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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday February 24, 2006
Sacramento, California

*Rise Up hits and we then head to the arena with the pyro going off and the crowd going wild for the fall out from the latest pay per view, No Way Out!*

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Friday Night Smackdown and such an exciting show we are having tonight

Tazz: Well we were told that we’re having an Cruiserweight Battle Royal tonight and that is definently going to be exciting to say the least

Michael Cole: Plus Chris Benoit meets Booker T in one on one action as they have been at each other’s throats for months!

Tazz: But Edge has told us he picked somebody to face Christian tonight as Edge wants to wear down his brother before WrestleMania!

Match #1
#1 Contender’s Cruiserweight Battle Royal
Juventud vs Psicosis vs Super Crazy vs Kid Kash
Vs Shannon Moore vs Funaki vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Match Finish: Very action filled matchup with all of the eight men giving it their all trying to earn an shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. Early on, everybody teams together and they throw Kid Kash out of the ring eliminating him! Kash gets pissed and stomps on the mat and continues his way to the back. Scotty 2 Hotty is then eliminated shortly after by a kick to the face from Smackdown’s #1 Announcer, Funaki! Funaki tells Scotty he’s sorry but Shannon Moore runs from behind and dumps Funaki out bringing it down to Moore and the Mexicools! However the Ukliq run down the ramp and they jump into the ring and start to beat down onto all three of the Mexicools and Finlay tosses Juventud over, Regal tosses Psicosis over, and Burchill tosses Super Crazy over and Moore is left in the ring the victor

Winner and #1 Contender: Shannon Moore


*We then cut backstage and see Kid Kash storming around the back knocking over chairs and then he bumps into the Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble!*

Jamie Noble: Well Kash, looks like you didn’t win the Battle Royal tonight so there simply is no Cruiserweight title shot for you

Kid Kash: Ok Jamie I see how it is then! I might not have won the Battle Royal but I can guarantee one thing, I will win the title

Jamie Noble: Oh is that so?

Kid Kash: Oh yeah!

Kid Kash: If I can guarantee one thing to you, it’s that you better be prepared because I will get my title shot whatever it takes. Whether I earn it or I take it! Either way the outcome of the match will be Kid Kash, taking the gold!

Jamie Noble: You talk smack but you can’t back it up. What have you done since coming to the WWE other than screw me out of teaming with you?

Kid Kash: That doesn’t matter Noble because what matter is what I already said and that is I’m taking what’s rightfully mine, the Cruiserweight Championship!

Kid Kash: See ya champ!

*Kid Kash walks off laughing and we see Jamie Noble with his Cruiserweight Championship around his arms and Noble looks down at it, knowing he defends it next week against Shannon Moore as we then cut back to the arena to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Huge match next week as Jamie Noble defends his Cruiserweight Championship against the returning Shannon Moore!

Tazz: The Prince of Punk is back in the WWE and he had some help tonight to earn this shot but he certainly does deserve it

Michael Cole: And as you saw in the Battle Royal, Ukliq interfered and cost all three of the Mexicools the shots for the title

Tazz: And our GM Theodore Long has told us that next week here on Smackdown, there is going to be an No Way Out rematch, Mexicools vs Ukliq!

*We then cut backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with JBL*

Josh Matthews: JBL five nights ago at No Way Out, you defeated Bobby Lashley and then you made the promi….

JBL: Hold it there bucko! Yeah my promise was that I was going to become the next World-Heavyweight Champion and you know what I don’t even have an shot at becoming the Number One Contender right now but then I heard what Carlito said on Raw

Josh Matthews: Are you talking about Carlito having the idea of another Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania?

JBL: Of course I am Josh! You see that’s my chance right there to head to the top, to gain supremacy and to become the World-Heavyweight Champion and all I’ve got to do is beat five other men and grab the briefcase suspended above the ring

Josh Matthews: But JBL the match isn’t even official yet and you’r….

JBL: That’s where your wrong because I talked to Theodore Long and he asked Mr. McMahon and it was agreed upon that this year the Money in the Bank Ladder Match will be an Inter-Promotional match and that next week here on Smackdown! all three of the men for the match will earn their spots as they compete in qualifying matches

JBL: And when I win my match next week and then move onto WrestleMania 22 to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, I will climb the ladder, grab the briefcase and have the contract in my hand with an guaranteed World-Heavyweight Championship shot and the whole world will indeed know that I am an Wrestling God!!!


*Unleashed Animal hits and Batista makes his way down to the ring to loud pops from the crowd and he continues on doing poses and then gets down to the bottom and then slides into the ring before getting a mic handed to him*

Batista: Five nights ago at No Way Out I had the fight of my life whenever I was trying to regain my World-Heavyweight Championship that was stolen from me back at the Royal Rumble by the now current champion, Edge.

*Crowd Boos*

Batista: I had the match, the World-Heavyweight Championship should have been mine but in the end, Edge found a way and now he’s going onto WrestleMania 22 and I won’t be able to be in the main event once again this year!

*Crowd Boos*

Batista: And you see last year at WrestleMania I won the World-Heavyweight Championship and that was an defying moment in my career but I want to have another defying moment at WrestleMania and I want it to be this year!

*Crowd Pops*

Batista: And at WrestleMania 22, my defining moment will indeed happen because I want to face an certain superstar, an superstar that I fought at the Royal Rumble earlier this year and I pinned him to retain my title before Edge attacked me so I’m calling out….

*Crowd Waits in Anticipation*

Batista: The Undertaker!

*Crowd Pops*

Batista: So Deadman if you’re listening backstage I want it to be Batista vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania, a dream match for many of us and I want it to be a match to remember, just call it an friendly matchup, so what is it Deadman?

*Gong hits and the crowd lets out huge pops waiting for the Deadman but he doesn’t show! Batista stands in the ring as the lights dim and he starts to worry now. Smoke then comes up and Batista looks around the arena looking for Undertaker but he still doesn’t see him. Finally Undertaker comes out from the crowd and he gets into the ring. Batista turns around and literally jumps whenever he sees Undertaker!

Batista: So what do you say Deadman? One on One at WrestleMania!

*Undertaker just stands there and Batista doesn’t know what to do. Undertaker then locks eyes with the Animal. Batista then offers an handshake to the Deadman but the Deadman doesn’t accept and he then says something to Batista*

Undertaker: You…Me…WrestleMania 22!

*Gong hits again and then lights dim before the Undertaker gets out of the ring and disappears and the lights come back on. Batista is in the ring by himself and then he leaves to loud pops from the crowd before we head over to Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Batista vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania 22! Whoa that is going to be one hell of an blockbuster match!

Tazz: Batista said he wants to take on the Undertaker one on one and he wants to try to end the winning streak of the Deadman

Michael Cole: If anybody can end the winning streak of the Undertaker at WrestleMania, this Batista could certainly do it

Tazz: Well anything is possible and I’m sure Undertaker is going to put up the fight of his life to keep his streak alive


Match #2
Randy Orton vs Hardcore Holly

Match Finish: More of a filler match just to get Randy Orton onto the card and the show and he dominates the whole match. Towards the end, Holly fights back and goes for the Alabama Slam but Orton rolls through with an cradle but only a two count. Orton then gets back to his feet and then dropkicks Holly onto the mat and is ready for the ending. Orton is taunting Holly and he is telling Holly to get up. Orton then sees Holly slowly getting back to his feet and then he grabs Holly and jumps into the air nailing the RKO! One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Randy Orton

*Randy Orton then slides to the outside and grabs a mic*

Randy Orton: After I beat Chris Benoit this past Sunday at No Way Out, I kept on wondering who did I want to face at WrestleMania. Who did I want to beat and get the win at WrestleMania and well this whole time it was evident. This whole time I knew who I wanted to face and who I wanted to beat in an match.

Randy Orton: You see there’s one legend in this business that I’ve never faced one on one, whom I’ve never had the chance to beat and especially at WrestleMania. And well I’m going to be facing him because I’m an Legend Killer and he won’t back down from the Legend Killer Randy Orton

Randy Orton: But everybody’s wondering who this legend is right? Well do you really want to know who I want to face? Ok well let me tell you this, you’ll just have to wait until next week to find out because next week I’m calling my WrestleMania opponent out!

*Burn in the Light hits and Randy Orton walks up the ramp cocky and the fans are wondering who Orton is challenging at WrestleMania 22. Orton then does his “Destiny Pose” and then continues up the ramp before we cut backstage*

Rey Mysterio: Hey Chris I want to tell you something

Chris Benoit: What’s up Rey?

Rey Mysterio: Listen I was talking to Theodore Long backstage and he told me that I will be defending my title next week on Smackdown!

Chris Benoit: And?

Rey Mysterio: Well I’m going to have to defend against either my opponent from No Way Out, Booker T and you Chris! We’ve both had trouble with Booker T in the past couple of months especially you and well I wanted to know if you wouldn’t mind teaming together to work together to take down Booker

Chris Benoit: Sure but when it comes down to us two, it’s going to be one on one because that belt you have right there (he taps Rey’s US title) that title is going to be mine come next week whenever I beat you Rey

Rey Mysterio: We’ll see about that Chris

Chris Benoit: We sure will but one thing is for sure, somebody is going to be tapping out!

Rey Mysterio: Hey you better go get ready, you’ve got to go face Booker T tonight and well I’ll be out there to help you and make sure he doesn’t try to cheat or anything so remember that I’ve got your back Chris and you should have mine too!

Chris Benoit: See ya Rey!

*We then cut back to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: WrestleMania is shaping up to be one hell of a show so far and we’ve got fivehuge matches already announced!

Tazz: On the Raw side, Kurt Angle defends his WWE Championship against the 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, Rob Van Dam

Michael Cole: Plus Shawn Michaels meets Triple H but on Smackdown, we’ve got Batista taking on the Undertaker and the Inter-Promotional Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

Tazz: And the main event, two brothers will do battle with the World-Heavyweight Championship on the line, Edge vs Christian!


*We then cut out and see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen again before the next time the Hall of Fame logo comes across. Then we hear the narrator starting to speak*

Narrator: This year the WWE pays tribute to an true wrestler that did all he could in his lifetime for this company

*We see flashing images of Owen Hart facing off against his brother Bret Hart at WrestleMania X*

Narrator: A man that did everything he was asked to do, and succeeded in every which way

*Flashing images of Owen Hart winning the 1994 King of the Ring are shown*

Narrator: He was an two time Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, and 3 Time World Tag Team Champion

*Flashing images of the five matches in which Owen Hart won the titles in are shown*

Narrator: And at WrestleMania XXII, we remember the legacy that he paved for all of the wrestlers that followed him

*Images of Owen Hart smiling, joking around, and lots of other stuff are shown*

Narrator: We proudly announce the next inductee into the 2006 Hall of Fame....

Narrator: Owen Hart!!!

*We then fade out as the WrestleMania 22 logo comes across the screen, then the Hall of Fame logo followed by a picture of Owen Hart *

Match #3
Brian Kendrick vs Joey Mercury

Match Finish: Very fast paced match between these two men and it’s evident this feud is not going to end just yet! Towards the end, Nitro tries to get involved but the referee then kicks Nitro and Melina out from ringside! Mercury gets distracted by this and he is telling the referee that they didn’t do anything. London and Kendrick then dropkick Mercury whom bounces off the ropes and Kendrick catches Mercury nailing a Schoolboy and then London heads to the outside and the count, One….Two…Three

Winner: Brian Kendrick

Michael Cole: A huge win for Kendrick tonight and that should give Kendrick and London another shot at the titles

Tazz: This has been an amazing feud the whole time and I can’t wait to see where we go from here now

Michael Cole: Mercury and Nitro are going to want to get some revenge and I’m sure they’ll be looking for it soon!

Tazz: Anyways a huge show set for next week as we have Noble vs Moore for the Cruiserweight title and Mexicools/Ukliq


Josh Matthews: Right now I’m standing by with the current World-Heavyweight Champion Edge, do you have anything to say about your match at WrestleMania 22?

Edge: Christian my brother, for the past years when we were tag champions who carried the team the whole time through? Who was the one pulling out all the stops necessary to win the titles in matches? And who’s the World-Heavyweight Champion now?

Josh Matthews: In six weeks time you face perhaps the toughest challenge in your career as you are going to defend the title against your brother Christian, are you feeling confident?

Edge: Me? Confident? I’m the Rated R Superstar, I’m undefeated at WrestleMania! And it is going to continue on this year when I beat down Christian and retain my World-Heavyweight Championship

Josh Matthews: One more thing Edge, do you have anything to say to Christian about whom his opponent is going to be tonight?

Edge: Sure why not! Listen up Captain Charisma, tonight you see I’ve decided that we’re going to be having an Handicap Match and that’s because you will be taking on the team of myself and JBL! So go get ready and we’ll see you out in the ring later tonight and it will be a little bit of an preview for you come WrestleMania 22

Josh Matthews: Any thi…


*Edge walks off tapping his World-Heavyweight Championship and then continues on down the hallway before we head backstage to see Theodore Long in his office*

Theodore Long: WrestleMania 22’s shaping up to be an great show playas!

*We then hear an knock at the door*

Theodore Long: Come In!

*We then head over and see it’s Palmer Cannon and then he shuts the door and walks over to Theodore Long*

Palmer Cannon: Hey Teddy just wanted to come talk to you about what the network thinks about the upcoming shows. By the way next week is going to be an hot show with Moore vs Noble and Mexicools vs Ukliq

Theodore Long: Thank ya playa but go ahead and tell me your plan

Palmer Cannon: Anyways you see the network has many more ideas that could help us in the ratings and bringing back people such as Shannon Moore is one but also I’ve got an good idea for an match next week!

Theodore Long: Shoot playa!

Palmer Cannon: Ok you were talking about also having an United States Championship match next week on Smackdown. Well here’s an idea to add an little incentive to that match to spice up the feud should I say. You see an….

*Mark Henry then bulges in through the door not even worrying about knocking and pushes by Palmer Cannon and straight to Teddy Long*

Theodore Long: Mr. Henry, do you have a problem?

Mark Henry: Yeah I got a problem Teddy. What ever happened to when you were my manager, to when you wanted me to have matches on the show? Whatever happened to those days because now I’m never even booked to be on the show. I’m never even wrestled on the show except for a few time since I came back so explain to me why Teddy

Theodore Long: You want to know, you’ve got to earn the spot to wrestle here, you’ve got to earn pay per view spots and you don’t do it playa by harassing and threatening the general manager every day and each time

Mark Henry: So te….

Theodore Long: Get to steppin’

Mark Henry: I see how it is then, you’ll remember that one day Long, you’ll remember


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown and three huge matches are set for us next week here and two of them are titles!

Tazz: Jamie Noble will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against the returning Shannon Moore and Kid Kash was screwed out of that spot tonight

Michael Cole: Kash certainly will have something to say about it but in a No Way Out rematch, The Mexicools team to take on Ukliq

Tazz: And the United States title on the line too as Rey Mysterio will defend against the winner of Chris Benoit and Booker T!

Match #4
Ken Kennedy vs Matt Hardy

Match Finish: In an No Way Out rematch, Kennedy and Hardy put on a good fight and make it a decent match for both men. Towards the end, the speed of the match starts to pick up and the fans get into it more. As Kennedy has Hardy in the spot for the Green Bay Plunge, Hardy grabs Kennedy off the ropes and then nails the Side Effect! Hardy then starts taunting and is getting ready for the Twist of Fate and Kennedy is crawling towards Hardy and Hardy goes for it but Kennedy catches Kennedy and then rolls him up, One…Two…Three

Winner: Ken Kennedy

*Kennedy then looks up in the air and grabs his mic as it ascends down*

Ken Kennedy: The winner of this match Mr. Kennnnneddddyyyyy!!!!

*Kennedy then climbs the turnbuckle and in the process steps on Hardy*

Ken Kennedy: Kennnneddddyyyyyyy!!!!!


*We see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen and then we hear a voice speak*

Voice: The following paid advertisement is to promote the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view, WrestleMania 22. It will be live from Phoenix, Arizona in the American West Arena on Sunday April 2, 2006

*We then cut out to a theater to see many people sitting down watching a movie. It has yet to start and we hear people talking but don't see anybody yet. All of a sudden, the previews start up and then we cut out to the first preview to be....The Pink Panther. It plays for a little while and then we hear somebody start to speak and the camera cuts over to reveal....Rene Dupree*

Rene Dupree: Pink Panther eh? Where did they get this guy from? They should have picked Rene Dupree for the job

*Dupree does the French Tickler and then people start to throw popcorn and other food at Dupree making him sit down so they can watch the previews. The next preview turns out to be...Curious George and people start to boo this but then we hear another voice*

Eugene: YAAAAAHHH! It's Curious George! I wa...want to see Curious George because he is a hero for me and my friends

*We then see Eugene get nachos thrown at him and he runs off crying and everybody cheers as the next commercial starts up. The next commercial turns out to be Big Momma's House 2 and everybody starts to laugh until....*

Simon Dean: That woman looks just like Shelton Benjamin's momma. Maybe we can help both of them with my patented Simon System

*We then see Shelton Benjamin stand up looking pissed*

Shelton Benjamin: What'd you say about my momma?

*Benjamin then leaps over the seats and starts to beat down on Simon Dean screaming to him to never make fun of his momma again before he goes back down and sits down so the next commercial can start up and it turns out to be....Fun with Dick and Jane*

Antonio: Romeo, did you hear that Fun with Dick....

Romeo: And Jane? But who's Jane? Oh well at least it is called Fun With Dick, we need to go see that movie sometim....

*The Dicks then interrupts The Heart Throbs*

Chad Dick: James, they stole our name? I mean who thinks it could be fun with us? Other than those men we saw the other night?

James Dick: Chad, I don't even know why they stole our name? Maybe we need to go talk with them but first put some oil on!

*Both Dicks rub oil on each other and then we cut back to the screen to see the next and final preview before the movie starts....Brokeback Mountain and then two people interrupt once more*

Lance Cade: WHHHOOO! Ride 'em cowboy! Come on Murdoch, we're leaving, I'm getting tired of these dumb previews

Trevor Murdoch: Wait Cade, I'm kinda liking this preview. Let's just stay and watch it because I might want to see this movie

*We then see somebody throw candy at Murdoch and this ignites a war. Murdoch and Cade then start to brawl with Val Venis and Viscera, Viscera gets Murdoch on the ground and starts to do his hump. We see Hardcore Holly Alabama Slam Tyson Tomko and then Funaki throws some coke onto Snitsky and it looks like he pissed in his pants*

Gene Snitsky: That Wasn't My Fault

*We then cut back over to see Gregory Helms nailing the Shining Wizard onto Orlando Jordan while Kid Kash nails his backbreaker onto Steven Richards. Mark Henry then grabs Scotty 2 Hotty and nails him with a World's Strongest Slam and we see London on the top where the movie is being shown with Kendrick. They then look set to jump but then we see another commercial....and this time it is being shown for WrestleMania 22*

Voice: WrestleMania 22, it's where legends become icons and icons become sollidifed into the WWE Hall of Fame, don't miss WrestleMania this year*

*All of the superstars look on confused and then they all continue to brawl once more and then the screen starts to rip. We see red smoke coming from behind the screen and then out steps the Boogeyman!*

The Boogeyman: I'm the Boogeyman, and I'm coming to Getcha!!!

*We then fade out with all of the superstars still brawling across the theatre and then we head back to the backstage*

Simon Dean: Hello everybody and my name is Simon Dean!

*Crowd Boos*

Simon Dean: Tonight I’m here to not only promote my patented Simon System but I’ve got a special surprise for you!

*Crowd Boos*

Simon Dean: And first off we’re going to need a volunteer from the crowd if they wouldn’t mind coming in. Oh yeah you fat slob in the back, you’d be a nice pick to come so just jump over the barricade and make your way in!

*The man (indepedent wrestler) jumps into the ring and then looks at Simon Dean*

Simon Dean: Ok sir now would you like to try the patented Simon System for only a grand total of $199 dollars plus tax!

Man: Uh no thanks

Simon Dean: Are you sure about that?

Man: Yeah I’m positive

Simon Dean: Well I didn’t want to have to do this but I guess I’m going to have to do so boys go ahead and come on out. I think we’ve got something as a little problem that needs to be taken care of right now!

Suddenly two big men rush down to the ring and beat down the indy wrestler and continue beating down on him. Both men are bald and big and both men then pick the indy wrestler up and then toss him over the top rope with his legs and arms slingshoting him

Simon Dean: Everbody welcome….

*Crowd Boos*

Simon Dean: The Gymini!!!

*Simon System hits and Simon Dean and the Gymini (making their debuts tonight) head out and Dean lets out a big YEAH before they head to the back and then we take a commercial break before the next match*


Match #5
#1 Contender’s Match
Chris Benoit vs Booker T

Match Finish: A well contested match and each men give it their all just to become the number one contender to the United States title. It builds the feud along well and the fans love the match through out the whole time. Benoit catches Booker T and nails a German Suplex, follows up with the second German and finishes off with the third. Benoit feels the end is coming near and he climbs onto the top rope but Booker scurries up the ropes and catches Benoit and nails a Superplex and covers but only gets a two count! Booker then sees Benoit and he tries to trap Booker into the Crippler Crossface but Booker rolls through with a pin, One…Two…Three

Winner and #1 Contender: Booker T

*We then head over to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit put on the fight of his life tonight and it was to become the number one contender but it didn’t happen

Tazz: Booker pulled away with the win and now he will meet Rey Mysterio in another No Way Out rematch next week

Michael Cole: Last time Mysterio was successful in winning but will Booker be able to pull out with the win and title

Tazz: Either way we’re in for one hell of an show next week with two title matches and a huge six man tag rematch

*We then cut backstage to see Randy Orton on the phone in his lockerroom*

Randy Orton: Yeah let me tell you dad, I can guarantee it’s a huge name and I will beat him at WrestleMania. Oh yeah of course I’m going to win and you need to tune in next week because it’s going to be a huge night

Randy Orton: Yeah and next week I’m going to be making sure he is going to accept the match because he isn’t going to chicken out. I’m the Legend Killer damnit and it’s only fitting if I beat a legend at WrestleMania!

Randy Orton: Yeah o…

Randy Orton: You there?

*Orton then leaves and he heads down the hallway and he continues on until he bumps into the man who faces Undertaker at WrestleMania, Batista!*

Randy Orton: Well, Well, Well if it isn’t Dave Batista!

Batista: Look Randy it’s not the place and not the time so don’t even think about trying to get started with me

Randy Orton: You think you’re a bigshot because you get to face Undertaker at WrestleMania don’t you Batista? A friendly matchup? What the hell is this crap?

Batista: Look Randy just because you couldn’t beat Undertaker last year doesn’t mean I won’t beat him this year. Yeah he might be 13-0 but there can always be change and change could be good for this company

Randy Orton: And who the hell are you, Dr. Phil? Look I don’t need to be reminded of my wins and losses but you remember this Dave at WrestleMania I will steal the show, I will make headlines because I will be the one beating a legend…NOT YOU!

Batista: We’ll see about that

Randy Orton: Oh yes we will because my win is going to be definite, Undertaker has never lost at WrestleMania so your odds are slim bud
Batista: Yeah bu….

Randy Orton: I’ll see ya later, chump!

*O rton walks off cockily after pushing Batista off and then continues on down the hallway before we head to commercial*


Michael Cole: Well coming up next we have our main event as Christian will take on the team of Edge and JBL

Tazz: Christian is going to have to beat two men to win and I have a feeling it isn’t going to be an easy match for him

Michael Cole: He’s got a 50/50 chance of winning and if he beats Edge, he might get inside of his head for sure

Tazz: Either way those two men meet at WrestleMania in six weeks and I guarantee one thing, that will be a great match

Match #6
Handicap Match
Christian vs Edge and JBL

Match Finish: Basically between JBL and Christian the whole time through as Edge doesn’t want to get involved with Christian at all. Towards the end, JBL knocks Christian down with a bodyslam and then comes off the ropes for the Clothesline from Hell. However Edge has the title belt and he goes to hit Christian with it but he ducks and Edge connects with the belt onto JBL. Christian then sends Edge to the outside and then covers JBL quickly and the referee then drops down onto the mat, One….Two….Thre….Edge pulls Christian’s foot out and then tosses Christian into the ringpost giving the DQ to Christian

Winner via DQ: Christian

Official Card for WWE WrestleMania 22
Live Sunday April 2, 2006
American West Arena
Phoenix, Arizona

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle © vs Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge © vs Christian

Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

Batista vs The Undertaker

Inter- Promotional Money in the Bank Ladder Match
??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???
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