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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Solid opening promo from Vince and Austin, and I think that Eric will just about be able to make it to RR. Stunner on Vince had to be expected, but I donít think Vince will like it

Masters picks up a good win, and then a nice promo from him afterwards. Donít see him dropping the belt just yet

Cena interview was okay, nothing special but did its job

Conway does a good job to get in the rumble, but I would like to see Eugene in there as well

Edge/RVD next week will be a good match, and will probably end up being a preview of the Raw side of the rumble. Good debut of the cutting edge here, and some nice lines from both guys.

Trish/Micki is coming soon, and perhaps will be the womenís match for mania. One of them will turn on the other one soon

Main event tonight will be a good one, and I guess Cena will overcome the odds, as he always does. Nice promo here, and good stuff from these guys

HHH/HBK feud to start up again? Would be a good one to see, as the matches would be good ones, but not sure how you will manage to keep it fresh, seeing as it has been done so many times before

Tag match for next week will be good. Masters gets in a good attack on flair, and Shelton makes the save, which keeps him over nicely. Good way to build into the rumble here

Nice striker promo, although I donít see him lasting too long in the rumble match

Cena overcomes the odds, and he wins by making Daivari tap out. This feud has to end at the rumble, and therefore, surely angle has to retain, which is probably the way this should go

Interesting to see who the other 5 men in the rumble from raw will be. Iím guessing Shelton will take one spot, and maybe Eugene as well. Perhaps Daivari to give some back up for Angle, and a random tag team, but I guess we will have to find out
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