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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review

Angle Promo: Excellent choice in having Angle open the show. Even though they are in his hometown, Angle was able to find a way to get a little bit of heat on himself in the promo. Great way of putting Angle over in this segment, with him stating that he got beaten by the occasion at last year’s Mania was the line of the segment IMO. I’m really looking forward to their match at Mania, though with you having Angle already having Taker tapped out at Survivor Series, it seems as if Taker will get the win at their match at Mania. Either way I’m looking forward to the rest of the buildup in this feud.

Four Team Tag Match: As I mentioned in last week’s show, this match was decided before it even began, as it was obvious that the Hardys were going to win this match. Like I mentioned in my last SD review, if given enough time, Hardys/AMW can possibly steal the show at Mania.

Lashley/Albright Segment/Match: While I’m not completely familiar with Albright, I know who he is as he was on Smackdown for a short while a few years back. With that said, I know you’re a fan of Albright, so it’s not a surprise that he won and retain his title against Lashley in this match. It seems as if Lashley might be taking some time off soon with the injury he has, though it hasn’t been announced on WWE television yet. While Albright seems to be alright as champion, I still don’t see Batista beating him for the title at Mania.

Chris Jericho Interview: This interview was done in classic fashion for Jericho to get heat on himself. While Jericho is playing somewhat of a tweener in this feud, it only a matter of time, IMO, before Mania comes that Jericho completely turns on Van Dam.

MITB Qualifying Match: First off MVP on commentary=GOLD! With that said it’s obvious that from MVP’s commentary, Carlito is going to get one of the final two spots in the match. While it’s not a surprise that he didn’t get the first spot due to MVP, it was expected that he got the second one. However I must say, I’m surprised that Charlie Hass got the win as well. Seems as if Charlie Hass has been receiving a push in some bookers threads, as he seems to be receiving a little push in this thread, one in mine, and a while back he was in a great feud with JBL over the IC title over in Mac’s thread.

RVD’s Promo: Like how the promo went from laid back to serious. Van Dam stating the lengths of his championship reigns was a good way to put himself over. While Van Dam has booked really well over the past year in this thread’s time, I still can’t see him leaving Mania STILL as WWE Champion.

Cruiserweight Championship: It’s good to see Kash and Chavo get a good amount of time for this title match. However…KASH WINS…AND WINS CLEANLY! I’m shocked! However after reading the impressive promo from Double A, Kash better continue to win cleanly if he wants to get pass Mania as champion. Something tells me though it will wind up being Kash vs. Crazy for the title at Mania. Just like that though…Kash is floored with Sweet Chin Music by…SHAWN MICHAELS!

Michaels’ Promo: Good way of putting over Michaels wanting to face Foley at Mania. However you completely buried Kash as champion, by having him floored with Sweet Chin Music from Michaels TWICE in the SAME SEGMENT! As far as Michaels/Foley goes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the match between the two take place at Mania, under Unsanctioned Rules.

Main Event: Great tag match as all four put on a great match. However one of the biggest moments in the match was Angle zoning out when Taker played the mind games. Angle no selling Taker’s mind games was a great way to put over Angle’s attitude heading into Mania. Jericho connecting with the Lionsault to Van Dam…Great way to finally break up any possible teaming of Van Dam and Jericho heading into Mania! Now it seems that the Triple Threat match might be able to match up with the buildup that Cena and Christian have for their World Title match for Mania. Edge getting the win though was huge, but the ending of the show with Edge holding BOTH the MITB Briefcase AND the WWE Championship, was an excellent way to put over Edge as Mania draws near.

Overall Comments: Great show as always Wolf. Out of the two shows, I think Smackdown was the better one of the two, as Angle’s promo and Michaels’ involvement on the show made Smackdown a little better than Raw in terms of the past two shows being posted. With that said, looking forward to the next Raw AND Smackdown shows to be posted in this thread.

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