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Re: Watchmen Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 1 - Clues?

Everyone was sleeping soundly, except for one man; Rising. He was sneaking around and following a certain person. Rising found out what he was looking for and was heading back to bed, when he noticed a X made of metal on the ground. Rising stood over it and was examining it, when suddenly a sandbag was dropped on his head from the rafters, killing him.

Rising was:


Congratulations, you are Mothman, The Cop, Watchmen Aligned! You win when your faction in the only one left. You have decided to come out of retirement to help everyone. You can glide around pretty easily and will use this to your advantage. Each night, PM me the name of one player and you will get their alignment.

If at any time you are unmasked, you will become simply Byron Lewis. This will last for the following day and night cycle. During this time, it will be harder for you to convince people not to kill you without your costume. So it will take one less on you to kill you.

Since you are actually crazy, you are actually a random cop and your results will be randomized. You don't know that, though.
DH. was walking around, looking for his lost fan he had dropped earlier in the day. He found it, and when he bent down to pick it up, someone hit him with a baseball bat from behind. As DH. stumbled to his feet, the attacker hammered him right in the face, killing him.

DH. was:


Congratulations, you are Silk Spectre II, The Tracker, Watchmen Aligned! You win when your team is the last one left. You want to do everything you can do to stop Adrian, and you feel the obvious way of doing that is by tracking down him and his teammates. Every other night, you may PM me the name of one player you want to track. You will get the names of all the players they used their role on during the night, if they had one.

If any time you are unmasked, you become simply Laurie Juspeczyk. This will last for the following day and night cycle. During this time, you will be immune from all night roles except for killing roles.
Kantos had just woken up to use the bathroom. Feeling invincible, he decided to talk a walk around the building. The next mourning, StevenL found him all beaten up and shot with a Smith 'n Wesson.

Kantos was:

Congratulations, you are Derf, The Drug Dealer, Mafia Aligned! You must work with your teammates to become the last faction left to win the game. You and a couple other criminals have aligned yourselves with Veidt to gain fame and fortune. Your teammates are:


You are the drug dealer. At night, you may PM me the name of a player. You will give this player drugs, and if this player has an informative role, they will get random results that night, due to being high. You may only do this on three separate nights, so choose wisely.

Everyone was glad a mafia member had been killed, but mourned their two teammates as everyone woke up.

It is now Day 2. With 23 alive, it's 13 for a lynch.
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