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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well to save time for me to finish The Royal Rumble plus another reason in that I'm most likely going to be getting grounded very soon. Therefore, I'm going to be recapping Raw and Smackdown this week before I end up posting The Royal Rumble and the latest day will be Thursday because I will probably be getting grounded Friday but hey, it could be posted maybe tomorrow or Wednesday, who knows but here's the Raw and Smackdown recaps

Raw Recap
Monday January 23, 2006

Mr. McMahon comes out to open the show tonight and this week, he demands that Stone Cold Steve Austin come to the ring and this week apologize to him or he will be fired. Glass Shatters hits soon after and we don't see Stone Cold come out. Shortly after, Mr. McMahon says that's ok because this Sunday, he is going to be in Eric Bischoff's corner and he will make sure that Stone Cold does stand no chance to win the Raw GM position, Mr. McMahon then leaves to loud boos from the crowd.

In the opening matchup, Carlito and the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Masters, team together to take on the team of Shelton Benjamin and Ric Flair. Towards the end, Masters goes to lock Benjamin into the Masterlock but Benjamin takes Masters down with a snapmare and Benjamin comes across the ropes and leaps over the champion, comes back and takes down Masters with a huge crossbody but only gets a two count, Benjamin then tags in Flair and Flair wears down the Intercontinental Champion and goes for the Figure Four before Masters tags Carlito in and Masters then leaves the arena before we see Flair lock in the Figure Four Leg Lock on Carlito after some chops and beatdowns from Flair

We cut backstage to where Chris Masters is packing all of his stuff and he grabs his Intercontinental title before he is about to walk out but bumps into Carlito! Masters's partner asked him what the hell was going on and Masters said he was trying to protect himself. Carlito says he'll think about that next time whenever he teams with Masters if he ever does again

In an interview with Edge, he claims that tonight he will indeed defeat Rob Van Dam and then guarantees that his "master plan" will be revealed at the Royal Rumble. Edge then goes out and claims that it's the top idea in the buisness today and nobody will be able to stop him from doing so. Edge then comes back out and claims that whenever he unveils it, everybody will be bowing down at the feet of him because they will have realized how smart he is

In the second match of the night, we have another Royal Rumble Qualifying Match as "The French Phenom" Rene Dupree takes on Val Venis. Dupree making his return since being injured comes out and dominates most of the match until the tide turns towards the end. Venis takes down Dupree with his Spinning Powerbomb and then climbs to the top rope. Venis plays to the crowd before coming off for the Money Shot but Dupree moves and Venis connects with the mat hard. Dupree then scoops Venis up and nails the Dupree Bomb for the three count and a spot in the Royal Rumble

Following the commercial, Mickie James and Trish Stratus take on Torrie Wilson and Victoria in tag team action this week. Both Mickie and Trish work well together through the match despite the messup last week. Ending comes whenever Victoria has Mickie up in the position for the Widow's Peak but Mickie counters out of it and makes the hot tag to Trish. Trish comes in and ducks a clothesline from Victoria before knocking Torrie off the ropes and Victoria takes some rights from Trish before Trish comes off the ropes connecting with Stratusfaction for the cover and the win, Trish and Mickie then leave and don't disagree on anything tonight but being on the same note

We cut backstage to where we see Stone Cold Steve Austin sitting in his truck, he says something about his match this Sunday against Bischoff and SC claims that the new sheriff will be coming to town come The Royal Rumble. Austin then says that he doesn't care if Vince McMahon or the whole damn Army is out there helping Eric Bischoff because he can do anything and everything it takes to try to take him out but in the end, he will become the new GM of Raw and That's the Bottom Line, 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!!!!!

After the commercial, Triple H makes his way out to the ring and he talks about how he is going to win the Royal Rumble and head onto WrestleMania 22 to face the WWE Champion no matter who it maybe. It doesn't matter if it's Kurt Angle, John Cena, and especially Shawn Michaels!!! He then goes onto claim that after he wins the Royal Rumble and takes back his WWE Championship, his next mission will be to take out "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels. Triple H gets ready to leave but out of nowhere, Michaels slides into the ring and takes Triple H out with the Sweet Chin Music and Michaels leaves to loud pops and tells Triple H he'll see him Sunday

We come back after the commercial and the announcers briefly run down the card for the Royal Rumble before we head to the back where Eric Bischoff is in his office. Bischoff then announces that at the Royal Rumble, there will be a Suprise Entrant for Raw and nobody will know who it is until he comes out into the ring whenever he draws the number. Bischoff then smiles and the camera fades away before we head back to ringside for action

In the second Royal Rumble Qualifying Match of the night, Chavo Guerrero takes on the mammoth Tyson Tomko and Tomko holds the advantage for awhile. However, Chavo is able to turn the tide after getting a Sunset Flip and getting a two count. Tomko comes at Guerrero for a Big Boot but Guerrero trips Tomko into the turnbuckle and Guerrero then climbs to the top rope. Guerrero then motions to the sky and comes off the top rope connecting with the Frog Splash and Chavo gets the win!

The World Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Big Show, are backstage and are talking about being in the Royal Rumble this Sunday but then, Matt Striker walks up. He says tonight he wasn't able to have his teacher's segment in time for tonight but that he will teach a lesson to somebody tonight and that will be Kane and Big Show. He tells them that they should be worried because all of the kids in school pick on the big and fat kids, and that is you two! Striker then walks off slowly but then Kane and Big Show grab Striker by the throat and tells him if they ever dare to talk to them like that again, then they will end up paying a price!

Edge and Rob Van Dam meet in the first main event of the two and it is a pretty decent matchup between both men, match of the night so far. Edge holds control most of the way through out it and Lita distracts the referee long enough for her to slide his MITB contract in the ring. Edge then charges at RVD and nails a shot to the head of him and he throws the briefcase outside and gets the cover but only gets a two count as RVD gets his foot on the ropes. Edge argues with the ref and then RVD trips up Edge and gets the cradle for the win and RVD slides out quickly celebrating his win

After the commercial, we see Shelton Benjamin in an interview with Todd Grisham. Benjamin declares that he is now in the Royal Rumble and he will win it but then Gene Snitsky comes from behind him and has something to say. Snitsky says that Eric Bischoff have him the last spot for Raw in the Royal Rumble and says that whenever he eliminates the twenty nine other people and wins the Royal Rumble, that it won't be his fault!

In the main event, John Cena faces Kurt Angle and Daivari in the main event and most of the time, Cena is facing Daivari in the ring. Cena starts to feel it towards the end and he takes down Daivari with the ThrowBack, followed by pumping up his shoes, then coming off the ropes and connecting with the Five Knuckle Shuffle and Cena then grabs Daivari and connects with the F-U and then goes for the cover but Angle hits the ring quickly and nails Cena across the back with his WWE Championship, Angle tells Cena that this Sunday in Hell in a Cell, it will be the end for him

Smackdown Recap
Friday January 27, 2006

Just Close Your Eyes hit to begin the show off and the man who meets Batista and The Undertaker for the World-Heavyweight Championship in two days heads down to the ring. Christian cuts a long promo claiming that he will indeed become the World-Heavyweight Champion because he has been overlooked too long in the WWE and that is all about to change. Christian then notes to the crowd that he would have defeated Batista last week if Undertaker had not interfered and he would have beaten Undertaker back to back too if Batista didn't interfere. Christian then says that tonight in the main event, he will be teaming with a mystery partner to face Batista and The Undertaker

We come back from commercial and the Cruiserweight Champion is in the ring for a rematch of last week whenever he won the title off of Juventud. Fast paced Cruiserweight matchup and Noble ends up getting the win by finishing Juventud off with the Tiger Bomb before he slides to the outside and grabs his Cruiserweight Championship and a mic. Noble says that he is tired of the Cruiserweights being held down in the WWE and that all changes whenever he becomes the first Cruiserweight to win the Royal Rumble and officially declares himself in it

We cut backstage to where Theodore Long is in his office and Orlando Jordan walks up to him asking for a Royal Rumble spot. Long asks Jordan to prove to him why he should have a Royal Rumble spot and Jordan comes out with he has been one of the longest reigning United States Champions in the buisness, he has worked hard for this position and he does indeed deserve it. Long then says that Jordan can have a spot and that is one condition but he has to earn it

Orlando Jordan comes out to the ring and he prepares for his match and is ready and he waits to see who it is whenever Bangin It hits! Jordan laughs his head off knowing this will be a easy win for him tonight and that he will win. Scotty surprises Jordan a little and throws some hard rights at Jordan before he comes off and nails the DDT onto Scotty! Jordan then picks Scotty up afterwards and spins him around connecting with his neckbreaker and gets the win heading to the Royal Rumble!

After the commercial, Benoit has a brief interview with Josh Matthews about facing Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship tonight. Benoit says that him and Mysterio are best friends but tonight, it's all about the gold and he will win the United States Championship. However, Booker T comes from behind Benoit and tells him he must be trippin. Booker says that Benoit cheated to win the #1 Contender's match last week and that he (Booker T) should have been the #1 Contender. Booker T then tells Benoit he will be at ringside later tonight for the match to make sure everything go's along just fine!

We then see Mark Henry come down to the ring who made his return last week on Smackdown! and he announced he would be in the Royal Rumble. But tonight, Henry makes his debut here on Smackdown! and he will be facing Steven Richards. Real quick match between both men and mainly used to put Henry back over for his return. Ending comes whenever Henry throws Richards down onto the mat with the World's Strongest Slam and then doesn't stop from there connecting with a Big Splash knocking the air out of Richards for the win

Following the commercial, Ken Kennedy is backstage in his lockerroom and Matt Hardy comes up to his lockerroom to a nice pop from the crowd. Hardy tells Kennedy that he hasn't forgotten what Kennedy did to him two weeks ago whenever Kennedy defeated Hardy. Hardy tells Kennedy that this war is far from over and that it will continue on until one man is gone from Smackdown. Kennedy then smiles and tells Hardy that it won't be Mr. Kennedy leaving Smackdown, it will be Mr. Hardy!

We then cut backstage to where JBL is with his image consultant, Jillian Hall, who is congratulating him on the win last week on Smackdown against the Boogeyman. Jillian then says after that match, JBL can move onto bigger and better things. He then comes back and says whoever is the World-Heavyweight Champion come WrestleMania 22, they will be handing the title over to the man who had the longest reigning WWE Championship reign in 10 years, JBL, a WRESTLING GOD!!!!

We then come back and see MNM in the ring already as the #1 Contender's Paul London and Brian Kendrick make their way out. Nitro and Kendrick will wrestle this week and after London got the win last week with Kendrick playing MNM's game, Nitro comes out at Kendrick full steam. Nitro beats down Kendrick for most of the match and Kendrick almost turns the tide whenever London trips up Nitro and Kendrick goes for the Sliced Bread but Mercury runs into the ring quickly and both Mercury and Nitro plant Kendrick with the SnapShot while the ref was distracted with London and Nitro gets the win this time. MNM continues to play their headgames into the #1 Contender's minds.

Backstage, Hardcore Holly has declared that since he is the official "Smackdown Locker Room Leader" he will be in the Royal Rumble. This gets a nice pop from the crowd seeing as Holly rarely is even on Smackdown and Holly then comes out and says he will represent Smackdown well come the Royal Rumble because he will go the distance and pull out the win. Holly then smiles to some pops from the crowd and then we fade out to commercial

Back from the commercial, it's time for the United States Championship match and Mysterio and Benoit put on one hell of a match to the crowd's delight. The ending comes whenever Mysterio has Benoit tripped up on the ropes and Sharmell is choking Benoit on the ropes while Booker T suspiciously trips Mysterio up and the referee didn't see it. Shortly after that, Benoit gets Mysterio up and has him ready and he locks in the Crippler Crossface but Booker T hits the ring quickly and beats on Benoit causing a DQ and the win goes to Benoit via DQ, Booker continues to beatdown on Benoit and Mysterio telling them that the next US Champion will be Booker T, then says "Now Can You Dig That......Sucka?????"

In a short segment backstage, Teddy Long meets up with Lashley real quick before telling him that he is going to reward him with the final spot in the Royal Rumble. Lashley then accepts it and Long says that since Lashley has worked so hard since coming to Smackdown, he didn't even have to compete for the spot and Lashley thanks him for the spot before we fade out for the final commercial of the night before the main event

In the main event, it sees the World-Heavyweight Champion, Batista teaming with one of the number one contenders to his title, The Undertaker to face Christian and a mystery opponent. Christian waits for a minute with a smile on his face and then.....Burn in the Light hits and Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring for the match. Pretty good match to end the night off with and the ending comes whenever Christian has Batista set up for the Unprettier but Batista pushes Christian off and Christian runs into the ropes and makes the tag to Orton. Orton comes in and ducks a clothesline from Batista and knocks 'Taker off the apron before coming back at Batista and out of nowhere nails the RKO for a two count whenever Undertaker breaks it up. 'Taker then grabs Orton and nails the Tombstone to a nice pop and knocks Christian out of the ring before placing Batista ontop of Orton for the three count

Shortly after the match, Undertaker grabs Christian and throws him into the ring and then grabs Christian going for a Tombstone on him and he nails it before picking up Batista. He then goes for another Tombstone on Batista but Batista counters out and then nails 'Taker in the gut when he comes back and connects with the Batista Bomb on Undertaker. Batista then slides to the ring and grabs his World-Heavyweight Championship belt and makes his way up to the top signalling he will still be the World-Heavyweight Champion come the Royal Rumble!

WWE Unleash the Fury Presents: The Royal Rumble
Sunday January 29, 2006
Live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas

The Royal Rumble Match

Raw Superstars: Triple H, Carlito, Gregory Helms, Kane, The Big Show
Rob Conway, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Matt Striker
Rene Dupree, Chavo Guerrero, Shelton Benjamin, Gene Snitsky and a Mystery Entrant

Smackdown Superstars: JBL, Randy Orton, Juventud, Psicosis, Super Crazy
Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Ken Kennedy, Matt Hardy
Mark Henry, Jamie Noble, Orlando Jordan, Hardcore Holly and Bobby Lashley

WWE Championship
Hell in a Cell Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs John Cena

World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Batista (c) vs Christian vs The Undertaker

No Disqualification Match
Winner is GM of Raw
Eric Bischoff w/ Vince McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Masters (c) vs Ric Flair

WWE Tag Team Championships
MNM (c's) vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick
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