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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday January 30, 2006
Dallas, Texas

*Across the Nation hits and the normal Raw video package hits before we fade out to the Raw announce team at ringside*

Joey Styles: Hello and welcome all to a jam packed episode of Raw tonight and with such a night, we need to get underway!

Jerry Lawler: But what about last night at the Royal Rumble, we had a huge night and Raw's own Rob Van Dam won the Royal Rumble!

Jonathan Coachman: Plus after a hellacious Hell in a Cell match, we will be getting an update from our WWE Champion, Kurt Angle!

Joey Styles: And the new World-Heavyweight Champion will be here on Raw tonight to adress his current situation with the title

Jerry Lawler: Oh man, Edge shocked the world when he used Money in the Bank after the Triple Threat Match and he won!

Jonathan Coachman: That was the smart thing to do for Edge and he took advantage of the match and when Batista was down, he took the title!

*Metalingus hits and Edge comes out carrying the World-Heavyweight Championship to loud boos and he tosses it over his shoulder before tapping it and walking down to the ring and holding hands with his wife, Lita in progress*

Edge: All day long people have been asking me, Edge, why did you challenge for the World-Heavyweight Championship? Why didn't you just go after the WWE Championship and you could have been the champion on Raw

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: And I've responded all day long and I'll tell you right now! It was my choice and I decided to go ahead and take out Batista. I wanted to take out Batista and I wanted to become the World-Heavyweight Champion but that's not the only reason why!

*Crowd Boos while Edge smiles and looks around the arena*

Edge: Because in my contract that I won at WrestleMania 21, it clearly stated that the winner of the match would receive a World-Heavyweight Championship shot for any time for a year. So therefore, I couldn't have went after the WWE Championship

*Batista Chants start up and Edge starts to get pissed*

Edge: You can cheer Batista all you want and quite frankly, it doesn't matter to me because he is never going to get another shot at my title, whether he has a rematch in his clause or he doesn't because he simply is not worth it

*Crowd Boos more and Edge smiles*

Edge: But as for tonight, this will indeed be my last night here on Raw and I am wanting to make something memorable about it. I want my name to be written down here in the book of champions and for being the greatest champion and nobody will take the title away from me. Because first of all I defend this title whenever I want to!

*Edge Sucks Chants start up*

Edge: You might think I suck but in all real......

*No Chance hits to loud boos and Mr. McMahon walks out onto the stage before holding his microphone up and starting to talk*

Mr. McMahon: You see last night at the Royal Rumble, Eric Bischoff beat Stone Cold Steve Austin in a No Disqualification Match to retain his job. But since Eric could not be here tonight, I am going to be the interim GM for tonight

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: But Edge, I was listening to your little speech you were giving and I thought I heard something about defending the title when you want to? That's not going to happen and as a matter of fact you will be in action tonight!

*Crowd Boos and Edge Sucks Chants continue on*

Mr. McMahon: And as a matter of fact, since you will be in action tonight, you will be defending your newly won World-Heavyweight Championship also! And I've been thinking about this all day and I came up with the man you will defend against and he is

*Crowd Pops for a WHC Match tonight*

Mr. McMahon: TRIPLE H!!!

*Crowd Boos as No Chance hits and McMahon leaves to the back and Edge stands in the ring looking a little concerned about tonight*


Match #1
Ric Flair vs Rob Conway

Match Finish: Decent opening match between both men and it starts out as a slow match but the pace picks up towards the end. Conway has Flair in position for the Ego Trip but Flair is able to push off Conway and then Conway comes back into a chopblock from Flair. Flair then lets out a huge WOOO and then wraps his legs around Conway. Flair has the Figure Four Leglock locked in on Conway but out of nowhere, the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters hits the ring and then beats down Ric Flair with his title belt handing the DQ win to Flair

Winner via Disqualification: Ric Flair

*Chris Masters then grabs the Intercontinental championship belt and then goes to hit Flair with it again but Flair gets a thumb to the eye. Flair then heads down south and nails a lowblow onto the champion and gets ready to head to the back whenever......

*We hear Mr. McMahon come up on the screen*

Mr. McMahon: Whoa! Hold it Ric because since it looks like you want another chance at the Intercontinental Champion, well you will get it!

*Crowd Pops*

Mr. McMahon: But it won't be tonight.

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: Because you see next week, we have a very special show in store for everybody as Raw will be eminating live from Japan!

*Crowd has mixed emotions*

Mr. McMahon: And that is why next week, we will see the "Masterpiece" Chris Masters defending his Intercontinental Championship against you, Ric Flair

*Crowd Pops*

Mr. McMahon: In a Submission Match!!!

*Crowd Pops Louder and some WOOOS are let out*

Mr. McMahon: Good luck next week Ric, because you are going to need all the luck that you can get for that match!

*We then cut over to the commentators at ringside*

Joey Styles: Big announcement there as next week, Ric Flair will get another chance at the Intercontinental Championship!

Jonathan Coachman: But he stands no chance as he will be facing Chris Masters but this time in a Submission Match

Jerry Lawler: Flair's specialty is submission style wrestling as is Masters's so this should be a match for the ages

Joey Styles: I'm expecting a lot to come from this match and if it's anything like their match at the Royal Rumble, it will be a classic

Jonathan Coachman: Masters held his own at the Royal Rumble and he is going to do it next Monday night in Japan too!

Jerry Lawler: We'll find out about that next week but still to come, Edge defends his newly won World-Heavyweight Championship against Triple H!


*We cut backstage to see Mickie James, Trish Stratus, and Ashley Massaro*

Trish Stratus: Ok ladies, now the past few weeks, we have had some miscommunications in the ring and we need to clear that up

Ashley Massaro: Look Trish, I've been trying to help you this whole time and I know that I might have messed up ever......

*Trish interrupts Ashley and then starts to talk*

Trish Stratus: Ashley, I never said it was you. I just wanted to say that we need to get our heads back into the game and fo.....

Mickie James: Trish, I'm sorry! I know that you have been talking about me the whole time and I am sorry that I did ruin the matches

Trish Stratus: Listen, I'm not accusing you either but girls, as I said, just get prepared and let's not let anything happen this week

*All three nod in agreement and then head out the door*

Trish Stratus: Ok, Let's Go!!!

*We then cut back to ringside for the next match*

Match #2
Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson

Match Finish: Short but decent women's match and got the point across with the ladies getting their spot on the card as normal. Ending comes whenever Trish has Torrie and goes for the Stratusfaction but Candice grabs the leg of Trish preventing so. Mickie and Ashley slide into the ring and Victoria comes in. Mickie goes for a dropkick onto Candice but Candice ducks and ends up dropkicking Trish! Victoria then grabs Mickie and throws her to the outside. Candice then gets Ashley and throws her out while Torrie makes the cover, One....Two.....Three

Winner: Torrie Wilson

*Torrie then slides to the outside of the ring and Victoria and Candice help her up while Trish has gotten back up and Mickie comes in and starts to apologize. Trish looks angry but ends up calming down and tells Mickie it is alright. Mickie helps up Trish and then they help up Ashley before they start to make their way to the back*

Joey Styles: Mickie James has cost Trish another match tonight but we know, it was indeed an accident that happened

Jonathan Coachman: I'm not so sure now. It's been for the past three weeks Mickie has been costing either women the matches

Jerry Lawler: I'm sure Mickie hasn't meant to cost both Trish and Ashley the matches, she's just been wanting to help get the win

Joey Styles: Well this just in, we have been told that next week on Raw live from Japan, it will be Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson for the Women's title

Jonathan Coachman: Big news right there and with Torrie already owning a pinfall over the Women's champion, will she do it again?

Jerry Lawler: But most importantly, will Mickie end up interfering once more and end up costing Trish another match?


*Interview w/ Shawn Michaels*

Todd Grisham: Shawn, last night at the Royal Rumble, you had a long stay in it but in the end, you were eliminated by Triple H

Shawn Michaels: Todd, Triple H doesn't know what he has coming to him and I promise that it won't be a pleasant surprise when he receives it.

Todd Grisham: You two have developed a hatred for each other and it's been going on ever since D-X kicked you out, any thoughts?

Shawn Michaels: Triple H is the one person I despise the most. I would do anything and everything that is needed to take him out. Whatever it takes and I guarantee whatever it takes, I will do just that to take down him and become the man on Raw

Todd Grisham: One more thing Shawn, later tonight, Triple H will be taking on Edge for the World-Heavyweight Championship, what will you be doing?

Shawn Michaels: What will I be doing? Well I will be do.....

*We then hear Triple H cut in and then snatches the mic out of the hand of Shawn Michaels*

Triple H: He'll be doing absolutely nothing!

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: You see, I received a favor from Mr. McMahon for taking out Stone Cold Steve Austin last night at the Royal Rumble and saving Bischoff's job. And tonight I'm using that favor to win over the World-Heavyweight Championship from Edge!

*Crowd Boos*

Triple H: And you can try to do anything and everything that is possible to stop that from happening but this is no fantasy Shawn. This is not your little dream life where you say you will do it and then at the snap of a button, it's done. No, I guarantee this is not like that and after I win the title, it's straight onto you because you will be my next enemy

*Triple H Sucks Chants start up*

Triple H: And Shawn, I gua......

*Michaels then rares back and then starts to brawl with Triple H and now they are rolling on the floor. Michaels and Triple trade blows with each other and Grisham calls in the security who comes down and grabs HBK and starts to escort him out. Triple H then gets back to his feet and then tells Michaels that he is going to be next*

*We then cut backstage to see Eugene wandering around and he bumps into Mr. McMahon!*

Eugene: Hi...My Name's Eugene!

*Crowd Pops and Mr. McMahon looks mad*

Mr. McMahon: Look Eugene, I'm not really in the mood for this playing games and all but what would you like to know?

Eugene: I...I....I'd like a match for tonight. I want to wrestle somebody, i...it doesn't matter who, just give me a match!

*Crowd Pops as Eugene scratches his head and Mr. McMahon smiles*

Mr. McMahon: Ok Eugene! You want a match, huh? You will be getting a match and it will be against a tag team that is returning tonight!

*Eugene looks confused and starts to talk again*

Eugene: I...wanted a regular match, not a Ha....Ha....Handicap Match. Please, can you change it to a regular match?

Mr. McMahon: Sorry, no can do Eugene. So go ahead and get out there and get ready because your match is going to be next

*Eugene then walks off while Mr. McMahon puts on his evil smile and continues on*


Joey Styles: Well tonight, Raw is coming to you live from Dallas, Texas and it is being brought to you by The Con for PS2

Jonathan Coachman: Lots still to come tonight with a update from Kurt Angle plus our huge main event to come also!

Jerry Lawler: Edge will be defending his World-Heavyweight Championship against Triple H and can he retain it after just winning it?

Joey Styles: It's going to be a rough road ahead for Edge holding the World-Heavyweight Championship shall he retain it tonight

Jonathan Coachman: I'm high on both men but the roll Edge has been on recently, you can't ignore that and it might help him

Jerry Lawler: Well, we are about to find out who Eugene will be facing as this tag team is making their return to the WWE

Match #3
Handicap Match
Eugene vs ???

Match Finish: Before the match Eugene gets attacked and the camera cuts over to reveal Rosey and Jamal, 3 Minute Warning! 3MW ends up being the mystery team and they beat down on Eugene for a little bit. This is also no tags, just a straight handicap match. So the ending takes place after Jamal plants Eugene with a Samoan Drop. Rosey ascends to the top and then comes off and connects with the Moonsault and knocks Eugene out for the pin, One...Two....Three

Winners: 3 Minute Warning

*We cut backstage to see Matt Striker sitting at a desk and see a chalkboard with the word "Respect" written across the board in big white letters*

Matt Striker: Respect, it's what every kid here in the United States doesn't know about because their parents show none

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: It's something that kids should have grown up with but they get their disrespect from their parents and their parents don't know a thing about respect. Parents wouldn't know what respect is if it came up to them and slapped them in the face!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: But on a serious note, I wasn't able to win the Royal Rumble match to the surprise of everybody here on Raw

*Striker Sucks Chants start up*

Matt Striker: See, there's no respect right there. But let's make this short, Raw is going to be in Japan next week and with such a huge night lined up, I felt since the American's dont respect me, then maybe the Japanese will

*USA Chants break out*

Matt Striker: So next week on Raw, I will be making my official wrestling debut as the Royal Rumble didn't count. I was cheated out of that and I deserve another chance which Mr. McMahon has decided to give me next week

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: So go home, look up the word "Respect" in a dictionary and come to your tv sets and be ready next week to respect me when I come out to the arena, beat down whomever I face and then am declared the winner

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: Class is dismissed!


*One of a Kind hits and the 2006 Royal Rumble winner walks out to loud pops from the crowd before doing his R-V-D taunt and heading down the ramp grabing a mic before sliding into the ring*

Rob Van Dam: Last night, I went through hell to get where I am tonight and I stand here in front of you all as the 2006 Royal Rumble winner! I'm going to be going onto WrestleMania 22 to main event and become either the World-Heavyweight Champion or WWE Champion

*Crowd Pops*

Rob Van Dam: And all week people have been saying, RVD....what title are you going to end up challenging for? Well, that will be decided at a later time but as for tonight, I just wanted to come out here and adress both men that their titles are not safe!

*Crowd Pops*

Rob Van Dam: It doesn't matter who is the champion come WrestleMania for either titles because I've worked too hard to lose my shot now. At WrestleMania 22, I will indeed become a champion whether it is WWE or World-Heavyweight

*R-V-D Chants break out and RVD smiles*

Rob Van Dam: I guarantee that whomever I may face at WrestleMa.....

*We then hear a voice come out and we see Kurt Angle laying down in a bed in a hospital after the brutal Hell in a Cell last night*

Kurt Angle: Well, well, well! If it isn't my good friend, Rob Van Dam. How has life been treating you lately buddy other than winning the Royal Rumble Match?

*Crowd Pops at mention of RVD winning Royal Rumble*

Kurt Angle: I was listening here on Raw and I heard something about you saying that you will win either the World-Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and either way, you will win them

*Crowd Pops*

Kurt Angle: Well, You're Wrong!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Kurt Angle: You see, you stand no chance against me, I'm a five time WWE Champion, King of the Ring and a Gold Medalist! I've wrestled and won just about every match in the WWE and last night, I literally went through hell

*Angle Sucks chants start up and Angle sits up pissed but RVD cuts him off*

Rob Van Dam: Listen Kurt, nobody wants to listen to your I won a gold medal with a broken fricking neck. That's getting old. But what they do want to listen to is what Rob Van Dam has to say about winning the Royal Rumble last night!

*R-V-D Chants break out*

Kurt Angle: You know Rob, I'm going to be here on Raw next week in Japan and you better have made an announcement by then because if you decide to challenge for the WWE Championship, then your ass is mine and I will break your ankle

*You Suck chants break out now and Angle looks pissed off before grabbing his title bed by his bed and holding it up*

Kurt Angle: Or you can take the low road, you can go over to Smackdown and challenge for their second rate championship, the World-Heavyweight Championship. But either way, you will not stand a chance winning either title, oh it's true, it's damn true!

Rob Van Dam: I'll be there next week Kurt, so you be there and just be prepared because I'm going to be ready for you. And I'll be deciding on what title I do want to go after. So show up and you can find out next week, if I decide

*One of a Kind hits and RVD rolls out of the ring to huge pops before heading to the back and fading over to the announcers*

Joey Styles: Well Rob Van Dam came out here and he wanted everybody to know that he is not sure what title he will challenge for

Jonathan Coachman: Like Angle said, it really doesn't matter what title he goes after because he doesn't stand a chance for either

Jerry Lawler: But our WWE Champion will indeed be back next week on Raw after the hellacious match at the Royal Rumble

Joey Styles: It was indeed hellacious because it was Hell in a Cell but he'll be here next week waiting for an announcement

Jonathan Coachman: But still to come, the World-Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Edge defends against Triple H

Jerry Lawler: That's right, Smackdown's championship on the line on a Raw show and who will be able to get the title?


Match #4
#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way
The Heart Throbs vs Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko
vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs Val Venis and Viscera

Match Finish: The winning team gets a title shot next week on Raw in Japan. Kane and Big Show are down on the ramp watching this match and it breaks down toward the end. Viscera nailed a Samoan Drop onto Romeo which Venis climbs to the top rope for the Money Shot but he gets pushed off by Antonio and hits the mat hard. Antonio then goes for the pin but Snitsky comes in and takes out Antonio with a huge big boot! Tomko then grabs Romeo and press slams him to the outside. Viscera comes in and clotheslines Snitsky and Tomko before Cade and Murdoch nail their finisher, the Sweet and Sour, Murdoch jumps on Viscera and gets the pin, One....Two....Three

Winner's and #1 Contender's: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

*We head over to the announcers again*

Joey Styles: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch pick up the huge win and that gives them a title shot next week on Raw

Jonathan Coachman: Cade and Murdoch are going to try to take the titles from the men who took them from them almost 3 months ago

Jerry Lawler: But also next week, Trish Stratus will be defending her Women's Championship against Torrie Wilson

Joey Styles: Torrie was able to beat Trish earlier tonight and she gets a title shot next week but will Mickie James cost her the title?

Jonathan Coachman: Plus Chris Masters defends his Intercontinental Championship against Ric Flair in a Submission Match

Jerry Lawler: A rematch from the Royal Rumble but just added to next week, a huge six man tag match as Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Chris Masters face Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin!

*We then cut backstage to see Carlito standing by with Maria*

Maria: Right now, I am standing by with somebody who is definently cool, he is Carlito the former Women's Champion!

*Crowd Pops and Carlito looks pissed off now*

Carlito: Women's Champion? Dat's Not Cool Maria. But what is cool is that you are looking at the next Intercontinental Champion

Maria: Next week on Raw in Japan, you will be teaming with the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle and the Triple H to face Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and Shelton Benjamin, what do you think?

Carlito: What do I think? I think that I shouldn't be teaming with either one of them but that I should be facing Chris Masters for the Intercontinental title, not Ric Flair

*Masters walks in patting his Intercontinental Championship and smiling*

Chris Masters: Oh is that so, Carlito?

*Crowd Boos*

Carlito: Oh that's so. Because I've waited too long to get another shot at that title and basically, you are embarrasing that title. I might be your friend but somebody else needs that title to be completely honest about it, and that person should be me!

*Crowd Pops*

Chris Masters: Oh I see how it is Carlito. You think that you could beat me for my title? You think that you could beat me just like that

*Masters snaps his fingers and then taps the belt again*

Chris Masters: One day, we'll find out. But as for next week, I've got Ric Flair in a Submission Match, So how about you get your head back into the game and focus on next week, then we can decided when you get a title shot

*Masters then walks off and Carlito stares at the IC champion looking ticked off but keeping his cool and then bites into an apple. Carlito looks to spit it at Maria but then stops and spits it at the ground before walking off to his lockerroom*


Joey Styles: We're back from the commercial and before the commercial, there was an intresting meeting between two friends

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito and Masters sure did share words with each other and it's all over the Intercontinental Championship

Jerry Lawler: Championships can get in the way of friendships and it looks like that could be happening with those two

Joey Styles: I'm sure it will be behind each other next week and boy, do we have a huge week next week and I can't wait!

Jonathan Coachman: Four huge matches already announced and I'm sure more will be in store for us live from Japan

Jerry Lawler: Well coming up right now is our main event and it is for the World-Heavyweight Championship between Edge and Triple H!

Match #5
*World-Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) vs Triple H

Match Finish: Long main event and a very good match putting both men over for tonight and great way to end the night off with. The match starts to break down whenever Triple H goes for a clothesline onto the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge but he ducks and takes out the ref with that vicious shot. The ref lay down on the mat hard and Triple H slides to the outside. He grabs a sledgehammer and tosses it inside of the ring while Edge sits up. Triple H then goes to swing it at Edge but out of nowhere, Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring! Stone Cold is looking for revenge after last night and he lays a beating down on the challenger before picking him up and "saluting" him. Austin then connects with the Stone Cold Stunner before grabbing Edge's arm and placing it over the fallen Triple H to a surprise and the referee notices Edge's arm and he makes the count, One....Two....Three

Winner and Still World-Heavyweight Champion: Edge

*Stone Cold then helps Edge back up to a surprise and then offers him a beer to which Edge accepts. He takes a chug and then out of nowhere....*Unleashed hits* and Smackdown's Batista and the former World-Heavyweight Champion comes running down to the ring. Batista and Edge exchange blows the whole time and Edge goes for a Spear onto Batista but Batista moves and Edge hits the turnbuckle. Edge then walks right around into a Spinebuster from the Animal. Batista then shakes the ropes to a nice pop before motioning the end is near. Batista then lifts Edge up and comes down hard with the Batista Bomb and then gets back up to his feet and Batista and Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrate to end the show both getting their revenge over their respective enemies now*
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