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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review:

Was a matter of time before Vince got a stunner from Austin. You never get the simple stuff from Austin, and I was waiting anxiously to see how he got around to hitting the stunner on Vince.

Nice victory for Masters, and I expect he'll get a strong win over Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble, and further cement his place as a future main eventer on Raw.

Strong promo from Cena, but having just lost the belt, I dont see him reclaiming it inside HIAC at The Royal Rumble.

Very unique Rumble qualifier, with a contract on a pole. Pleased Conway is headed into the match, as the whole Eugene thing has run its course now, although I liked the way you had Conway 'con' Eugene, and manipulate him at the finish.

Cutting Edge was done perfectly. Pulled some hard questions, and began a feud between RVD and Edge. It might just be short term, but if it's a long term feud, I'm all for it. Could go places with it, especially with next weeks contest.

Good win for Victoria over Mickie here. Not sure where you're going with this feud, although I think it might translate into a Mickie heel turn in time for WM 22.

Ok promo with Angle, Daivari and McMahon, setting up tonights main event. I dont see anyway that Cena will lose to Daivari, although on a side point, it's hard to tell right now whether McMahon is a face or heel.

Brilliant promo between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Possibly the best promo you have written that I can remember. Captured both men perfectly, and you made the Rumble sound really important as it should be too. Not sure if anything will build from this, but I wouldnt mind seeing them hook it up at WM.

Flair over Carlito by DQ is okay, as it saves CCC from another loss, and it allows the Masters / Flair feud to continue on towards RR. Glad to see Ric get a back up, with Benjamin saving him, setting up a tag team match for next week on Raw. Could be a good build up for the I.C Title, and Shelton and Carlito as part of RR.

Striker in the Rumble is fine by me. I dont see him lighting the world up with a great performance, but he should make a good entrant in the early stages. Promo was pretty decent too, and well in character.

Pleased to see Cena win by submission, and get the momentum headed into RR, still see Angle winning though.
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