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Re: Watchmen Mafia Gameplay Thread

Day 3: Initiation

Everyone decided they needed to kill someone today no matter what. They all decided on RKO920, who had fallen asleep in the corner. It was decided that Big.C., the new guy, would have to prove himself by making the kill.

Everyone surrounded RKO where he was napping. RKO awoke with a start and tried to get to his feet, but Josh shoved him back down. "Alright you piece of trash! It's time for you to die!" CBR shouted. "No, no!" pleaded RKO. "You... you c-can't, I-I'm..." but Big.C. was eager to prove himself, so he grabbed a small statue and bashed RKO920 over the head with it, killing him.

RKO920 was:


Congratulations, you are Hollis Mason, The Back-Up Investigator, Watchmen Aligned! You win when your faction is the last one left. You were the original Nite Owl, and if the current Nite Owl is killed, you will come out of retirement and become Nite Owl I again and be the investigator. At night, you will be able to send me the name of one player and then get his alignment. You are an elderly man though, and will only be able to go out every other night.

If you are unmasked at any time in the game after you have become the Nite Owl I, you will go back to being Hollis Mason and will not be able to use your role. This will last for the following day and night cycle.
Everyone went to bed feeling bad.

It is now Night 3 so send in your roles
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