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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Yes!! Christian is number one contender!! Great announcement with the rematch announced between Taker and Christian. I hope Taker wins, cos Taker will bring the match back up from the fact Batista's in it as he is not main event quality. Christian for champ!

A great win for London and Kendrick, two of the real great talents who should be higher up the card. MNM come to attack them, this is good and will be a great fued leading to an equally great match at RR. Two of the greatest tag teams today going at it.

Good JBL interview, a strange but good rivalry between these two, although I was expecting some Boogeyman goings on. I think Boogeyman will get the win tonight?

Well Boogeyman won, but not the way I thought he would. This will be a good rivalry, if Boogeyman stalks JBL and Jillian.

Good explanation from Orton, and Im surprised Long didn't make him number one spot there, as it would be a great form of revenge and a good way to announce it, but i guess you have something in mind.

This would've been a GREAT match to see, and nice to see Mexicools are in the Rumble. Nice way to build up the London/Kendrick & MNM fued.

Good interview, Kennedy in character. He is one of the greatest new talents to join WWE in a while.

The first line of this segment seemed more suited to Melina, but its not a big deal. Good segment, but I didn't understand why Nitro would be hasty to face them at RR seeing as it was his idea. And MNM wouldn't be excited about defending their titles.

Good win for Miiiiiiiiiissssssstttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrr KKeeeeeeeeennnnnnnneeeeeddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Kennnneddy!! Shame you didn't right his intro, but at least the aftermatch speech was there.

Nice to see Rey as US Champ, and that this fued will be going to WM by the look of it. Not good that Sharmelle is there, I can't stand her, she is so damn annoying. Benoit vs Booker! Can't get enough of those.

Nice to see Booker getting the cheap win, I was expecting Rey to come down, but I guess he must be really hurt.

Nice confrontation backstage, hopefully Orton will screw Batista out of the title at RR, but more likely these two will face off at Wrestlemania.

While it is good that Undertaker is in the triple threat, it is a shame that Christian's heat is lost so quickly. Batista gets up from where? Do you mean comes down to the ring? LOL!! Taker didn't even notice them fighting, he just turns around and sees Christian knocked out. Batista vs Undertaker will be no great match, but Christian will hopefullky interfere and destroy them both to get back his heat.

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