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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Wow. Smackdown in full delivered nice and early. I really donít know what to say, this Angle promo was sensational. I didnít find any little thing off, it all flowed well, had his little catch phrase in there, was just perfect. Of course Angle is being made to look like a million bucks so when he loses to ĎTaker he is still credible, but I donít care, this promo was gold and if it hadnít been for Angle dominating this feud since Survivor Series I would so think he had a chance at ĎMania.

The Hardy Boyz and AMW has been slowly building for a long time ever since Matt Hardy and I think it was Shannon Moore lost to them a while ago. Should be an awesome contest, and I personally hope AMW win so they are put over as a mega tag team where as The Hardy Boyz glory days are over, IMO.

Interesting little segment with these three US Title scene guys. I can actually see Lashley getting the win and us getting a battle of the behemoths come Wrestlemania. Probably wonít happen but it was a nice little segment, loved the cockiness of Albright at the start to. Unfortunately he lost his confidence at the end hopefully he doesnít lose his title.

Nice win for Albright, I thought I could sense a Lashley win even though I didnít want that. Albright to go over at ĎMania and have the most epic US Title run in history please.

Chris Jericho was extra confident in this interview and I love the tweener role he will be playing heading into the triple threat match. He, at this stage is definitely the most interesting character in the match as he can go after whoever he wants, and say whatever he wants, where as both Edge and Rob Van Dam are perhaps a tad predictable at this stage.

MVP on commentary is ratings.

Nice two fall match up, I found it to be rather enjoyable, not that there was much to read but the idea of the contest was enjoyable. Charlie Haas getting a spot is something I really like as I have been wondering for a while why he was doing absolutely nothing in your thread, he should be a good participant, as for Carlito well he is all rejuvenated and what not, and it would be story of the year, and I find it very likely that Carlito could very well come away with the MITB, and maybe even get on a winning streak of sorts.

This RVD interview was a nice rebuttal, and about the whole predicable thing you really shoved that up my ass here. RVD was very nice indeed, I loved the more aggressive approach it shows that he is not one dimensional and that he has more sides to his personality. This makes me very excited heading into ĎMania, this would be topped off well if Edge turns into an unstable crazy guy.

Kid Kash getting a nice, CLEAN win over Chavo Guerrero which I am very happy with, as he may be seemed as a some what fluke champion at this point in time, but a nice win over a good wrestler in Chavo Guerrero really makes Kash look legit, IMO. Nice promo from Double A and I guess it will be Kash and Crazy at ĎMania.

Michaels causing anarchy is awesome and should make up for a good week or so, or however long you choose to run with it. I donít know about Michaelsí microphone work here though, itís only a little thing but he is intense and angry, so would he really say I want Mick Foley at Mania boys and girls or something like that. The whole boys and girls bit is to playful for how angry he was. Maybe a bit nit picky, but the whole review couldnít be ass kissy and now I can go back to enjoying the show.

The main event on Smackdown this week was absolutely epic, I remember people were saying that this was your B show and what not, but not anymore, things are just as interesting on the blue brand now days. Angle not buying into the mind games and then Jericho turning on RVD and then Edge getting the pay back victory over Jericho. Everything in this main event was exceptional.

Overall Wolf, I donít know if it was short or itís the fact that I enjoyed it so much, but this show seemed short. Maybe it was because it was a refreshing read after some of the stuff I was going through earlier, all I know was this was awesome. Well done, the road to ĎMania is now hot on both brands.

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