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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Starting off with a match this week then. Not the best match to kick off the action but at least it featured two talented wrestlers and it helped to put over DiBiase once again. The aftermath was good with Finlay and Hornswaggle attacking DiBiase and Santino, and with Santino getting bitten in the ass you added a little humour to it. Nice way to develop these feuds.

This could've opened the show tbh, as Rey returning is pretty big and the fans would love it. We all knew Doane was going to come down and I'm glad he did, plus it does a lot for his heel charatcer to interrupt Mysterio on his return. I am a big fan of Dykstra and he was great in this promo, him telling Rey that nobody cares that he's back was a typical heel thing to say and he was his usual cocky self throughout the promo which was great. I liked the way it ended with the brawl and Dykstra typically escaping the 619, leaving both men with something to be frutsrated about. This should be a good feud and I am hoping Dykstra will come out of this looking even more impressive.

Nice little segment to keep this Cody jelousy angle going, I am loving this and I can't wait to see what heppens next between these three. I liked how you had Cody looking on from a distance and not looking happy and it leaves us wondering what is going to happen next. A bit of hype for Kelly's match later too, which Kofi and Cody will probably get involved in.

I was a little surprised to see The Miz and Morrison take the titles from Londrick after they retained at the Pay Per View, but I guess you did that to keep it unpredictable and to keep it going a little longer. It seemed like a very good tag match and it does now look like you will be splitting up London and Kendrick after that blind tag. I think they have become slightly stale, probably because they aren't a team IRL anymore, so it would probably be a good decision despite their talent as a team. As for M&M, its great for them and I can see them having an entertaining title reign in this thread considering how you book arrogant heels.

Regal was great in this next segment and I think he will soon get fed up of being number two. The Colons getting Cryme Time in this match is a nice idea, and I get the feeling they will get destroyed!

This next segment was great, Miz and Morrison were so damn arrogant as usual and you can just imagine them acting like this. Kendrick is angry! LOL it would be quite funny seeing him storm off like that as his babyface character was quite bland. Poor Grish! Haha that was funny. Entertaining promo for sure and it shows what we are in for with them as champs. Be jealous!

This played out really well. I thought that Cody might cost her in some way but the way you did it was a good idea. Kelly Kelly looked pretty good in this match against a very strong opponent which is good for her, and its better that she loses like this. The aftermath was very interesting and I didn't expect her to get knocked down like that again. Things have really picked up in this storyline when it was already really good, so I can't wait to see what happens next.

This was one intense promo and it was really well written. So early in this feud yet it is already so intense and exciting. Although I don't like face Kennedy as he was one of my favourites back when he was the awesome heel, this feud is so fresh and interesting. So as I said the promo was great and both said some interesting things including Kennedy's proposition. I liked Orton telling Kennedy that he blew his chances too, as you could say that he did on many occasions. I'm not sure if the RKO was needed though, I realise Orton wanted to make an impact and get a little revenge after last week, but the match announcement doesn't have the same impact after someone has been taken out as they can't react to the match together, and it also means that Orton might not come out on top on the night even after the RKO.

Another very good segment with Santino, Melina and Natalya. Loved Santino again in this, the way he stepped forward and then back again was hilarious. Santino was great in this but it was about the rivalry between Melina and Natayla. I'm not sure about it yet tbh, especially when its not a title feud, unless the one who comes out on top ends up going for Victoria.

Decent promo from the Nature Boy. We had to hear from Evolution tonight and it was a good little promo. You kept the possible problems between Batista and Triple H in our minds too but I don't think anything will come of it, and it would be bad for them at the moment with The Corporation looking dominant. No words from HHH makes it seem like he is really serious too which is good, I am just wondering what will happen later.

So Kane squashes Cryme Time. This really didn't do Cryme Time much good at all but at least they were beaten by the Champ. Cryme Time got a taste of their own medicine too with the Colons stealing their bling, no doubt they'll enjoy talking about that next week. Kane didn't really need much help though really. I am wondering what will happen with Kane while this tourney runs, I had a similar situation in my thread not so long ago as you know and the Champ didn't do much, and I am just wondering if you'll find something for Kane.

Hmmm I wonder what part two of this plan is. Decent segment once again and you did a good job of making Show look powerful with the weights and Vince putting him over, as well as The Big Show saying he can take HHH on his own.

Another good match with some exciting action. I was slightly dissapointed to see it end a DQ as we do seem to get at least one every week now, but I know you do it to keep them all looking strong. I would've liked one of them to get a pin over their rival but there is time for that, especially now with the match next week. Didn't expect a match so soon between Rey and Dykstra but I like it, it certianly won't be the end of their feud but it will give one of them bragging rights, hopefully Kenny. I am looking forward to seeing both these feuds continue.

Vladamir Kozlov!? Wow that was a shock but I like it. I'm not much of a fan of his but he certainly fits into this role of a henchman for The Corporation. He made a big impact on his debut for sure by costing Triple H, but it could've been even better IMO. Kozlov really should've taken out Triple H with his bare hands, or even head as he does IRL, and possibly broken the stick across his knee or something just to show his furiosity rather than just using Triple H's weapon against him. Still though it was a big shock and I like the look of The Corporation now, they look dominant as they should being the heels. Shane, Vince and JBL with his bad back can now wrestle less with Kozlov and Show in the group, which will help to keep it fresh as we've already had two big matches. I have a feeling The Game will be angry at Batista for not being there. Good ending.

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