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Re: Being The Booker

RAW feedback

I've been reading your show for a while but I don't think I've reviewed a RAW before now, just reviewed a PPV and gave predictions, so here goes. The show started with a World Tag Team Championship match, which I love. I think starting RAW with a bang is always great. Of course, I expect Punk/Helms to get screwed out of this again and yup, they do. MNM win by countout. I think that when these two clash with no way for MNM to cheat, then Straight Edge will take it. Great team there btw, unique and I would never have thought of it.

Haha, great promo here with The McMahons. I was pretty sure Triple H would not be in the title match, as Lesnar/Triple H has been hinted at for a while now. I love how Linda McMahon is feared by everyone in the family; quite amusing. So it's Cena/Christian, one on one, which I'm torn about. I don't like the idea of John Cena as the newly crowned champ (which means he has little chance of losing at WrestleMania) but I love the idea of Christian getting a WrestleMania main event and (hopefully) winning it.

Shelton Benjamin qualifies for what should be a damn good Money In The Bank. You have a pretty good line up so far and I can't wait to see how two will be decided on SmackDown!

One thing I can say about you is you write a perfect John Cena promo. Seriously, it's incredible how spot on you are with his promos. He really hyped me up for the match. Ditto for Christian. Very solid reply off him and these two are certainly going on a collision course! I'm looking forward to this match, simply because there's a potential of Christian leaving WrestleMania as champion.

Nice job of putting Christian and Cena over, but also making Brotherhood look pretty strong. That was done well. It was fairly obvious they would win, and I loved that they both had the same idea of attacking eachother - it's getting heated!

Brock Lesnar wants his opponent by the end of the night - at this point, I'm pretty certain it's Triple H he'll be fighting, but I like how you bring up rumors of it possible being Shawn Michaels, just to throw us off. Speaking of HBK, he gets a solid victory over Finlay only to be told that the Mick Foley match is off... I don't think so. It'll be back on - and HBK thinks so too. Wonder what he'll do?

Awesome cool, Mister Kennedy gets another title shot against Rey Mysterio and hopefully, he'll win it this time. He should have, in my opinion, won the first time around. Let's go Kennedy!!


Nice run down of the WrestleMania card, and nice Orton win over London. Orton looks to be one of the favourites going into this match, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him win it and eventually, become a World Champion when he cashes it in.

And just as I predicted (although it wasn't particularly hard to predict :P) Triple H will take on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 23! What a great card you have going! Nice segment here with the brawl and Triple H staying out of it. I expect Trips to get some crap for not helping but he'll be forgiven. Great show, can't wait for SmackDown!

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