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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice opening promo from Teddy, although it didnít seem fully in character. Christian as the number 1 contender is good, but I donít see him taking the title. Rematch against Taker tonight should be good, and I see a triple threat at RR

Good win for the tag champs, and the attack from MNM is leading to a rematch, hopefully at the rumble

Nice JBL promo, and hopefully he will go over the boogieman. Looks like the feud will carry on though with the DQ finish, and I can see a short feud happening between these two, but nothing major

Good stuff from Orton, and Teddy puts him in the rumble. I can see Orton having a good run, and coming very close to victory, if not winning the thing, as he has been built up well

Mexicools in the rumble should be a good thing to see, and hopefully they can have a nice run. London/Kendrick vs. MNM will happen at the rumble Iím sure, and it should be a very good tag match

Nice words from kennedy to keep him over with the fans

Kennedy wins, which is good for him, but hardy is being made to look a lot like a jobber at the moment. Would like to see him pick up a few wins, or have a nice run in the rumble, as he has no momentum at the moment

Booker/Rey and Benoit in the rumble will be good, and this looks to be leading to a ppv match soon, and after the beatdown, maybe a triple threat at mania

Booker goes over Benoit, which is okay, but benoit is another one who needs to pick up a few more wins

Looks like Batista/Orton at some point then after that confrontation, and it could well be wrestlemania

Taker goes over Christian, and now we have the triple threat at RR. Should be a good match, but I think batista will retain
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