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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

nice WM card and poster. Here's a review for NWO, I had no idea you had posted it yet.

Mexicools vs UKliq
Good opener, tag matches always break the ice on good PPV's, and the match flowed well. Good win for the Mexicools, who could be in line for a tag title shot soon. ***

Lashley vs JBL
Perfect length for a match of this type, which I knew wouldn't be pretty, but you made a good match from it. Just like in real WWE, JBL goes over Lashley, and maybe this fued goes over to Wrestlemania? ***

Kash vs Noble
Nice and short cruiser match, like both performers, and the match was done well, it felt like a real cruiser match was happening in my mind. Unfortunately, Noble won. Good match though. ***

London/Kendrick vs MNM
Terrific match, this was tops. Looked bleak for the good guys when Kendrick went, but it was soon rectified as Nitro went soon after. Surprised that MNM kept the belts, but this means they will lose it at WM, against London/Kendrick or the Mexicools. I see perhaps a 4 corners match, which I would love. Big match, exciting, the total tag match package. ***1/2

Hardy vs Kennedy
Far too late on the card for me, but atleast you gave Kennedy a good opponent. Obvious as to who would win, but you made Hardy look exceptional, I am seeing him in the MITB match. Great match however. ***1/4

Rey vs Booker T
Not a fan of Rey Rey, terribly repetitive in the ring, but this match, you made him look like Kurt Angle. It was big, a very good match, at the perfect time on the card. Maybe MOTN. ***1/4

Benoit vs Orton
Man, how many matches are on this PPV? Don't we still have the title match and Taker/Christian? Anyways, talk about good matches, this one slapped the socks off the US title match. Terrific singles match, both men stuck to their move sets. Well done. ****

Undertaker vs Christian
Great match, but in every thread, people are having this fued and Christian is ALWAYS beating Taker, it's getting a headache. As I said, a great match, and we will see Christian in the SD! main event at WM, against either Batista or Edge. E vs C would be good. ****

Batista vs Edge
Very solid match, it wasn't gonna be as good as the past few matches, but for a title match main event involving these two, it's the best possible result. Edge wins, and we get E vs C at WM. Big match there, big match here. ***3/4

Overall KOP, this has gotta be PPV of the month. Some top matches, one of your best PPV's to date, prolly your best singles affair yet. 92/100


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