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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

eat opening segment with Teddy Long announcing the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. Christian is a great pick but his cockiness costs him dearly. Taker has the chance to reach the Rumble in a Triple Threat Match if he beats Captain Charisma. This is a great way to start the show and already a great match is announced for tonight. I hope The Deadman wins tonight as I would love to see a Triple Threat at the Royal Rumble.

Match #1
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs William Regal and Paul Burchill

Great match with two great teams. I like the team of London and Kendrick but I like the team of Birchill and Regal more. At least the Englishman didnít get squashed like they usually do. Great finish with William connecting with the Power Of The Punch on his team mate and then the 450 to finish things off. Oh well good tag team match and I like you having Tag Matchís that arenít apart of the Tag Team Titles. This is a good win for London and Kendrick and I can see a Tag Title Shot in the future. Great opening match between two great teams really gets you pumped up for the show along with the segment at the start.

Good JBL interview you really captured Bradshaw well. Iím interested with this feud between the Boogeyman. Even though Iím not a fan of the freak itís still good to read. If The Boogeyman wins then I wonít be the only one to say it will be an upset. I donít think it will happen though.

Match #2
JBL vs The Boogeyman

Well he did it by DQ though. It doesnít matter though The Boogeyman still picked up the win and thatís all that matters. I see youíre really pushing him in this thread. A win over JBL will definitely push him further up the ranks and I donít see JBL laying down from this defeat.

Randy Orton has a fair point. He did make an impact by RKOíing Long but still doesnít get the Title match. I liked the little details of this segment with Long not entering the ring. Randy has to be pleased with a shot in the rumble who I could see winning the match.

Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
MNM and Kid Kash vs The Mexicools

Great match! I liked the fact that both teams were fighting for a shot in the rumble and I loved this match even more with the Mexicools winning. Some great high flying spots with all three men and I liked Psicosis reversing the Snap Shot. London and Kendrick cost MNM and Kash the win which was great. There is definitely going to be a feud sprouting from this. Really good match again and a good outcome!

Ken Kennedy interview was okay. You missed the mark with Kennedy a little in this part and it didnít flow all too well. Still, looking forward to his match with Matt Hardy!

Good MNM segment. There Tag Team match at the Rumble will be great with London and Kendrick, this card is shaping up to excellent.

Match #4
Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

Good match but I always had the feeling Kennedy was going to win. Heís getting a push and he will definitely win his Royal Rumble qualifying match next week. I wonder where Hardy goes from here.

Match #5
Chris Benoit vs Booker T

I liked the impromptu match between these two and Benoit looked like winning unless Sharmell got involved. She didnít but Booker got the win anyway with the roll up and a little help from the ropes. I liked this match a lot.

Match #6
Christian vs The Undertaker

This match didnít really do it for me. The upside was that Taker will be in the Triple Threat Match but Christian was portrayed to be a little weak. Iím not sure why because he had the advantage around the start but it just seemed he lost so quickly. I donít why maybe itís just me. Anyway the result was the most important thing and really didnít disappoint.

Overall a good show with some solid matchís there wasnít one really bad match out of them all. I guess Taker and Christian could have been a little better but it was still a solid match. MNM vs. Kendrick and London will be great at the Rumble which is shaping up to be a great PPV.
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