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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

NWO Review

Match #1
The Mexicools vs UKliq

This match was ok for an opener. Actually for the match being an opener, it was a good choice. The match in general was ok, but not really to my liking. It was ok in length and was pretty entertaining. 6.5/10

Match #2
JBL vs Bobby Lashley

This match was good but kind of short. But honestly, I really enjoyed reading it. Compared to reading Bobby Lashley vs. JBL in real WWE and reading it in this BTB, I thought it was very entertaining. Great match. 8.5/10

Match #3
*Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble (c) vs Kid Kash

This match was good. I don't say too much about Cruiserweight Matches. 8/10

Match #4
*WWE Tag Team Championship
Tornado Tag Elimination Match
MNM (c's) vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London

I liked thius Tag Match and it as an elimination type. Great match. 8.5/10

Match #5
Ken Kennedy's Open Challenge
Ken Kennedy vs Matt Hardy

I liked this match. Good win for Kennedy and good length. Was kind of entertaining as well. 8.5/10

Match #6
*United States Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Booker T w/Sharmell

This match was great in general, great in length, great in entertainment, and well bhooked for the winner. MOTN so far. 9/10

Match #7
Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit

This match imo was a great match. Don't think it beat the US Title match as MOTN but certainly came close. 9/10

Match #8
#1 Contender's Match
The Undertaker vs Christian

I loved this match. MOTN thus far but I hate the fact Christian won even though I know if you are planning to have a title change or not to have a title change and someone other than Taker was the champion, Taker would have to win. But Tomko did really screw him and Christian didn't win this fair. But the problem I have with this is that now Taker might Feud with Tomko and no one wants to see that. 9.5/10

Match #9
*World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Batista

MOTN defidently. Great length, awsome booking, awsome result, and awsome everything! 10/10

Promo's: Promo's were awsome as well as matches. 9/10

Length: 58 pages is great for a singles brand PPV. 10/10

Spelling/Grammer: Saw a couple of small mistakes. 9.5/10

Entertainment: This show picked up going into the end. After that it was very entertaining. 9.5/10

Overall: 116/130= 89%. B+. Awsome show. Doesn't beat the Rumble but was your second best PPV ever. You cna return this review ehn I get the reccaped Backlash up.

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