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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice announcement to open up the show, with Taker vs Christian tonight. I'd doubt you'd make a stipulation like that then have Taker lose, so I'm predicting a triple threat match at RR.

Awesome tag team opener, and with two teams as talented as these, and of course MNM, your tag team division will be going from strength to strength. All you need to do now is forget about the likes of LOD 2005, and The Dicks.

Not much on the Boogeyman, apart from him being kinda funny. JBL and him should have some interesting skits, but some horrible matches. Enough said. DQ finish helps keep Boogeyman on a winning streak, but hopefully JBL inflicts one on him soon.

Orton gets his spot in the Rumble. I liked this promo, as it looks to be building tension between Orton and Long. Teddy definately needs something to get into on SD, as he's doing very little, and becoming very boring at it.

Nice to see the angle between London / Kendrick & MNM continued through the night, with MNM having their spots in the RR taken by the Mexicools. This should set up a tag match at the Rumble for the belts, but who knows, it might be held over for No Way Out.

As always, enjoyable promo from Kennedy ... Kennedy. He'll definately get a great run in the rumble match.

Well, it's official then, tag titles to be decided at the RR. Should be a wonderful match.

Excellent win for Kennedy, although Matt Hardy looks to be continuing where WWE have left him off as a jobber thats over with fans. Hopefully it was just to give Kennedy a big win, and not to job out Hardy.

Booker T and Mysterio will no doubt cross paths in the Rumble imo, further elevating their recent feud. Hopefully Benoit doesnt get lost in the shuffle as a he appears to be doing here.

I hate it when Benoit doesnt win. I'm anxious to see what plans you have for The Wolverine, as he definately needs a good spot for WM. Perhaps an eventual triple threat match for the U.S Title??

I sense the seeds have been planted for Wrestle Mania with the backstage confrontation between Batista and Orton. It's a feud thats being repeated now in BTB a lot, so I'm not sure how to feel on this one just yet.

Nice main event, with Taker winning, booking himself a title shot now. That works for me, as Taker in the RR as The Deadman is hard to work. Not sure how you'll be building it up, whether Batista and Taker stay on the same page, or will they eventually square off. Batista vs Christian next week should give us an insight of how that will turn out.

Overall, solid show, not spectacular, but it's moving on nicely to the Royal Rumble, which should be an awesome show.
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