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Re: CM Skittle(Hypocritical Parasite

Originally Posted by The Enforcer View Post
What the fuck Vader?! You must be considered the dominant male in this tag team then.

CERB would never make fun of me. We're tighter than a 12 year old....
How do you know that?

Originally Posted by The Enforcer View Post
Not that I would know or anything. I heard about it....from...a friend.....

Originally Posted by CERB3RUS View Post
Why not? There's plenty of them here apparently. Yourself for example...

Here's another suggestion... you can get off TT's dick and quit moderating conversations that have nothing to do with you. Unless you're licking Lexie and McQueen's assholes or trying to feel signifficant. Go spew your eHate where someone might give a fuck, Stickboy.

Oh please... show me this "ammo". Because you use the same recycled insults every time you attempt being hard. My girlfriend's 21 btw, so I don't think that makes me a pedophile, jackass. It must get tiring coming back to this forum every day just to insult me with the same material. You probably wake up screaming my screen name in your sleep, just aching to get to your keyboard and get told. I can't imagine how tragically uneventful your life must be.

^This is you, rit?

4-Life Homie

Probably because you do take the internet seriously. You could use some new "ammo" as well. Being vindictive garbage is bad enough, but being recycled garbage isn't any better. So crack your knuckles and tear into me with eVengeance because you know you want to. It's not like you have anything better to do. Here's a challenge for you: do it without using old shit you've already said a million fucking times already. You're like a broken Kenny G record, repetetive and lame as fuck. Any new pictures of you and your friends? Oh wait...

You look like the Wrecking Balm guy. You know.. from the Tattoo removal commercials. If you had glasses, you would be his twin.
If I were you I would just log off and never come back. You are pretty much in the same situation as RockBottom. If you are asking for nudes of 5 year olds, you need help.

I laugh at the fact that you are implying that I am the one here who needs to get a life. When almost everytime I log in, you are online. Stop trying to act like a tough guy when you clearly aren't.
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