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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great way to open the show with the announcement of a World Championship qualifying match tonight. If Undertaker wins, he is added to the match, if Christian wins it is one on one, sounds good to me. Too bad for Randy Orton, I would have liked to see him get a shot at Batista. Christian pays out Undertaker like only he can but Teddy Long's character seemed off for some reason without his usual trademark comments like 'playa' or 'ya feeling me'. I'm backing The Undertaker tonight to make it a triple threat match seem he has nothing else to do.

Exellent choice for an opener, I am a fan of both teams. London and Kendrick pick up the win and thank god London was allowed to use the 450 splash. MNM assault the cruiserweight team with the snapshot afterwards and a fued between these two teams is going to be electric.

JBL thinks Boogeyman is a fat joke, we'll see, we'll see. Boogeyman is a freak, he gets clocked in the head with a clock and he likes it! Good booking as it made the newcomer look strong but I'm still not a fan of this guy. I can definetely see a program between the two coming to a climax.

Orton trashes the general manager, top draw on Raw and not on Smackdown, I agree. Orton complains like a broken record but here comes Teddy Long and I can see him punishing the Legend Killer now. Orton just an entrant in the Royal Rumble Match, I predict he is going to win it and face Batista at Wrestlemania.

London and Kendrick get their revenge on MNM after costing them their match against the Mexicools even though they never really touched them. It's a 450 splash showcase tonight, Juventud nails it for the win. All three of the Mexicools in the Royal Rumble Match will be interesting.

Couple of needed backstage segments here to build matches and storylines. Kennedy is arragent as hell and MNM/London-Kendrick at the Rumble sounds good to me.

Ken Kennedy beats Matt Hardy! Now I didn't see that coming, neither do I like it. The match made Hardy look like a jobber and I think he has the potential to be alot more than that. Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy picks up the win with his brilliant finisher, I can see him coming close to the end of the Rumble but not winning it.

Booker T cheats to beat Benoit again! Nice ending with the crippler crossface countered into a pinning combination but I'm sick of Booker beating Benoit in reality.

Tention between Batista and Orton, I know Randy will win the Rumble now. Interesting that Orton said after he wins the Rumble he will face The Animal at Wrestlemania 22 but what if Batista loses the title. I think you just gave the match away here.

The Undertaker finaly beats Christian with the Tombstone Piledriver and the match will now be a triple threat. Batista will still retain but at least it shakes things up a little. Batista saves The Undertaker and takes out Christian, surprised he helped an opponent but a good rsult came out of it with Batista/Christian one on one next week on Smackdown.

Overall a very entertaining show. Some of your promos seemed out of character but the storylines and booking is spot on. 8/10

Please review my first Raw when I get it up soon, thanks.
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