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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Review:

Only Kurt Angle could do something so terrible just six days ago, and then still get a mammoth pop from his loyal fans. Thatís just how good Kurt ĎOWNSí Angle really is. He is truly the best thing going in the WWE, atm, and I would truly love to see him end ĎTakerís streak at WM23. Sadly, that wonít be happening, but it was still great to hear Angle talk about why he is going to be the man. Like everyone seems to say, they wonít let all the mind games and such get into his head, but I think we will have very little of that this year, as ĎTaker wonít waste his time. Angle talks about losing to Bret last year, and now he has even more incentive to come back strong because he was so horrid after that big loss. Angle seems 100% focused on going to WM23, and he isnít going to worry about the actual match until it goes down. Hopefully we get some more mic time from Kurt, because he is the man when he is as intense as he was in this one.

Like you said, this was obviously going to belong to the Hardyz, and Iím glad you didnít work around that. Glad that the other three didnít look really weak, but itís not like the match was a classic, with the other three teams only able to do so much. Deuce tries to get Jeff out of the ring, but now he gets what heís got coming, with the Hardyz finishing the match and getting the Title shot. Hopefully the next few weeks between these two teams are good, because this could be a tremendous tag team contest.

Lashley may destroy Albright if this wasnít a Title match, but it seems obvious to me that itís gonna be Albright-Batista at WM23. Batista will probably be at ringside for the match, but itís obvious that itís gonna be down to two men after this match tonight.

Like everyone expected, the injury to Lashley is stopping the big man from being his usual self, as thereís a need to mask the injury, with Bobby dominating the majority of the match. But Albright proves why he is a great US Champion, surviving the Spear and then pinning Lashley with a schoolboy! Great win, as itís always better when the heel Champion wins cleanly, especially heading into such a big match at WM23. Well done.

Great match at SNME, btw. Good to see Jericho will be in the Main Event, where he truly belongs, imo.

Very good interview from one of the co-#1 contenders, as Jericho has been on a roll since he lost to RVD at SuperBrawl. I love how much of a tweener he is, as many viewed him as the face in his little feud with Edge, but then he goes out tonight and thanks himself for getting to WM23, something only a heel would do. Iím not so sure about Jerichoís chances at WM23, but hopefully he will do what he always does, put on a tremendous contest.

I absolutely love MVP as a personality in pro wrestling. The whole gimmick is just so perfect and the cockiness that he shows is unmatched. Throwing a $50 bill at Cole? Who else is going to do that? He compares himself to LeBron, and thatís just another reason to love the man, imo. MVP and Carlito to feud until WM23, which should be a very good one between two of the best young studs in the company.

Glad that this match doesnít really have any terrible wrestlers, with Hardcore being the closest, but even heís not that awful. Like I said, itís obvious that Porter and Carlito are going to feud, as MVP comes in an costs ĎLito the first fall, pulling him off the cover, and Haas gets into MITB! Glad to see him back in a little bit of spotlight, as I really liked his push post-WM22. Now the match breaks down again, as Carlito again misses out on the win, with Regal breaking the count after the BackStabber to Masters. MVP tries to screw ĎLito again, but then ends up hitting Masters, with Carlito becoming the final man in the match! Great to see CCC in MITB, as I really hope that he climbs back up the card following WM23, as I hoped he would have after WM22.

I liked the kinda ďchange of paceĒ interview from RVD. I thought, with the way the promo started, that we were gonna get just another non-chalant speech from Van Dam. But the way that he changed his demeanor when talking about holding onto the WWE Title, that was very well done, imo. This may just be to fool us, as you have stated youíre not the biggest RVD fan, but I see him keeping the Title past WM23, tbh. Edge will win it down the line, just not on 3/18.

Sounded like a very solid match between Chavo and Kid Kash. Glad to see this one get a lot of time, as I know I made my opinion known about the way that you treated the Cruiserweight match at SNME. Chavo looks like he came close to winning, but that doesnít happen, as Kash retains the belt CLEANLY, with the Dead Level! Glad that he finally did something to make himself look credible, as parading around the ring following the match seemed about right.

Very smart idea that you have for the CW Title situation at WM23. I love that both Kendrick and Super Crazy get another shot at winning the Belt, and the way it is set up is perfect! I think that whichever one you want to have the shot will win next week, that way itís even more suspenseful the next week, because Kash could lose and then be done! But I still see Kash going to ĎMania, and hopefully itís BK that gets the shot. HBK~! Very cool to see him on SD!, as we all know what he is capable of doing when there is anarchy. Hopefully this sends the message to the ďBoardĒ so that his match with Foley is back on. Now we know that Michaels can strike at any time, on any show! Cool way to keep the feud with Foley even more interesting.

WM23 card is shaping up quite nicely. But this thread will be boycotted if the Streetfight isnít put back on.

Glad that you are finally able to write out the SD! Main Event in full, as you should have some great matches in the past few months, with this being one of the top ones. Pretty much went down as I expected, apart from RVD and Y2J actually getting along for a decent amount of time. Angle was the man in this match, and he was able to power through and eventually gets Van Dam in the Ankle Lock! GONG~! Loved the way that Angle was COMPLETELY unfazed by the mind games, but Jericho saves Van Dam. And then takes out the WWE Champion! Jericho celebrates a little bit too long, and then gets dropped by Edge for the win! Edge stands tall to end the show, holding his MITB and the WWE Title. But the man tonight was Kurt Angle. Spectacular promo, and then domination in the Main Event. Great way for him to get a ton of exposure.

Very good return to full for SD! in what Ö two years? Some great talent on this show and I think you really liked working with them, as the show came off very well. Angle has been the man, and I hope that continues, because heís the best thing you got going.


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