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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice opening match, even though London/Kendrick were going to win. Tornado tag match at NWO would signal to me a title change is coming

Okay JBL interview, but could have been a tad longer really. His match with Lashley could do with some more build up to be honest

Good win for Finley on his debut, and the 6 man tag at the ppv surely will happen, and will be a good opener to the show if you use it that way

Orton/Benoit for the ppv is announced, and this will be a good match, but I cant see where Orton goes after this match. He was built up as a star, but doesn’t really have an opponent for mania. This promo wasn’t the strongest one ever, but it got the message across

Nice stuff from CC, trying to get out of his match, but I see him overcoming Taker and getting the win

Simple win for Kennedy, and I think now is the time to put him in a feud

Kash/Noble for the cruiserweight title at mania looks to be a lock now, and it will be a good match when it happens.

Booker interview did its job in announcing the US title match, but didn’t do a lot else

Rey gets the win over Henry, giving him some momentum

Christian gets the win over Hardy, and then the typical Taker stuff happens, only for CC to beat him at his own game. Great to see Christian take down Taker, and even better to see Tomko helping him. Even though he is just on loan, I would love to see Tomko permanently on s/down with Christian

Nice announcement from Long for the matches next week, which will be a loaded show

Good main event, with the Edge/Batista feud getting a bit more heat, even though it could do with a bit more, and maybe a long promo from the two of them to start the next show. Good to see JBL pick up a needed win as well, as it makes him like the main eventer he should be
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