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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by bruteshot74 View Post
Muscle Tech = bad. I was taking less then they said to take and it was still fucking with my system. Going to order a small tub of the stuff MW told me to get a couple of pages back though I think because creatine was definitely helping me but I would rather feel the same after then feel like shit for the rest of the night just to get a couple extra reps and hold some water weight.
I am starting to think about the Green Mag also... I'm not a good responder to creatine though. It tends to make me hold too much water, the majority in my midsection. I've tried regular mono, the walmart creatine (lots of sugar like cell tech), cell mass from bsn, and regular creatine ethyl ester that I'm using now. Controlled Labs makes good stuff from my experience. I like White Flood, and am currently using orange triad as my multivitamin. I've used purple wrath before also, and if not for the god awful taste and not mixing well at all, I'd still be using it.

As far as PreWO, about 1 hour before working out, I drink my whey or eat some lean meat if I don't want to drink my protein. About 15-20 min before WO, I take my prewo drink. I've tried alot, and try to switch it up as much as possible so I don't get used to it.

I've tried:

NOXplode - alot of caffeine and L-Arginine. If you aren't used to the caffeine, it gives you a heck of a kick. 1.5 scoops for me is all I need right now. When 2 scoops don't work, I will switch.

Super Pump - for me it was meh... 1 scoop didn't do much, 2 scoops gave me the shits. You want fear in the gym... 2 scoops of SP250 and working heavy squats followed by heavy leg press when you have the shits. That's fear!

White Flood - good stuff. Didn't give me the major kick that NOX did, but overall, its a good value and pretty quality stuff.

Fast Twitch - nothing too special. not a big kick, more of a slow energy that doesn't give out on you for a couple of hours. I might get a bottle of this in the future to give it a good testing.

L-Arginine & Lo Carb Monster - this is my "homemade" prewo supp. It works basically just as good as the others. I take 4grams of L-Arginine and slam a can of Monster (blue M) about 20 min before workout. If I need a bigger kick, I slam the XXL can.

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