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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

MNM vs. Kendrick and London is a feud that IMO would be the best SD Tag Team feud atm and a match between both would own so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be reading your work for the first time and see this match start the card out.

Ric Flair promo was pretty good, short but good but I dont see him taking any title here tonight.

Ric Flair vs. Masters was better then I expected it to be and I look forward to how well Masters reign as IC Champion is in this thread. Good to see him Flair job here although I am a big fan of both men so it really could have gone either way without much complaint from me.

Great little brawl/match between SCSA and Eric Bischoff and Mcmahon screwing Austin leads me to believe a match between these two men is not out of the question for Wrestlemania. That feud being brought up again would own IMO.

The Wrestlemania commercial between Carlito and Masters was GOLD.

Triple Threat was off the hook and had one of the coolest aftermaths I've ever read in a thread, so I take it Edge is on SD now? Truly unique with Batista pulling out the win only to get beat and surprised by Edge. Man was this a cool way to put together a potential Edge-Batista feud.

Great Cena promo, down to a tee.

Angle vs Cena in a HITC match was brutal as expected but Angle winning IMO was a shocker. Even though the FU through the cage was unrelaistic I loved the spot and the use of the Barb Wire Chair was awesome as well.

The RR match was extrememly enjoyable and if I can get mine as organized as you had yours, I'll be happy. The match coming down to Orton and RVD was great and RVD pulled off a shcoking upset of sorts, I see him switching brands however for some reason and challenging Edge. That feud would own IMO and I cant wait for Wrestlemania.
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