like this MITB II idea, announced in the same way. JBL in it would not help the ladder match though.

WOW! Batista calling out Undertaker! I thought this would happen in reality, but this is just as nice. I see Batista turning heel. Friendly match? I think not. I was hoping Undertaker would tombstone Batista, but that will come soon enough.

Match #2
Randy Orton vs Hardcore Holly

Yay! Easy win for Orton over the wrestler who he got his first win over. RKO does it. I liked the cradle from Alabama Slam.

Very smart move here, very smart! Instead of having two Wrestlemania call outs in a row, you postpone the announcement for next week. Orton and ? I wish it was Benoit again, but you never know.

This promo was a bit inscrutable. Is Rey facing Benoit and Booker T or Benoit or Booker T? Benoit and Rey at Wrestlemania seems eminent at this moment, but you had that match at Great American Bash.

Owen Hart in the HoF! Great stuff! He deserves to be commemorated. Who will induct him?

Match #3
Brian Kendrick vs Joey Mercury

I really like the team of Kendrick and London. They had a fantastic quick – paced match with MNM last night. I hope to see the same from you, this time, London and Kendrick winning the titles.

Edge as champion works well, even though I am not his biggest fan. What is better is that Captain Charisma is a face. Surely Christian will win, but the build up for this should be awesome. I want to see these two in an one on one match because mine were both TLCs and the only WWE ones I have seen were TLC or ladder.

Interesting stuff from Mark Henry. I think he will avenge himself with Long, but how is my question.

Match #4
Ken Kennedy vs Matt Hardy

No Way Out rematch works for me. The better thing is that the right guy wins, Mr ….. Kennedy ……. Kennedy! I hope he has a Wrestlemania match.

I have read that promo before, the best part is that they are mainly jobbers, with the exception of Shelton Benjamin.

I like Dean’s promo, until the Gymni show up. It is great to have a tag team as that division always needs fortifying, but I would prefer Dean wrestling and promoting because he is hilarious.

Match #5
#1 Contender’s Match
Chris Benoit vs Booker T

Okay I understand it now! Either Benoit or Booker T for Rey’s title. Shucks, Booker T wins. It is okay, at least that ugly bum, Sharmell is not here. Rey, Benoit, and Booker are three interesting guys for Wrestlemania. I am sure two will face each other while the other is in MITBII.

Legend killing! Who can it be? Both former Evolutionaries will go for a Wrestlemania legend win. I see Orton winning, Batista losing, and then a feud.

Match #6
Handicap Match
Christian vs Edge and JBL

It would have been nice to hear from Christian because we heard from Edge and JBL. Bland ending to the match, but I know they will get better as you approach Wrestlemania.

You really do well with your promos. They are not spectacular, but they are frequent and they do the job. Match ups are great too. 8.5/10

Good stuff as you work your way to Wrestlemania. Two Smackdown matches look strong already, and this is without the legend Orton will face. I really look forward to the complete card.
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