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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004 >>>

> Opening the show with a match up, now I am surprised. In saying that, itís not the most exciting match up to ever open an episode of Raw. The match up between these two would however be good in the sense that Yang is a higher flyer, where as Dibaise is all about technical wrestling. The aftermath was great with Finlay, Hornswoggle, Santino and Melina all getting involved with comedic results. Poor Santino, quite latterly the butt of jokesÖ

> Oh sweet Jesus, I just saw a pig fly past my window and now whatís this, Rey Mysterio cutting a promo, whatever next? Well at least you were smart enough to keep this short. Dykstra carried the promo, with some great heel line, referring to Reyís title win a fluke and the run being a joke. I donít know if this is a storyline I want to follow right now, but Iíll give it time. Itís odd to me how youíve opened the show with an under-card match and now we get an in ring promo with mid-card talent. I know how you love to showcase the entire roster, but scheduling wise I donít know if this makes sense. Anyway this wasnít bad, but it wasnít anything we havenít seen before and it didnít make me want to see more of these two.

> The Kofi, Cody and Kelly triangle is by far my favourite angle on Raw these days as I have no idea where itís all going to end up. Will Kelly finally see sense and leave Cody for Kofi, or does she even want him, after all it would appear as if Kelly just sees the two of them as friends, itís Cody whoís reading more into the friendship, but you canít blame the guy for not trusting Kofi around Kelly.

> Another lengthy match, Itís as if you reverted back to your old booking ways where long matches dominated your TV shows as apposed to the brief match upís youíve been given us over the last few weeks. I rather the new way, but others will disagree Iím sure. In the end that match deserved the effort you put into it and I so marked out for the title change, great stuff. However, logically I would of put this on first tonight and gotten people excited about the show. The opener would of slotted in here nicely instead. Just a thought!

> So finally we start to see what Iíve figured would happen all along, Regal is getting pissed at playing second fiddle to Bischoff and resents people thinking of him as having no power or authority. Kane is a monster, but I agree with the Colonís, a handicap match isnít exactly the most logical approach to punishing Cryme Tyme tonight!

> Miz and Morrison, the arrogant, conceited sons of bitchesÖÖÖÖ.. Donít ya just love em. LOL. This whole segment was fun, but what caught my attention the most was Kendrick and his reaction. A heel turn seems likely here with the former tag champions feuding over the next 2 - 3 months. Itís a good move if you go with it as I for one could care less about them as a tag team. A rematch, with Kendrick turning on London would ignite the feud. Lets hope London doesnít become another Marty Janetty.

> The finish was less predictable than I initially thought it was going to be, but it still worked a treat. Iím loving how strong Kelly appeared in the match, especially against somebody the calibre of Victoria. The aftermath over shadowed the match up as one might have expected. It reminded me of the HHH, Kurt and Stephanie angle on Raw back in 2000 when something very similar to this occurred. Maybe thatís why I like this angle so much! I canít wait to see what happens next between this lot. DRAMAÖ

> Iíve never endorsed Mr Kennedy as a face as I donít think he ever getís over as one, so when he and Orton are in the ring together, I keep seeing this as a feud between two heels which it obviously is not. Both men are amazing on the stick, so this would have been epic. I think Kennedy was naive in asking Orton to stay out of his way until after the KOTR. The deal made no sense in that Orton simply doesnít believe Mr Kennedy will win. As for the tag team match up tonightÖÖÖ I donít like the booking here. I think you teased a Rey, Dykstra match earlier and it would have been better if you left it at that. I donít know why, but if you dragged out a storyline with Rey trying to get his hands on the young and brash Dykstra every week, but failing up until a PPV match up, then I may actually of wanted to see the two of them hook up in the ring in a 1 on 1 match.

> Santino, what an idiot. This was a good segment as you managed to balance both comedy and drama. Natalya and Melina doesnít jump out at you. Itís not a feud many would consider, but it may have potential. I just think that right now, Melina is neither a face or a heel, where comes across as a fully fledged heel in her tendencies and actions.

> Nothing like a promo from Flair. I like how he shot down the Batista, HHH rumours and accused the corporation of stirring things up. I see trouble ahead tonight, especially given the fact Batista isnít even in the building. The use of Kane here tonight seems like an afterthought. He is being used to further a tag team feud if we are honest about it and that shouldnít be the case. Part 2 of their plan, what the heck are the corporation up to? They seem eerily at ease here and they shouldnít be. Obviously something big is about to go down!

> Honestly, as I said earlier, I donít know if this tag team match up needed to be on the show tonight. What is it with Orton and steel chairs lately. I know what you were thinking, going with a DQ finish, keep everyone strong? Right? However given the fact Orton gave Kennedy an RKO about 30 minutes ago, he wouldnít of been at a hundred percent and therefore another RKO would of lead to him being pinned. Just an idea, but the finish was fine. Well I canít say as Iím heartbroken that youíre blowing off the Rey, Kennedy feud next week on Raw. Funnily enough, I think Kennedy will actually win.

> Tired, so, so tired from long matchesÖÖÖÖLOL. Iím joking, itís just that this has to be you longest show in months. Been reviewing over an hour now I think. What the FU*K. Koslov joins the corporation. Thatís ironic, because a few weeks back I notes how one sided the feud was with it just being Vince, Shane and JBL and now look, they have the Big Show and Koslov. I rather the heels having the advantage or the upper hand if you will, it makes for better story telling. The baby faces being up against it is much more engaging and dramatic and tonightís revlation will turn this feud on itís head.

OVERALL: A jam packed show. I didnít like the early scheduling and the use of Kane was poor in my opinion. The highlights for me would have to by the advancement of the Kofi, Cody and Kelly storyline as well as Koslovís debut.

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