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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Opening Promo- Great promo here. The heel Edge was definitely on character. I like how you had Vince McMahon come out and tell Edge that he cannot defend the title whenever he wants. Also, I like the fact that Triple H is getting a shot at the WHC.

Flair vs Conway- This was flowing good for a summary until Chris Masters came out and interfered. I am liking this feud between Masters and Flair. I cant wait for next week when Masters faces Flair in a submission match.

3 Girls Promo- This promo is definitely giving me a clue that Trish will lose once again. I am predicting that Ashley or Mickie James will mess up the match for Trish.

Stratus vs Wilson- I guess that I predicted right. I am sensing that a feud is going to start between Trish and the other 2 girls. Maybe it will be like the feud between Rocck and Mankind when Mankind tried to cheer up The Rock and stuff.

Michaels Interview- Good interview here. Maybe HHH will win the title tonight and start to feud with HBK for the title. I would always like to see that feud.

Eugene Promo- I wonder who the tag team will be. I guess that we will find out next.

Eugene vs 3MW- I was not expecting 3MW but whatever. I was expecting Eugene to win and prove himself but I guess that just was not going to happen.

Striker Promo- I am not a big fan of this guy but whatever. This promo was decent if he keeps his teacher gimmick going. I dont see him going far with anything else.

RVD/Angle Promo- Good promo here. I dont think that RVD will go to Smackdown because Edge already changed from Raw to Smackdown. I liked this promo a lot. It really builds a feud between these two men.

Fatal 4 Way- Cade and Murdoch were the obvious winners here. I just cannot see any other team winning this. I wonder how far Cade and Murdoch will reach as a tag team. Maybe you can do better with them than the WWE did.

Carlito Promo- Maybe you can have a triangular feud with Flair, Masters and Carlito. I can see any feud with Masters going far. This made Carlito seem more dominant than Masters which really is not true.

Edge vs HHH- I guess that my predictions were wrong. Edge won the match. Oh well, maybe he will lose it at WM. I hate Edge so much. I like how you had Stone Cold come out and help Edge win.

Grade- 9/10. Great show.
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