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WF 2009 BTB Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

WF BTB Hall of Fame 2009 Induction Ceremony

Due to Jushin Liger being inactive and kane01 not available for an interview, we will not have the interviews so the ceremony will be smaller this year. Regardless we’ll have comments about the bookers being entered into the Hall of Fame plus a few comments about the five year history of the Hall of Fame. So regardless, here’s the Hall of Fame Inductees for the Class of 2009! Also one final note, sorry I just got this up tonight. I was working yesterday evening and completely forgot about it.

Jushin Liger

“EPIC match writer in every sense of the word. When he was on, nobody could match him in that category. We got along fairly well back in the day before he disappeared and he'd always give advice to the nubs on how to match write and mix styles. Much deserved nom and vote tbh.”

– Renegade™ - Class of 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee

“I remember reading some of his work shortly after I became apart of this forum, and his work was one of the best. While I was and still is a fan of Wolfy's thread, JL's thread was a thread I made sure to check out. As an excellent match writer and promo writer, it should come as no surprise that I believe he should be inducted into the BTB Hall of Fame.”

– kid o mac – Class of 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee

“One of the very best match writers in the history of the BTB, the fact that he focused most of his attention on Japanese wrestling rather the traditional WWE BTB's means that he stands out even more.

Yeah, his promo work was never exceptional, but with the style of BTB that he wrote, it didn't need to be as it was the matches that did the talking - and although a lot of other bookers (me, Szumi, Wolfy, Naitch etc) have proven on many occasions that we can write some very good WWE main event style matches, very few, if any, have come close to his ability at writing the Japanese style of matches, or even being able to write a technical classic without the reader checking out in the first few moments on the match.

He also helped to set up the BTB Newsletter which shows his contribution to the section, and the Super J Cup's that he ran was an idea that was outside the box and to my knowledge has never be repeated by anyone else, giving him the credence of origninality that is so oft lacking in the section.

Although he never won the BTB Match Writing Tournament (I still will maintain I deserved the title when I won it.... but only just), his match writing is good enough to get him into the Hall of Fame - and the other stuff he did makes it a certainty.”

- Forever-Delayed – Class of 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee

He was ready to go in last year, and two years ago as well. Simply put, he's the best match writer to ever come to BTB, he helped bring puro to a more prominent life in BTB (if only for a while), and helped me and FD with the Newsletter in its opening days. He did a lot for the zone, in my eyes. Book it, match maker.

- Szumi Horror – Class of 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee

It's been a while but I definitely must say that Jushin Liger was definitetly a vital part of BTB back in the day. He started out not too long after I did if I can remember and he really did add a lot to the BTB section with his great match writing, his innovative thread,a nd most of all his innovative ideas. He brought the Cup where you picked a lightweight wrestler from your thread and he would book a tournament with them. Definitely something different that added a lot to the section. It's been a while since he's been on here but he can definitely be revered as one of the top match writers of the BTB section for sure.

- The Notorious K.O.P - Class of 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee


“Always loved his work, he was always in FD's shadow but really, he could match FD on his day and wasn't afraid to experiment and revitalise the roster he had, made some awesome feuds and matches and just flat out deserves a spot in HOF for co-running one of the sections best ever threads.”

– Renegade™ - Class of 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee

“I agree with the sentiment that this guy is one of, if not, the most underrated booker in the history of BTB. I first took notice of him when he was doing a 2002 thread (I think it was 2002 anyway) where he consistantly produced good promos and some well written, lengthy matches, and the storylines he had were interesting as well making him an all-round good booker.

Then, when I was looking for a partner for my thread and his name appeared in the PM wanting to be the partner, I knew that my search was over.

Throughout the partnership he managed to produce a series of promos that were both serious as well as often very humourous, while his match writing was at times superior to mine as he managed to make every match a must-read, while I admit that at times I didn't strive to do that.

Although the thread has gone done as being attributed mainly to me, a lot of the good work that was done in the thread was produced by him, and his contribution to the Wrestlemania PPV was definately worthy of joining my half as being one of the best PPV's ever written in this forum.

The sad thing is that he never really managed to break out from under my shadow, and it's a shame that his solo thread afterwards got curtailed due to time constraints and school work, which never gave him the chance to show everyone just how good he could be.

Definately though worthy of being in the Hall of Fame.”

- Forever-Delayed - Class of 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee

“He was a solid overall booker, and never got his praise because he partnered with FD, who was at the very top of BTB for quite some time. kane01 was a great match writer, and a great booker; he really produced some excellent storylines on the SD brand. His solo project had a lot of potential, so it's a shame he fizzled out. However, he's loads better than any active bookers nominated for the HOF, and could hold his own against the top class of yesteryears.”

- Szumi Horror – Class of 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee

Bookers Thoughts on 5 Years Of Hall of Fame

"Finally as far as I go, when I was inducted into the BTB Hall of Fame in 2006, I was shocked and surprised. While I thought that was my work was good, I was surprised to see that my fellow bookers liked my thread so much, that I was inducted in. While my induction into the HoF has come with talk of my thread being overrated, and my booking skills not that worthy of a spot in HoF, I am honored that I was selected into the group. While I don't book shows as often as I did before, I still feel one of my best runs in BTB was that first year when I began to book."

– kid o mac – Class of 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee

"It seems a long time since I was inducted (checks... 2007, was it really only 2 years ago - seems a lot longer than that) but when I was inducted, it was a tribute to the work that I had done in the BTB section.

To be honest, I was expecting to be inducted as at the time, I was one of the best who had not been inducted, but it still felt good to see that my peers believed that my work was worthy of being put into a Hall of Fame.

The fact I was expecting to go in meant that it wasn't really a shock on anything like that, and I probably would have been disappointed not to have made it at the time, but in all honestly, I don't really remember how I felt - probably happy, proud, and excited to carry on my career as a BTB Hall of Famer (and we all know what happened afterwards and the amount of shows I've produced since then - I'd be amazed if it was double figures!)

So yeah, being announced as going into the HOF was probably the beginning of the swansong to my career - hopefully it won't be the same for this years inductees (although some do seem to have retired already)

The Hall of Fame is a good addition to have for the BTB section - although it probably shouldn't be the aim of doing BTB when you start, it does give you something to strive for if you are serious about it, and if you have done well, it is a good way of recognising those who have been good at writing BTB's.”

- Forever-Delayed – Class of 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee

"It's... I don't wanna say an honor 'cause that's a bit cheesy and melodramatic considering what we're talking about, but it's... quite the deal to be told by your peers - all of which do the same recreational 'hobby' as you -- that "You have been doing this better than most, and here is your recognition for it -- the highest one we can give, the HOF." It's... nice."

- DDMac – Class of 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee

I think it adds a lot to the section as it gives many of the bookers something to strive for. Now sure it's just a silly internet award you can say but still it's just for the fun of it really. I can't believe that this has been going for five years already with myself having ran it for four of those years. Time definitetly flies by on here and I can't wait to see who the next inductees are next year.

- The Notorious K.O.P - Class of 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee
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