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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Good idea to keep Angle and Cena off the show to sell the brutality of HIAC that much more. It also gives Edge a chance to shine as the new WHC without having to share the spotlight with the other champion of the show.

Nice intense promo from the champion, and I guess it makes sense for this to be his final night on Raw. I dont think he'll get an easy ride though, especially with McMahon interrupting. Heel vs Heel tonight?? Face vs Face can work, but 9 times out of 10, heel vs heel just stinks up the joint.

Looks like the Flair - Masters feud will continue for now then. Thats ok, as you had a surprisingly good match between them at RR. It doesnt seem like a WM match though imo, so I hope it doesnt drag out until then.

And I get that querie answered in record time, as McMahon announces a submission match for next week in Japan. Masters to win with the Masterlock would be a major win for Masters, and give the hold even more legitimacy.

Women get a bit of time to talk, but I wonder what type of twist you'll put on the Mickie / Trish angle. Note to KOP - Get more women who can wrestle on your roster

Mickie screws up, costing Trish the match. Doesnt bode well for that relationship. Should result in a title match for Torrie beating the champion ... ugh.

Interview with Shawn Michaels seems to be leading to a match with The Game at Wrestle Mania, which I'd be a fan of seeing. It's been a while, and they've never met 1 on 1 at the big one. Never remembered DX kicking HBK out of the group though. Nice comments from Triple H, but the brawl was unneccesary this week imo, as it could've ended with Triple H walking off, and HBK irate, leading to another showdown next week.

Eugene finds out not to cross the boss, and gets squashed by the returning 3 Minute Warning. Seems like everyone is bringing them back now, but I dont see that as a bad thing. I see them obviously challenging for the tag titles VERY soon. Loss doesnt make Eugene look bad either, because he was beaten by two bigger men, in a 2 on 1 environment.

Striker to make his official in ring debut next week, lol. RR not counting is typical heel comments. I see Matt Striker being a strong mid card heel on the show, as the promos he has cut have been some of your best.

That promo looks to be the start of build up between Angle and Van Dam as the main event of Wrestle Mania. I dont see RVD switching brands now, and facing Edge, as I'd expect Batista to challenge him.

Best team wins the 4 Way tag match, and get themselves a title shot next week. I like the team of Murdoch and Cade, but I dont see them taking the titles, as I beleive that will be reserved for 3MW.

Looks to be a major show next week, with three titles on the line, and a huge 6 Man Tag. Good build for the overseas show.

Enjoyable Carlito promo, which suggests a feud coming in the next few weeks with Masters, possibly up to Wrestle Mania. Masters pulling double duty next week seems kinda weird, unless its just slipped your mind.

Austin makes a grand return, and scres Triple H out of the World Title against Edge. Big question mark as to who faces Triple H at WM right now, with both Austin and Michaels as solid candidates for that role.

Batista shows up on Raw?? AWESOME. Terrific way to close the show with a SD star making a huge impact, taking out Edge, and sharing a beer with The Rattlesnake.
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