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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice promo between Michaels & HHH, a big match is gonna go down between them soon, me thinks at WM

Shelton gets contendership against Masters, and you can just see Masters cheating his way out, and a rematch at WM on the card, which would be a solid match

I see you have the little Trish/Ashley/Mickie pact here too, here's to hoping it breaks, and Trish faces Mickie at Mania

Good Carlito promo, I think he could be involved in the MITB match of some sort this Mania

Bischoff cuts a nice promo, and next week we get a tag team lumberjack match, that'll be interesting to say the least. And here's Austin! Haha, funny and traditional WHAT Austin, and a humiliation for Bischoff, doused in beer and given a Stunner. Good part of the show here

How Striker gets a win over Viscera is beyond me, I hope you don't push him for the IC or MITB at Wrestlemania, he'd be a terrible addition to the card

The Spirit Squad are here? You'd think Eugene would get a win here, didn't see the point of the SS winning

Huge matches next week, Shelton/Masters, Austin/HBK vs HHH/??? in a lumberjack match and now what should be a brutal big man match between Big Show/Kane vs 3MW

HHH goes over Flair and is once again on the mic, running down Austin & HBK. I wonder who his partner will be?

Good tag match and Jericho already turns heel? A little too quickly in my mind, but now we are gonna get a Cena/Jericho fued which will be nice, perhaps both men to go into WM fueding?

Really good ending promo here between RVD & Angle, which will be a sweet WM main event, I see RVD finally on top of the title race, winning in a 5 star classic

Good show KOPV1, one of the best in a while from ya 8/10


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