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Re: Being The Booker

I like how Angle disrespects his hometown and maintains his heel status. “Shut Up!” I can’t really see Undertaker tapping to Angle, especially at Survivor Series. But, it keeps the rivalry flowing, I suppose. I like how Angle made excuses about his last ‘Mania match. “The occasion beat me.” What does that even mean? In any case, solid opener…

You pretty much spelled out a Hardys win with this opener. Maybe if you had some better names in there, I would’ve considered this a match…

I like how Lashley and ‘Tista psych out Albright. I don’t see Brent losing to Lashley, though. Batista v. Lashley would not sell…

“ALBRIGHT SLIDES OFF THE SHOULDER, AND SCHOOL BOYS THE CHAMPION?” By any chance, did you mean the challenger? Anyhow, like I said, Albright losing so close to the PPV would not be so wise.

Jericho thanking himself… believable Y2J segment. Knew it was coming, though. Who else did he have to thank. His mom?

MVP pulls Carlito down? Isn’t that something about what Melina did on Raw? And I don’t see Charlie Haas as an MITB competitor, let alone winning. I like how Carlito made it anyway, despite Porter’s attempt.

Convincing, yet short, RVD promo.

I don’t see a Crusierweight title match lasting anything more than 6 minutes. Nine is just absurd. Excellent stipulations to mix things up in the Crusierweights. I see Kendrick v. Super Crazy. Kid Kash isn’t much of a champion, imo.

The segue into the Michaels promo was unexpected and not called for. You should’ve done that backstage, not in the ring. And what did Arn Anderson do about it? We never heard of the ramifications to HBK’s actions?

Great main event. Exciting and down to the last second. Reminds me of the Smackdowns of old. Undertaker playing the mind games was a good move, but I expected an appearance from the deadman. The ending to this match was the shit, what with the enziguiri into the lionsault into the spear. Nice going. So, Edge gets the last laugh. Meh, not bad.

Overall: Another great show. One question, though: I know you probably explained this sometime earlier, but why doesn’t Edge cash in his MITB when the champ is down?

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