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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Here is my unpromised review for you homes

Raw, February 20, 2006

In Ring-Chris Jericho
Jericho comes out talks crap about how he got screwed three times in a row during the summer of 2005, you know same old Y2J! Then Cena comes along and talks to Jericho telling him he didn't get screwed he just sux. Well all true and good segment to kick off Raw!

Match 1-Big Show/Kane vs. 3MW
Good way to start the Action with the tag team champs defending their titles against worthy opponents and they prove to be worthy as they beat Kane after a moon sault and then they well are new champs, their title reign will end in a month or two, tops!

Another Money in the Bank match at Mania will be a match not to use the restroom during, I am tuning into that match and can't wait to see who the participants are!

Match 2-Ashley vs. Victoria
I don't like diva matches but if you don't have them then a show is not complete, I would rather see a bra & panties match but nice win for Victoria after, I guess, a good match and a devastating Widows Peak!

I dislike Eugene very much and favor Bishoff any day. I loved that 5 on 1 match last week and I only hope Eugene gets a fair match (Sarcasm)

Match 3-Eugene vs. Ken
Not that interesting of a match but I liked how Spirit Squad beat Eugene again! I love you!

Interview-Shelton Benjamin
Nice to see Shelton getting an Intercontinental championship match and even an interview before. Man Benjamin is getting some props for his athletic matches and gets a chance! Nice interview, stupid Maria!

Classroom-Matt Striker
Wow know I know half my friends are backstabbers, people who talk behind your back everyday of the week? Man I am going to start cutting my wrist! J/k

Match 4-Masters vs. Benjamin
Probably one of the most hyped matches and if it were finished via submission or pin fall I would have been happy, maybe they will finish the rivalry at Mania with the contract and the title on the hook? Also nice to see the King of Harts, Owen Hart being inducted!

Match 5-Austin/Michaels vs. Triple H/Kurt Angle
Huge match as it was the most hyped and people from, my school were even talking about it, and okay that was sarcasm. But there wasn't a dull moment as all the heel lumberjacks interfered all throughout and a very impressive ending with nobody winning, I like matches like that because it hypes it up even more!

Overall 8/10-nice Raw looking forward to all the MITB II participants and I cannot wait for SNME to see SCSA vs. HHH that will definitely be a good match and I like that stipulation!
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