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Re: Wrestling Sections = Ridiculous and full of dried up cum

Originally Posted by Craig View Post
He's turned down a WWE contract twice.
This. Thank you. Guys in the independents turn down WWE or TNA contracts, or opt out of them, left and right, because they don't want to be made into "superstars", they want to be WRESTLERS.

Sure, they'll wrestle a dark match or two once in a while for WWE for the payday, but that's it. I can respect a guy from the indies that goes to WWE or TNA, because they want/need to make more money. Money's always good. But when a guy stays in the indies because they love the SPORT of professional wrestling and not the BUSINESS of professional wrestling, you have to respect that.

Ric Flair actually drew money.
Yeah, he drew money, but he also loves the sport of professional wrestling and that's why he did it. Who do you think draws the money that the independent promotions bring in? The guys that go out there and wrestle and put on good matches. Ric was one of those guys back in the day, when there wasn't a lot of money floating around the wrestling world.

This is getting unbearable, I wish I could help you guys realize that wrestling is not just a business. Sports Entertainment is a business. WWE is Sports Entertainment with wrestling on the side.

Example: You were supposed to get Triple H vs. Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase (which has sports entertainment written all over it) last week on RAW, instead there was no match and you saw Triple H handcuffed to a rope while Randy Orton DDT'd and kissed Stephanie. The fans are totally fucked out of a main event. First, a WRESTLING show would rarely have a handicap match, let alone have one as the main event of it's show. Second, even if they did, they'd actually have the match and try to make it a good one. Lastly, I hope you get your ass kicked by some wrestler one day.
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