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Re: Being The Booker

So sorry about getting back to you so late with these reviews. Things will be slowing down in a few weeks with baseball finally ending. Anyways, I must say that I was afraid Angle's promo was going to pretty much be the normal standard "I'll end the streak promo" and what not but you added a twist to it. I did like how Angle touched on why he's capable of doing so and talking about the Bret Hart mathc last year without mentioning it was pretty nice too. Angle of course won't end it but if you were to pick somebody he definitely could be a threat to it. I really doubt it does happen though at all.

No shock really for the opening match result. It was obvious from the get go who was going to win and I find it rather intriguing that AMW nor the Hardy's have yet to win at WrestleMania. Hardy's seem to the favorites to win it in their big tag team reunion at the big show.

Decent little promo with Lashley and Albright backstage, nothing really surprising but I'm not expecting Lashley to win tonight due to the fact that he's "injured" right now and besides Batista/Albright has been being hyped for the longest time. Seems to me Batista is being groomed to be the next US champion and WrestleMania wouldn't be a bad time to give it to him. I like how you've slowly pushed him up the ladder as this time in real life he would have been main eventing but you're giving him plenty enough time to develop.

I'm not really expecting Jericho to win at WrestleMania but it wouldn't really surprise me to be honest. Just like Patman, I do like Jericho as a tweener in this thread as he can show off his wrestling skills and be cheered by the fans but also add that bit of attitude he has and therefore be the heel part of his character. I knew he was going to thank himself lol, so really no shock there and it definitetly seems like something Jericho would do. Nice short interview that proves you don't need to always have long segments to work out.

Good to hear MVP on commentary as any time that he gets on the mic he is always gold so nice to see him not forgotten about. Lmao at the 50 dollars and the LeBron comparison. I love LeBron so nice to see that right there haha. So um we'll have a two-fall match here tonight. Definitely different from what WWE does for qualifying matches and adds a bit of variety to it. I was surprised to see Haas has been on every WrestleMania he's been in for the company as I knew he wrestled 19 in real life, but wasn't sure about 20 in your thread. Obviously the past two years they've wrestled AMW but anyways, Carlito and Haas are two nice additions to round out the match and Carlito could pull off an upset coming off of his losing streak several months ago.

RVD being calm, cool, and collected was nice. I've always loved the RVD character and I'm glad to see many people have been pushing him over the past few years in BTB including yourself. I'm not so sure he retains but in a way I wouldn't really be surprsied if he was to. All in all it's a toss up but I'm thinking Edge could walk out with the gold?

Cruiserweight match was a move along match really and I like Anderson's ruling with if Kash loses both, he just outright loses the title. Very creative (well not really) but different idea heading into a title match. I can't see Kash just losing like that but he'll probably lose next week and have to cheat his way out before winning the next week. Kendrick vs.Kash seems more like a WM match but I think SC stands a decent chance too. As for HBK coming out, I'm not really sure I liked it. I understand he wants to cause chaos on both brands but really what did anybody from Smackdown do to him? I think maybe just having him go crazy on Raw would have been better as really it won't accomplish anything on Smackdown except maybe piss some wrestlers off that a Raw wrestler is causing havoc.

Angle is definently the fucking man. I loved how he played off not even hearing the music of the Deadman and not even being phased by the lights. Adds a bit of edge to his character that could definitely make him look like the biggest threat that 'Taker has seen yet at WrestleMania. So Jericho turning on RVD adds more intrigue to this developing story between all three men and it seems Edge getting the last laugh was appropriate to save face and make it known after losing Saturday that he is serious. Edge seems to be my choice to win at WrestleMania but that may change between now and then.

Overall another Wolfy-esque show. No shockers that you're on top of your game heading into your THIRD WrestleMania in this thread. Not many people can say they've done that at all. I know you're ready for it to get here and I am too to see what the aftermath brings. But anyways sorry about the lateness of this and I'll be looking for Raw very soon.
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