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Re: Watchmen Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 3: Big Blue Penis

Everyone was asleep in sleeping bags on the floor, except one man. He snuck over to Lostfan's sleeping bag, holding a knife. As soon as he pulled down the cover, he stabbed down, killing the person sleeping there. Only it wasn't Lostfan, it was Josh.

Josh was:


Congratulations, you are Sally Jupiter, The Beloved Lady, Watchmen Aligned! You win when your team is the last one left. You were a sex icon when you were younger, and are still a much-loved woman. So if you are lynched, everyone will be so sad and feel so guilty, that the next day they will spend mourning your death. There is a good part of your role, though: if you are killed during the night, the person who killed you will feel so guilty that they will not make a kill the next night. Oh yeah, and since you were the original Silk Spectre, if the current Silk Spectre dies, you will be able to come out of retirement for one night and become the Silk Spectre again and track somebody. PM me the name of someone you want to track and you will see who they visit that night.
Someone else was watching this happen. He too had wanted to kill Lostfan, but decided not to bother after that first man failed.

Certs had gotten up to get a drink. On his way back to bed, some guy jumped out in front of him with a gun. Before anyone could react, a big blue guy appeared out of nowhere and snapped his fingers, teleporting the would-be-killer three rooms over. Certs thanked the man as they woke up everyone else.

It in now Day 4 with 21 alive it's 11 for a lynch
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