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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday February 3, 2006
Little Rock, Arkansas

*Rise Up hits and a new video package featuring Edge winning the World-Heavyweight Championship and much more debuts tonight with the normal finishing it off before the pyro hits and we then head off to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome tonight to an action packed episode of Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: A new World-Heavyweight Champion was crowned this past Sunday in the form of Edge and tonight, he will be here on Smackdown

Michael Cole: Well he told everybody why he went after the World-Heavyweight title and he then had to defend it later that night against Triple H

Tazz: However, the former champion Batista came out after the match and then attacked Edge sending shockwaves to him

*Burn in the Light hits and a pissed off Randy Orton walks out to the stage, mic already in hand with no pyro going off, before sliding into the ring*

Randy Orton: This past Sunday, I was screwed!!!

*Crowd Pops*

Randy Orton: I was screwed out of a shot at the World-Heavyweight Championship come WrestleMania 21 and I will not let that lie down. I will not be afraid unlike every other Smackdown superstar that lost in the Royal Rumble to stand up and say that I was screwed out of the title shot

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: I am not going to stand back there and say, I didn't win the Royal Rumble, there is always next year I can win. I'm not like that because I was screwed out of that shot and that's why as I promised, I will take somebody out tonight

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: It doesn't matter who it shall be because either way, I am going to continue what I have been doing for the past month and that is making impacts. From the night I attacked Theodore Long to the Royal Rumble which I should have won, I have made impacts

*Orton Sucks chants start up*

Randy Orton: But all of you just wait because I can guarantee one thing and that is by the end of the night, I would have made an impact on somebody. It doesn't matter whom it shall be or where it happens but either way, something big will go down!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: But I guar......

*MacMillitant hits and Theodore Long comes out dancing to his music before the music cuts and he stands at the stage*

Theodore Long: Now I was listening backstage playa and I heard this about making another impact? Well the only impact you are going to be making tonight is when you head out of the arena because I have banned you from the arena tonight

*Crowd Pops*

Theodore Long: And if you by any chance enter back into the arena and make this "impact" you have been talking about, well you will pay a price. That price you will be paying will be that you will lose your job and never be back in the WWE!

*Crowd Pops and Orton looks pissed and kicks the ropes*

Theodore Long: So get to steppin' playa!

*MacMillitant hits and Theodore Long dances his way out of the arena while Orton looks totally pissed off about this and then makes his way out of the ring before he heads to the back and we then fade out to a commercial*


*We then cut backstage to see MNM standing by with Josh Matthews*

Josh Matthews: Mercury and Nitro, this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble, you two were succesful in retaining the WWE Tag Team titles, any comments?

Johnny Nitro: First off, we'd like to thank all of the fans who gave us their support the whole time through and without them, where would we be?

*Nitro laughs hard while Mercury then grabs the mic*

Joey Mercury: Paul London and Brian Kendrick stood no chance in that match this past Sunday, it was do or die for them and well, they died.

Josh Matthews: Tonight, both London and Kendrick are going to be teaming together as they take on Kid Kash and the Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble, will you two play any role in that match?

Johnny Nitro: Tonight, we are just going to take the night off, spend some time that champions deserve, well deserved time off!

Joey Mercury: Nitro said it clearly, we will be watching but we won't play any deciding role in the match because after tonight, we've got to get back to Hollywood!

*Crowd Boos before Matthews asks one more question*

Josh Matthews: Finally guys, are you two afraid that you could lose the tag titles one day to Brian Kendrick and Paul London?

*Melina then snatches the mic out of Matthews's hand standing patiently until now and then starts to speak into it*

Melina: You know Josh, you think that my boys could be afraid of London and Kendrick? Well Mercury and Nitro, they're not afraid of anybody and certainly not those two side shows in both London and Kendrick

*Crowd Boos*

Melina: Come on guys, let's go!

*MNM then walks off while Melina turns around and gives a wicked smile to Matthews before we head to ringside for the opening match*

Match #1
Kid Kash and Jamie Noble vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Match Finish: Very fast paced matchup with many tags made and an exciting match to get the night started off with. The ending comes whenever Noble goes for the Tiger Bomb but Kendrick counters out and gets a cradle for a two count. Nitro then grabs his tag title and looks ready to go into the ring but Mercury and Melina hold him back. They tell him to just watch the match and then both men tag in their fresh partners. Kash comes in but London backslides him and gets a cradle himself, One....Two....Three!

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Paul London

*Kendrick and London then climb the turnbuckles and start to celebrate and then do their trademark backflips before we head over to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: London and Kendrick have defeated many teams over the past month including The Dicks, Regal and Burchill, and now Kash and Noble

Tazz: But they weren't able to defeat MNM at the Royal Rumble and I'm sure they are going to be seeking revenge now

Michael Cole: I'm sure the time will come for London and Kendrick soon but surprisingly MNM didn't interfere tonight

Tazz: That's because they are heading back to Hollywood, they've got a big night ahead of them and they need to spend it well!


Match #2
Bobby Lashley vs Orlando Jordan

Match Finish: Just another squash match for Lashley basically. Just to put him over an little bit more for future matches. The ending takes place after Lashley has tossed Jordan into the ropes. Jordan bounces off the ropes and Lashley catches him connecting with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Lashley then taunts to the crowd and then picks up Jordan connecting with the Dominator and then tosses Jordan over and then covers him, One....Two....Three

Winner: Bobby Lashley

*We then cut backstage to see Edge walking into the Smackdown lockerroom and many people don't look too happy to see a former Raw superstar the World-Heavyweight Champion. Edge continues on and his first person he bumps into is.... Chris Benoit!!!

Edge: Well, well, well! If it isn't good old Chris Benoit. You know it seems funny that you were the reason why I was eliminated in the Royal Rumble. Well, don't think I have forgotten what you did to me and you will indeed pay

Chris Benoit: That's right Edge. I was teaching you a lesson that comes from the Smackdown lockerroom and that is that you don't just walk in here and think everybody is going to automatically like you, as a matter of fact, nobody likes you!

*Crowd Pops and Edge smiles before Edge looks around and then continues to talk*

Edge: Chris, calm down buddy! I mean you don't have to get mad because you were a second rate champion and you lost the title to Randy Orton of all people. As for me, this title is going to be around my waist for a while!

*Edge smiles as Benoit gets pissed off and then continues on before bumping into... Rey Mysterio!!!

Edge: Hey, its the Human Highlight Reel and the current United States Champion, Rey Mysterio, how have been things been going lately? Ooops, I meant to ask you how have things been measuring up recently for you here?

*Edge smiles and then raises his hand over Rey's head before showing the height difference and Mysterio looks pissed*

Rey Mysterio: Very funny Edge. Your such a funny man but I'm sure your stay here as the World-Heavyweight Champion won't be too long. And one other thing is for sure, it certainly won't be a welcomed reign while you are here!

*Edge then walks off pissed and then bumps into his brother....Christian!*

Edge: Look at what the mighty have fallen to? I mean Christian what have you succeded in ever since you stopped teaming with me? A Intercontinental title reign won't cut it buddy so just face the facts about it bro, you are nothing!

*Christian smiles and then looks at Edge and stares at the World title*

Christian: That's very cute Edge. You think just because you won the title in a fluke makes you the big shot around here? Well, after I get done with The Undertaker, you are going to be the next person on the list to take out for "Captain Charisma"

*Crowd Pops despite Christian being a heel*

Edge: Calm down bro. Anyways, on a smaller note, whenever you win the World-Heavyweight Championship, come back to me and then we can talk over plans because you have been and you are nothing without me!

*Edge then walks on before bumping into....the former World-Heavyweight Champion....Batista!!!

Edge: Man, rather intresting to bump into you here right now. But listen Dave, I know what you are thinking and that is you want to pound me right now but well, that's not going to happen at all because you're not facing me for this title, ever!

*Crowd Boos and Batista laughs at Edge the whole time*

Batista: Oh is that so Edge? When you attacked me after my match at the Royal Rumble, you did what many men weren't able to do, take the World-Heavyweight title off of me. It might not have been the clean way, but you did it.

*Crowd Boos and then Edge taps his World title before Batista continues on*

Batista: But you think you are going to get off easy for this? Well you can rethink again because I will take back my World title whatever it takes. And that is not a promise, that is a guarantee because when I guarantee, I deliver!

*Crowd Pops as Batista backs off and Edge then heads out of the lockerroom looking pissed off after what Batista had to say to him*


Michael Cole: Well a long night it has been and just announced for the main event, it will be Batista and a partner of choice teaming to face Edge and a partner of choice

Tazz: I'm sure Batista is going to have a good choice for his partner but who the World-Heavyweight Champion picks makes me wonder

Michael Cole: Plus still to come, Chris Benoit meets Ken Kennedy in one on one action and what a match that will be

Tazz: Benoit and Kennedy going at it for the right to say they are the best but right now, we've got Christian coming out!

*Just Close Your Eyes hits and "Captain Charisma" Christian walks out onto the stage to loud boos from the crowd and he does his trademark slap to his chest before pointing to his peeps and continuing on down the ramp before sliding into the ring*

Christian: I should have become the new World-Heavyweight Champion this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble but my dream was ruined. My dream was ruined whenever Undertaker ruined the whole match for not just me, but you peeps!

*Crowd Boos*

Christian: I had the chance to win the title but Undertaker had to take me out. He had no right to do so and now, my dream has not been fulfilled and my peeps, well they will be protesting in the streets because I was screwed out of the title

*Crowd Boos*

Christian: That match was all mine, I was supposed to become the new World-Heavyweight Champion but in the end who became the champion? Edge! Edge might be my blood, he might be my brother but that doesn't make me still mad

*Christian Sucks! Chants start up and Christian looks pissed*

Christian: Edge, you fulfilled your dreams, now it's my turn but it won't be happening any time soon because I've still got something with Undertaker. He might think I am done with him but trust me, I am far from done with the Undertaker

*Crowd Pops at mention of The Undertaker*

Christian: He is going to pay for what he did to me at not only the Royal Rumble but for the past month chasing me around and trying to beat me down. Well I've had enough and the time is about to end because I'm going to kill the legend of Undertaker

*Crowd Boos*

Christian: Many people have failed at doing so but I've beaten him once in the ring and I'll be damn if I ever lose to him again. You see, Undertaker's time has come and past and believe me, this is indeed the past for the Undertaker

*Crowd Boos*

Christian: So Undertaker, it doesn't matter when the time comes or where you may be at because the next time we meet, it'll be the last time any of the fans ever see you in the ring because the past is gone, this is the future, and my name is....Cap......

*Gong hits and the lights go out, Christian starts to panic and then a purple light hits the ring and out of nowhere a lighten bolt hits the ring! Christian almost jumps out of his pants and then leaves the ring and starts to head up the ramp until.... a video hits and Undertaker starts to speak*

Undertaker: Christian!

*Crowd Pops*

Undertaker: I am the master of mind games. I can get inside your mind and mess with it like nobody else and I will do that for whatever it takes to beat you down and make sure you are that one step farther away from the World-Heavyweight Championship

*Crowd Pops*

Undertaker: Time for fun and games is over and that's why I am going to challenge you to this match. At No Way Out, it will be Christian vs.....The Undertaker in a #1 Contender's match for the World....Heavyweight....Championship!!!

*Crowd Pops at the mention of the match and Christian speaks again*

Christian: You're on! I'm certainly not afraid of you and when I beat you, I am going to become the next World-Heavyweight Champion and there will be no denying me of my shot this time. I've waited too long and now, my time is here!

*Crowd Boos and then we hear 'Taker's voice once more*

Undertaker: You've got sixteen days, sixteen days until you....Rest in Peace!!!

*Gong hits and then we head over to Michael Cole and Tazz while Christian stands in the ring worried about No Way Out*

Michael Cole: Well our first match for No Way Out has been announced and what a match it will be, Christian vs The Undertaker!

Tazz: But it's a #1 Contender's match and the winner will face the World-Heavyweight Champion come WrestleMania 22!

Michael Cole: Either way both men have a huge shot at main eventing WrestleMania plus this is about revenge too

Tazz: Christian is looking for revenge as to why he lost the title and come No Way Out, he could very well have that chance!


*We cut backstage to see JBL walking along the hallway talking with Jillian Hall*

JBL: So Jillian, anyways I need to ask you something about this little plan that you had, do you think it will really work?

Jillian: Of course it will work JBL. I mean anything that I say works will indeed work and I can guarantee that

JBL: Well I mean, I don't want to do this and it doesn't work because if it doesn't pay off, then it's like a waste of time for me

Jillian: Listen JBL, I've helped MNM win the WWE Tag Titles, I've gotten them on magazine covers and imagine what I can do...for you!!!

JBL: You know, I like the sound of that? I mean think ab.....

*While they are walking, JBL bumps into somebody. We cut over to see it be Bobby Lashley!*

Bobby Lashley: Excuse me, JBL

*Crowd Pops seeing Lashley*

JBL: Excuse me is not enough. You should be watching where you are going and don't you ever talk to me like that again, do you understand?

*Crowd Boos while Lashley turns around and smiles*

Bobby Lashley: Look I said I was sorry. So get over it and continue on with your walk with your friend here whatever her name is

*Crowd Pops as JBL steps up to Lashley and they stare down each other*

JBL: Listen up kid, I am a former WWE Champion, perhaps the longest reigning champion in not only Smackdown history but WWE history. I have achieved much more than you have in this wrestling buisness than you have in your life. So when you win a title, then maybe you can come back to me and talk to me like that but as for now, No! So listen up, don't you ever talk to me like that again and take this as a lesson because you don't talk to people like me....A Wrestling God!!!

*Crowd Boos and Lashley stands there in amazement as JBL walks off with Jillian*

Match #3
The Mexicools vs William Regal and Paul Burchill

Match Finish: Good tag match with the Mexicools bringing the fast paced action and Regal and Burchill bringing the mat wrestling. Ending comes whenever Regal charges at Psicosis with a high knee taking him down. Regal then looks for the Power of the Punch but Psicosis tags in Super Crazy! Super Crazy comes in all guns blazing taking down Regal with a clothesline followed by Burchill who tries to interfere. Super Crazy then hits a Spinning DDT before he tags in Psicosis who climbs to the top rope. Psicosis then gets ready to jump but a man attacks Psicosis from behind giving The Mexicools the DQ win

Winners via DQ: The Mexicools

*We cut over to a better vision of the man and we see him wearing a mask. Juventud comes into the ring and the man catches Juventud before slamming him down to the mat. Regal then grabs a pair of brass knucks from the outside and then connects with a shot to the head of Super Crazy before Burchill grabs Psicosis and jumps with him connecting with the C4! Regal, Burchill, and the masked hinchman slide to the outside before the man pulls his mask off to reveal....Finlay! Finlay has made his debut tonight and he has aligned himself with Regal and Burchill before he looks around after grabbing a mic*

Finlay: My name is Finlay....And I love to fight!!!

*Regal's music hits and all three men head to the back while we head back over to Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Finlay made his debut tonight and what an impact he made but most importantly, he has aligned himself with Regal and Burchill

Tazz: What a powerful man Finlay is and as he said, he loves to fight. I don't think I would want to get in a fight with him

Michael Cole: Still to come tonight, Batista and a partner of choice to team to face Edge and a partner of choice in the main event

Tazz: But coming up next, Ken Kennedy meets Chris Benoit in what should be a very great matchup between those men


Match #4
Ken Kennedy vs Chris Benoit

Match Finish: Good match between both men as they put on a great show. A long match and the ending comes whenever Benoit sets up for the German Suplexes. Benoit nails the first one, nails the second one with ease but Kennedy tries to fight the third one off. However, he isn't able to and Benoit nails the third and final German Suplex. Benoit then climbs to the top turnbuckle and then comes off the top rope for the diving headbutt which he connects. Benoit then rolls a round a little and then locks on the Crippler Crossface but then....Burn in my Light hits!!! but Orton doesn't come out! Benoit has broken the Crippler Crossface and this gives time for Kennedy to rollup Benoit holding the tights, One...Two...Three

Winner: Ken Kennedy

*Kennedy rolls out of the ring and Benoit looks annoyed after that move. Orton promised a impact tonight even though he was banned from the arena and it looks like he did so. Orton's music cost Benoit the match and Benoit thinks something is going on before we head backstage to see Booker T laughing at Benoit losing continuing their feud*

Booker T: That was great! I told Randy the whole time it would work and he wasn't sure but he got the best of Benoit there!

*We see Booker T still laughing and then head over to see Sharmell*

Sharmell: Baby that was a brilliant plan. Now all you have to do is to get Orton to get rid of Benoit and then you can win the United States title

*Booker T continues to laugh and then...Edge walks in*

Edge: Booker, well seeing as this is my first night here, well you know that in the main event I need a partner and well....will you be my partner?

*Booker T stops laughing and puts a serious look on his face before talking to Edge*

Booker T: Give me a minute to think about this Edge. You know, I'm not really sure what you have done for me in the past that you deserve this

*Edge starts to get pissed off but calms down before speaking*

Edge: Come on Booker, I'm new here and I'm the World-Heavyweight Champion and you're the only person I could think of to pick

*Booker T then whispers something into Sharmell's ear*

Booker T: Well....Ok! Plus I think you made the right choice with the Five Time....Five Time....Five Time....Five Time....Five Time WCW Champion

*Edge then smiles and he motions for Booker T to come on*

Edge: Let's go, the match is next


Match #5
Batista and Rey Mysterio vs Edge and Booker T

Match Finish: Good tag match to end the night off with and very fast paced with action picking up more towards the end of the match. The ending takes place whenever Batista and Booker T are going at it in the ring right now. Edge grabs his title and slides into the ring and charges at Batista with the title and he nails Batista with the title! Batista is knocked out to which Mysterio tags Batista and then leaps over the ropes connecting with the West Coast Pop onto the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge! Booker T makes the blindtag on Edge and comes into the ring bouncing off the ropes and connecting with the Scissors Kick out of nowhere before rolling Mysterio over for the count, One....Two....Three

Winners: Edge and Booker T

*Booker T rolls out of the ring and Mysterio sets up noticing he was just pinned by Booker T but Batista has a mic in hand and screams at Edge*

Batista: EDGE!!!!!

*Crowd Pops*

Batista: I was screwed out of the title at the Royal Rumble and then you attacked me tonight, well I'll be damned if you attack me again

*Crowd Pops*

Batista: But as I was saying, I've got a rematch for the title and I've decided that I am going to be using my rematch very soon. So it's going to be Edge defending his World-Heavyweight Championship against me, Batista at....

*Crowd waits in anticipation for the announcement*

Batista: No Way Out!!!

*The show then ends with Edge backing up the ramp holding his title close to him while Batista helps Mysterio up and then shakes the ropes. Batista and Edge share a few words but then the camera fades off to end the night*
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