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Re: Watchmen Mafia Gameplay Thread

Day 4:

Everyone decided to lynch WWF. He was walking around the corner as he saw the lynch mob running towards him. He darted down the hallway and as Steven L rounded the corner, grabbed his hand a broke a few fingers before punching him in the face and running off.

WWF ran up the stairs with the mob after him. He pushed a decorative pillar down the stairs, knocking down the two guys in the front and causing them to tumble back down.

WWF paused for a moment and looked behind him, thinking he had outrun them, when he ran into Sticksy who had ran a different direction. "NO! FUCK YOU GUYS!" shouted WWF as they all piled onto him and although he fought back, they beat him to death.

WWF was:


Congratulations, you are Rorschach, The Vigilante, Watchmen Aligned! You win when your team is the only one left. Rorschach is an awesome character who doesnít always thinks evil should not be left unpunished, so heís going to make sure of that himself. Every other night, if you wish you may PM me the name of one player. That night, you will kill that person. Rorschach is awesome, so please donít die quickly.

If at any time you become unmasked, you become simply Walter Kovacs. This will last the following day and night cycle. Since you are really not a very intimidating-looking guy, your opinion wonít be taken seriously during this time and your lynch will count for 0.

It is now night, so send in your roles
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