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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Rajah View Post
I went to the supplement store the other day, walked out $300 odd poorer and got some Controlled Labs Green Magnitude Creatine, Inner Circle ISO protein, and Anadraulic State. My God that stuff is powerful. I've never had a kick like I did with the Anadraulic State, but be warned, it has the worst taste of any supplement I've ever had. It gave me a buzz after about 10 minutes.
The worst thing was last Sunday I took some protein just after dinner, just before my workout. I had the Anadraulic State then did my workout about 30 minutes later. During the night I had to go to the toilet, again and again, and after feeling crap when I got up I ended up having the day off work just so I could be close to the toilet. I'm OK now, and feel I had to much to eat before the workout so I have been careful since and had no ill effect.
How'd you like the Green Magnitude? I'm always promoting it in here and haven't received much feedback from anyone. Seeing that you are supplementing it (have for a long while or just started, I assume) I thought I'd ask.

Originally Posted by CM_Jobber
Cheers for the help,guys. One more question.............what do you guy's drink before work-out? Cos i was told that Whey Protein stuff is better before rather than after the gym.
Yeah, I take strictly my whey protein with/without a banana. I've tried numerous nitric oxide supplements before so here are my thoughts on them:

-I've used Muscle Pharm's Assault as my NO supplement and that worked alright.

-BSN's Nitric Oxide "No Xplode" wasn't quality because you need such a heavy dose of it for it to be effective. Plus, many people have grown immune to the supplement which is a tremendous waste of money.

-Gaspari Super Pump 250 was probably the best pre-workout supplement I've experimented with. Personally, I decided to stop using it because of being too jittery and pumped up for three hours. Sure, it's supposed to do that but Super Pump 250 was a little too extreme for me.

-Controlled Labs White Flood is a decent NO supplement for pre-workout. I find it more beneficial when doing endurance related exercises rather than pure strength exercises or activities related to increasing muscular hypertrophy.

I've stopped using the pre-workout helpers. Much more of a negative effect on me.

However, I do use intra-workout supplements. My personal favorite is Controlled Labs' Purple Wraath but I'm currently using IntraVol by MuscleTech right now and it's been working out great. Still not a fan of intra-workout products either. I'd rather just drink a monster/amp energy drink.

Originally Posted by Sticksy
Good stuff. I'm doing a degree in health and exercise science atm. I want to eventually get into physio although what i'm in atm is pretty interesting.
Good shit. I might be coming to you for advice/pointers/help in the future. Just getting my general education courses (math, science, english) out of the way these first two years then I'll be studying that field extensively.

Originally Posted by austinrockera
He is right... Mens Health states that the best post workout drink is actually chocolate milk.

If I remember right, you do want to spike your insulin after working out because it helps rush nutrients to your muscles. Don't go overboard, but some sugar will help. Hell, the muscle tech has 75grams of sugar in a serving. If you are going to cheat a little, post workout is the time.
I actually recall reading that, too. Chocolate milk is awesome, especially as an alternative to whey protein if you don't have the funds. The calcium (major fat burning mineral) as well as other vitamins/minerals are also beneficial in their own right.
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