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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday February 13, 2006
Wichita, Kansas

*Across the Nation hits to which the Raw video package plays and then we fade out to the announce team at ringside to start the night*

Joey Styles: An action packed night is set ahead for us as we welcome you live to Raw tonight from Wichita, Kansas

Jerry Lawler: A huge Contract Signing for WrestleMania XXII is in order for us as Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam will face off at WrestleMania

Jonathan Coachman: Angle vs Van Dam is going to be a blockbuster match for the WWE Championship come WrestleMania 22

Joey Styles: Plus a huge main event as John Cena and Chris Jericho both team up to take on Carlito and Chris Masters

Jerry Lawler: Carlito and Masters have had their differences lately and well, I don't know if they will be able to get along tonight

Jonathan Coachman: Well I'm ready for tonight as both of you are so let's go ahead and get this night started and see what's in store for us!

*Time to Play the Game hits to loud boos and Triple H comes out in his trademark suit before he continues down the ramp tonight before his match later on tonight, Triple H then slides into the ring and demands a mic is handed to him right then*

Triple H: Shawn Michaels!!!

*Crowd Pops at mention of HBK*

Triple H: He thinks that he is going to come up with a brilliant plan, a plan so smart that even the Game will be stopped in the process? Well him and his little buddy Stone Cold think that they can try to finish me off, well they better be thinking again

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: Because I am the Game! I've beaten everybody including Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin and if I have to, I'll proudly do it again. So whatever this little plan you two have for me, let me go ahead and tell you both in advance that this will not work

*Crowd Boos at Triple H as he smiles in return*

Triple H: It doesn't matter what the plan you two have is, it could be anything but it won't matter because I can guarantee one thing and one thing only, that is why I will beat down on both of your asses until neither one of you are even able to walk!

*Triple H Sucks Chants break out*

Triple H: So you and that little bald bastard you call a friend named Stone Cold Steve Austin keep on talking, keep on strategizing your plan but in the end it won't matter what in the hell it is because I'm going to make sure that not only is this plan ruined but this plan by both of you men never has a chance to even be used because I will beat both of your asses just like that!

*Crowd Boos Loudly as Triple H continues to smile*

Triple H: Call it selfishness, call it cockiness, hell call it whatever you want but in the end, it's confidence that I have in myself. Confidence that will help me in the end and it's confidence that will help me strive after I finish you two off to become the next WWE Champion!

*Crowd continues to boo Triple H and he sucks the heat up*

Triple H: So if you are both listening Sh.....

*Sexy Boy hits to humongous pops from the crowd and Shawn Michaels comes out dancing on the stage to the crowd's delight. He continues on down the stage before he grabs a mic and then slides into the ring standing by the ropes*

Shawn Michaels: Triple H!!!

*Crowd Pops seeing Michaels in the ring and he smiles and continues on talking*

Shawn Michaels: So I see you have already heard about this plan that Stone Cold and myself have set up, huh? I'm sure you did because I was sitting backstage listening to you talk and listening to you saying you will ruin the plan

*Triple H then holds his mic up and starts back talking*

Triple H: You know, it's people like you that hold me down from the WWE Championship. I should be main eventing at WrestleMania against Kurt Angle for the title, not sitting here listening to you ramble on about your little plan

*Crowd Boos for Triple H*

Triple H: I'm a ten time World-Heavyweight Champion, I'm the King of Kings and I should be sitting back on my throne as the WWE Champion but that was ruined and it was ruined by a certain person and that person happens to be....You!

*Crowd Boos at Triple H*

Shawn Michaels: Oh is that so Hunter? Well it seems as you were the one that had to get this whole thing started back up again. You had to interrupt my matches, you had to interrupt my interviews and you just had to cost me my shot at the WWE Championship too during the Royal Rumble so you can blame this all on yourself for not heading to the big show for the title

*Crowd Pops as HBK smiles and Triple H looks pissed*

Triple H: Regardless of what you say, you are the reason why I'm not main eventing at WrestleMania 22 and whether your plan works for me or against me, I still will rid Raw of you and afterwards I will make my way back to the top because I am that damn good!!!

*Time to Play the Game hits and Triple H tosses his mic at Michaels with a hard throw and Michaels catches it looking pissed off at Triple H. Triple H makes his way up the ramp with a cocky smile on his face and he backs up the ramp with Michaels telling him that he is coming for him and Triple H just laughs it off before we head to commercial*


Match #1
#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way Match
Shelton Benjamin vs Gregory Helms vs Rob Conway vs Chavo Guerrero

Match Finish: Very fast paced match with all four men giving it their all trying to earn a shot at the Intercontinental championship next week. The ending takes place in this match whenever Guerrero is on the apron and Helms tries to toss him out but Guerrero hits him and then leaps over the ropes with a Sunset Flip for a two count broken up by Conway. Conway then tosses Helms to the outside easily and then goes for the Ego Trip on Guerrero and he nails it and goes for the cover but Benjamin turns Conway around and then connects with the T-Bone Suplex before he calls the ref over and the count, One...Two...Three

Winner and #1 Contender: Shelton Benjamin

Joey Styles: Shelton Benjamin won a very fast paced match tonight and he has become the #1 contender for the Intercontinental title

Jerry Lawler: So next week, Chris Masters will defend his title against Shelton Benjamin in what should be a great match

Jonathan Coachman: No doubt is Shelton Benjamin a respected athlete but in the ring with the Masterpiece, he stands no chance!

Joey Styles: I don't know if you can back that up Coach but either way, it should be a very good match come next week

Jerry Lawler: But still to come tonight, Carlito and the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters take on Chris Jericho and John Cena

Jonathan Coachman: And what we've been waiting for all week, the Contract Signing between Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam!


*We cut backstage to see Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro, and Mickie James all making their way towards the arena for the next match*

Trish Stratus: Listen ladies tonight Mickie, you're going to be facing Victoria and well, I want to wish you luck in this match

Mickie James: Thanks Trish and hey, I'm sorry about last week, I mean I really didn't mean to interfere and almost cost you the title

Ashley Massaro: Oh is that so Mickie? Well you know it seems you've been doing that for the past three weeks when Trish told you to stop

Trish Stratus: Ashley, just get off of her back. She admitted all she was trying to do was try to help me win and I can understand that

Ashley Massaro: Well I still don't know Trish, I mean she has been doing this for a while now and well, I think she's doing this on purpose!

Mickie James: How could you say something like that to me? You know what, I'm going to go get ready for my match

*Mickie James storms off towards the arena and Trish looks worried as Ashley smiles with Mickie walking on off, Trish looks worried about how Mickie is feeling about Ashley accusing her of interferring in matches*

Match #2
Mickie James vs Victoria

Match Finish: Very competitive women's match with two of the best women wrestlers in the WWE hooking it up right now. Both women give it their all during this match and it shows. The ending takes place as Mickie just nailed her Headscissors from the corner. Mickie then goes for a spinning kick onto the former Women's Champion, Victoria and she nails it but Torrie grabs the leg of Mickie preventing her from covering. Trish then goes to the other side and pulls Torrie back while Ashley helps Mickie anyways pulling Candice back and then Mickie rolls up Victoria, One...Two...Three

Winner: Mickie James

Joey Styles: All three of the women were able to get along tonight, I am totally shocked as they all indeed got along during the match!

Jerry Lawler: Well what Ashley had to say about Mickie backstage certainly was interesting and well, it could be true!

Jonathan Coachman: She very well could be costing Trish matches on purpose and I don't know if we will ever find out or not

Joey Styles: Well I believe Mickie as why would she want to cost Trish matches? I mean, what would be the motive behind it?

Jerry Lawler: There's lots of things I don't understand and for instance, Coach is one of those things I don't understand!

Jonathan Coachman: You crack me up King but still to come, we've got a huge Contract Signing for WrestleMania XXII

*Interview w/ Carlito*

Todd Grisham: Carlito, for the past few weeks you and the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters have had your differences, is this true?

Carlito: Oh yes, it's true and what's making me mad is that the Masterpiece, he has my Intercontinental Championship and Dat, Dat's Not Cool!

Todd Grisham: But later tonight Carlito you are going to be teaming with the Masterpiece, can you two get along for the match?

Carlito: The Masterpiece and Carlito getting along? We can get along but I'm still coming after his Intercontinental title after the match

Todd Grisham: So Carlito I've got one more question. We've been told that next week it will be Carlito's Cabana with your guest....Rob Van Dam

Carlito: Rob Van Dam, he's not cool! He stole my shot at the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and for that he will pay


*I'm Back hits and Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring cockily being the GM as he owns a win over Stone Cold Steve Austin at the Royal Rumble thanks to Triple H. Bischoff then slides into the ring, then grabs a mic before cockily smiling and then starts to speak*

Eric Bischoff: Last week I was informed of that whenever Stone Cold Steve Austin signed on to face me that he had signed an exclusive Raw contract meaning that if he even lost, he would still be able to appear here on Raw

*Crowd Pops for Austin*

Eric Bischoff: But I came out here for a reason and that reason was to adress something very loudly and clear to all of the Raw superstars. And that is that I will not be taken around here for a joke and I will not be considered a step to walk on

*Asshole Chants Break Out*

Eric Bischoff: That's an example right there of stepping on me calling me an asshole. Well I'm not going to be taken as an joke anymore and that starts tonight because since Stone Cold Steve Austin wants to be here on Raw, he's going to have an challenge next week

*Crowd Pops for SCSA*

Eric Bischoff: And since Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold talk about having a plan well I am going to end up punishing both of them. Because next week here on Raw both Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin are going to be put to the limit

*Crowd Boos for Bischoff*

Eric Bischoff: See we're going to be having the return of a match, a match that I like to call the Lumberjack Match! The Lumberjack Match puts odds against a man, it puts the odds on the other men's side and well there definently will be better odds on one team

*Crowd Pop for Lumberjack Match*

Eric Bischoff: And next week it's going to be the team of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels taking on the team of Triple H and.... a Mystery Opponent! And Triple H has told me his Mystery Opponent will shock the world

*Crowd Boos at mention of Triple H*

Eric Bischoff: But as for right now, I.....

*Glass Shatters hits and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out riding his Four Wheeler down the ramp circling the ring and then tosses his ice chest into the ring before grabbing a couple of beers and starting to celebrate before he says he has something to say*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Lumberjack Match?


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Putting me to the limit?


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Eric Bischoff, if you think that you can put me to the limit in a Lumberjack Match, then you must be one dumb son of a bitch!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: So pick the lumberjacks.....


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Send them to the ring......


Stone Cold Steve Austin: And let them receive a ass whoopin' courtesy of Austin 3:16 and That's the bottom line....'Cause Stone Cold Said So!

*Glass Shatters hits and Stone Cold grabs some more beers and then does the beer bash before chugging them down and getting them everywhere. Austin then offers a beer to Bischoff and Bischoff accepts the beer before starting to open it carefully. Austin then shakes it up and it spews all over Bischoff! Bischoff looks pissed and Austin offers him another one but Bischoff declines this time. Austin then offers one more time and Bischoff says he is ok. Austin then gets a beer and demands Bischoff take it but Bischoff declines and then Austin pours it all over Bischoff. Bischoff then looks to attack Austin but before he can, Austin nails a Stone Cold Stunner! Austin then tells Bischoff that's a preview for the match next week here on Raw*

Joey Styles: Another huge match signed for next week in a Lumberjack Match making it's return here to Raw

Jerry Lawler: It's been awhile since we've seen one of these matches and let me tell you, this is a dangerous match!

Jonathan Coachman: Eric Bischoff said he wasn't going to be used as an example but Stone Cold stunned him anyways

Joey Styles: So much for Bischoff then? But Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels will face Triple H and a Partner of his choice next week

Jerry Lawler: Well Austin and Michaels seem on the right page but will Triple H and his partner be on the right page?

Jonathan Coachman: Well still to come, we've got Chris Jericho and John Cena teaming together to take on Carlito and Chris Masters


Match #3
Matt Striker vs Viscera

Match Finish: After beating Val Venis last week, Striker is taking on Venis's partner this week in Viscera. Decent match between these men with Viscera playing the power role and he slams down Striker with a body slam. Viscera then comes off the ropes and goes for a Big Splash onto Striker but he rolls away before it's too late. Striker then sees Viscera starting to get up and he distracts the ref by untying the turnbuckle giving him time to nail a lowblow and then Viscera falls down with Striker holding the ropes, One...Two...Three

Winner: Matt Striker

*We then cut backstage to see Eric Bischoff barely able to walk and then we hear a familiar voice*

Eugene: Uncle Eric!!!

*Crowd Pops for Eugene*

Eric Bischoff: Not now Eugene, I'm not feeling too well because Stone Cold attacked me and he will pay for that next week, guaranteed!

*Crowd Boos*

Eugene: U...Un...Uncle Eric. I wanted to know i...if you could give me a match, I would like to have a match tonight!

*Crowd Pops wanting Eugene in action*

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact Eugene, I do have a match for you! Go ahead and go to the ring and your opponents will be there

*Eugene is hugging Bischoff and Bischoff smiles*

Eugene: Bye Uncle Eric!!!

*Eugene wanders off with Bischoff still injured from the attack on Austin and he continues on walking while we head to a commercial*


Joey Styles: We're back from the commercial and coming up right now, Eugene will be in a match against an unknown opponent

Jerry Lawler: Well Mr. McMahon has made Eugene face 3 Minute Warning and Snitsky for the past few weeks but tonight, Bischoff made the match

Jonathan Coachman: With Bischoff in a bad mood, I'm sure that things are not going to be looking to bright for Eugene

Joey Styles: Nor Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin after what Austin did to Bischoff earlier in the show

Jerry Lawler: And Triple H has guaranteed to be taking out Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold too so things will be getting intresting

Jonathan Coachman: So many things in this such as Austin/Bischoff, Triple H/Michaels, and Michaels/HH but it will be cleared up soon

Match #4
Eugene vs ???

Match Finish: Eugene ends up having to take on another debuting team here on Raw in the Spirit Squad, a five man team of cheerleaders consisting of Johnny Jeter, Nick Nemeth, Nick Mitchell, Mike Mondo, and Ken Doan. Eugene gets put against Nemeth, the power of the team. Eugene stands no chance however with the interference from the outside and towards the end, Eugene gets distracted by Jeter and then Mondo, Mitchell, and Doan distract the ref for Jeter to hit Eugene with a megaphone. Eugene then wanders back into the arms of Nemeth whom comes down with a PumpHandle Slam, One...Two...Three

Winner: Nick Nemeth

*Nemeth celebrates and then the Spirit Squad jump into the ring doing flips and turns before Jeter hits his megaphone and starts up a cheer*

Johnny Jeter: Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar! All for the Spirit Squad, stand up and holler!!!

*Crowd Boos while the Spirit Squad ignores them and then continue to do flips and then head up the ramp leaving Eugene lying down in the ring knocked out before we then head backstage to see Kane and Big Show in Mr. McMahon's office*

Big Show: Vince, we demand that you give us 3 Minute Warning next week, we will absolutely destory them for what they did last week

Mr. McMahon: First off call me Mr. McMahon. I'm tired of being disrespected around here and secondly, you can get them on one condition

Big Show: And what would that be?

Mr. McMahon: Well Jamal and Rosey told me that they want the World Tag Team titles, so if you want them you must put the titles on the line

Kane: Titles on the line? That's what they want? Well, we're going to put them what I've went through my entire life, hellfire and brimstone!

Big Show: Tell them that we'll see them next week and if they want these titles, well they are going to have to put up a fight for them

Mr. McMahon: I'll be sure to tell them.

*Kane and Big Show walk out holding the titles and Mr. McMahon looks ready for later tonight in the Contract Signing*


Match #5
Triple H vs Ric Flair

Match Finish: Long match between both men and a fight till the end with Flair not giving up and showing a different side while Triple H being the Cerebral Assasin. The ending to the match takes place whenever Triple H goes for the Pedigree onto Flair but Flair is able to reverse out of it and then take down Triple H with a chopblock. After working on Triple H's leg the whole match, Flair then locks on the Figure Four Leg Lock and he has it locked on for good. Triple H twists and turns trying to get to the ropes and it looks like it's going to end soon but Triple H gets to the ropes and Flair is forced to break the hold. Flair then comes at Triple H but he moves and then Flair turns around into the Pedigree, One...Two....Three

Winner: Triple H

*Triple H goes to the outside and then grabs a microphone*

Triple H: Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin, you are going to be like Ric Flair right here next week in the Lumberjack match. Laying down on your back, knocked out, and not able to continue on during the match

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: And I've been able to pick the Lumberjacks so trust me, they are going to be special Lumberjacks hand picked by me. So in reality, neither one of you stand a chance next week during the Lumberjack Match!

*Asshole Chants Break Out*

Triple H: And as for my partner, let's just say that I have a special person in mind. And let me just say that he is pissed off two after the past few weeks and you aren't going to want to mess with him so go home, get ready for next week and come here for the biggest ass whipping you've ever gotten!

*Time to Play the Game hits and Triple H makes his way to the back smiling as he gets loud boos*

Joey Styles: Well Triple H has told us next week he is definently going to take out Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jerry Lawler: I'm starting to wonder where this is going? I mean there's so many possible matches out of this it's amazing!

Jonathan Coachman: Well I'm sure something will be cleared up at an later time but as for next, we've got the huge tag team match

Joey Styles: Chris Jericho and John Cena team together to take on Carlito and the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters!

Jerry Lawler: But the big question in the match is will Carlito and the Masterpiece be able to get along for the match?

Jonathan Coachman: Of course Carlito and Masters will get along, Carlito just wants to get his Intercontinental title back, that's all!


*We come back to see a black screen, we then see the WrestleMania 22 logo flash across the screen before we see the Hall of Fame logo! The camera then spans across a old WWF show and then we cut out to see...Hart Attack hit!!!*

Narrator: He was the first official King of the Ring

*Clips shown of Bret Hart winning the King of the Ring tournament by beating Razor Ramon, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, and Bam Bam Bigelow are shown*

Narrator: A true wrestling legend

*Numerous clips of Bret Hart's matches are shown with him holding the Sharpshooter on many people and making them give up*

Narrator: He's a five time WWF Champion

*Clips of each of Bret Hart's five title wins are shown*

Narrator: On April 1, we honor the legacy of this man for what not only he did for this company but for what he did for this buisness

*More clips of Bret Hart are shown and they start to speed up until...*

Narrator: The Best There Is....The Best There Was....The Best There Ever Will Be....

*We then see Bret Hart on his last night in the WWF in the ring after being screwed out of the WWF Championship at Survivor Series '97*

Narrator: Bret "The Hitman" Hart....2006 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee!!!

*We then head back to the arena where the fans are on their feet clapping for Bret Hart and then we head back to ringside for the next match*

Match #6
Carlito and Chris Masters vs Chris Jericho and John Cena

Match Finish: This was a great match with all four of these men giving it their all trying to win the match for their team tonight. The ending takes place whenever Carlito goes for a DDT onto Jericho but Jericho pushes Carlito into Masters making the official tag. Masters comes in and goes for a clothesline on Jericho but Jericho ducks and tags in Cena! Cena then comes in takes down Masters with a series of clotheslines while Jericho heads over to the ropes. Jericho then leaps over and nails a crossbody onto Carlito on the outside. Cena starts to pump up and the fans are feeling it coming. Cena runs off the ropes and then comes off nailing the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena then gets back up, gets Masters up and then puts him in for the F-U, but Masters reverses it! Masters rolls through and tries to put the Masterlock on and he gets it! Masters is swinging Cena around and Carlito and Jericho are still brawling on the outside until Jericho sees Cena in trouble. Masters sees this and Jericho comes at Masters to break it up but Masters lets go and Jericho hits Cena. Masters then tosses Jericho back to the outside and then goes for the Masterlock one more time but Cena schoolboys Masters, One...Two...Three

Winners: Chris Jericho and John Cena

*My Time is Now hits to which Cena climbs the turnbuckles and then starts to celebrate his hard fought win here tonight. Jericho comes into the ring to celebrate with Cena and the referee grabs their hands holding them in victory. Cena then gets ready to go back to the turnbuckle but Jericho drops down to his knees and lowblows Cena!!! Jericho has just turned heel after making his return back to Raw at the Royal Rumble and loud boos are coming from the crowd. Jericho then dropkicks Cena into the ropes and Cena bounces off the ropes into the middle of the ring. Jericho then runs off the ropes and comes off on Cena with a Lionsault and the boos are pouring in for Jericho! Jericho then turns Cena over and a bloody mess now is Cena and Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho. Cena's got a puddle of blood on the mat and his face is rubbing all over it. Jericho's screaming at Cena during this telling him he hasn't forgotten, he hasn't forgotten and Jericho slides to the outside of the ring making his way up the ramp to huge choruses of boos from the crowd*

Joey Styles: What the hell was that about? Chris Jericho has just turned on his partner tonight, John Cena after the match

Jerry Lawler: What is up with Jericho? I mean he had no reason to attack Cena and what was the motive behind attacking him?

Jonathan Coachman: Jericho is pissed off that he is not getting the attention he deserves and it's all because of John Cena

Joey Styles: Cena didn't do anything to Jericho. Cena had to fight the whole match for his team and he won the match too

Jerry Lawler: Hopefully we'll be getting some answers next week because their is tons of stuff that needs to be answered

Jonathan Coachman: Well coming up next, the long awaited Contract Signing for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania


*No Chance blares across the speakers and the CEO of the WWE makes his way down to the ring with his normal powerwalk and he has a clipboard in his hand. McMahon then climbs in between the ropes and then picks a mic off of the table*

Mr. McMahon: Alright, it's time for the Contract Signing for the WWE Championship come WrestleMania 22 which will be in Phoenix, Arizona in about six weeks but let's go ahead and talk about this signing

*Crowd Pops*

Mr. McMahon: Now this match will be between the current WWE Champion Kurt Angle and the 2006 Royal Rumble Winner and main eventing his first WrestleMania, he's Rob Van Dam so let's get the champion out here right now

*Crowd Boos as Medal hits and Kurt Angle makes his way down the ring with the WWE Championship and his pyro goes off before he receives tons of "You Suck"chants. Angle then takes the title off and slides it into the ring before taking it and putting it back on his shoulder. Angle then does his trademark hop across the ring and shakes hands with Mr. McMahon*

Mr. McMahon: And thank you Kurt. Now let's bring out the challenger for the WWE Championship come WrestleMania 22, "Mr. Monday Night" Rob...Van...Dam!!!

*One of a Kind hits and Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage in his wrestling gear before sliding into the ring quickly and spinning around with the thumb salute. Van Dam then eyes Angle before making his way over to his side of the table and letting this get underway*

Mr. McMahon: Gentlemen in my hand I hold the contract for the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania 22. All I need is a signature from both of you and the matche will be official for the pay per view and Kurt, wou....

*Angle interrupts Mr. McMahon which Mr. McMahon doesn't look to happy about but Angle takes the mic anyways and then starts to talk*

Kurt Angle: Sorry about that Mr. McMahon but I want to say something to Rob Van Dam here before he thinks about signing this contract. Yeah you won the Royal Rumble and yeah, you have a guaranteed shot at the WWE Championship for WrestleMania 22 but think about it, think about what you are getting yourself into before you sign that contract. You're going to sign a contract to face a Olympic Gold Medalist, a numerous time WWE Champion and a Wrestling Machine? So you really don't have to sign this contract, Rob!

*Crowd is Booing for Angle knowing that he is trying to get out of the match and weasel out of it so he could have a easier match come WrestleMania. Van Dam smiles at Angle and Angle then takes the pen and signs the contract*

Kurt Angle: So what's it gonna be Rob?

*You Suck Chants break out for Angle once more*

Rob Van Dam: Kurt, I've come too far to back down now. You might think I am going to back down and just not sign the contract ruining my dream but I'm not. I'm going to WrestleMania 22 and I'm going to be taken that WWE Championship home with me

*Crowd Pops for RVD and Angle looks pissed*

Kurt Angle: I guess you didn't understand the first time Rob. I'm a Olympic Gold Medalist, I can take you anyday on that mat and I can beat you any day too. Plus I'm a King of the Ring, WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion and the list goes on but you get what I'm saying, basically I've been a WWE Champion...and you haven't. Oh It's True....It's Damn True!!!

*Crowd Ooos as Angle smiles at Van Dam cockily before Van Dam grabs the pen, and looks to sign the contract but Angle breaks it up once more*

Kurt Angle: Rob think about this, you aren't going to know what hit you until you step into that ring April 2 and then you will regret you even signed this contract. So you've still got a chance, nobody is making you sign the contract. You can let any other person come in and sign the contract and then you will be free at last and won't be embarrased come WrestleMania

*Van Dam then yanks the pen out of the hands on Angle's hand. Van Dam signs the contract quickly and Mr. McMahon grabs the contract and holds it. Angle and Van Dam both rise to their feet and they have a brief staredown for a moment. Angle holds the WWE Championship up in the face of the challenger and then we hear Mr. McMahon*

Mr. McMahon: So it's set. April 2, 2006, Kurt Angle defends his WWE Championship against Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania 22

*The camera then fades off with Angle and Van Dam staring at each other to end the show*
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