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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: Unleash The Fury
Friday Night Smackdown Review

- Excellent match with London and Kendrick getting the win. I love how you used the Interference from Kendrick and playing MNM's own game. This match at Royal Rumble should be good to kick things off.

- Hyped Promo from JBL/Jillian. I can see that Boogeyman coming to get Jillian backstage If she stays back their. Funny Promo from JBL/Boogeyman there was good. The Hardcore match tonight should be good.

- A Really very good Cruiserweight Championship match. This is the second CW match in your show. Well, I really was looking for this match. Its good to see Noble coming back to Smackdown and winning the title away from Juventud.

- Mark Henry is also back on Smackdown. I don't like him but he can be great in Royal Rumble or If he didn't get his chance to be in RR then I think he can Interfere in. He's strong through.

- Good Promo their by Kennedy and Matthews. Kennedy is great with Mic Skills and I love him. Good to see Funaki coming in and hyping the match-up but Kennedy will win it for sure.

- Nice Squash Match there by Kennedy/Funaki. I can see Kennedy beeing and strong competitor in RR.

- Good Promo their by Teddy/Booker/Mysterio hyping the match. Now, This match should be good.

- Well, Its nice to see Chris Benoit getting the No. 1 Contenders Spot but I want a Triple Threat Match for that Title b/w them. I think, that'll happen maybe Booker will Interrput in Benoit's match with Rey for the US Title.

- WOW!. Awesome Promo by Randy Orton their. I love the Idea of how he was going on with Crowd. I loved all the Promo their. It was really fantastic, POTN!.

- JBL vs. Boogeyman should be good, Well, it was a Okay match with JBL getting the Win.

- Matt Hardy should be a great competitor in RR. Well, We'll see whats store for Matt at RR. Lets see his Dreams are fulfilled or not at RR.

- Batista vs. Christian should be a great match. My bet their was on Christian but oh no!, Taker interupts. Well, Triple Threat b/w them for The Title at RR should be off the hook.

Overall - 7.5/10

Well, You really need to put some length in the matches. Do some pinfalls their. Your Promos are really good, good work!.
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